Saturday Battlefield Report

By DonalBane of Blakmers
Battlefield Reporter, Pennsic Independent

St. Michael's Vespers Deed of Arm
The Company of St. Michael made a triumphant return to Pennsic Saturday with a Deed of Arms, seeking to replicate authentic fighting conditions in a classic tournament style.
After a class on the subject of deeds of arms, Master Gallaron de Cressy opened the list field to all comers.
Nine gentles answered the call: Baron Angus Tailor, Sir Aengus MacBain, Earl Yngvar the Dismal of Aethelmearc, Baron Sir Manfred Von Halstern, Sir Magariki Katsuicha no Koredono, Lord Erich Hundeman, Lord Simon de Poitier, Lord Henry of Bexley and Lord James Skalli.
The gentles did battle in single and small melee groups, with blows to exposed areas and face thrusts counting for automatic kills. Several bouts were fought with counted blows using short spears, poleaxes and short swords.
The assembled crowd, which included a period band, showed their appreciation.

Second Left-handed Tournament
Things got sinister on the red list Saturday and that was a good thing as the Left-handed Tournament returned after a one year hiatus. Lord Haden and Ysemay Sterling hosted the tournament.
Twenty gentles, including several brave right-handed fighters who switched sides, did battle with sword and shield from the southpaw side. The tournament was a round robin.
Sir Gabriel of Maccuswell from the East claimed victory, while HRH Havordh of Gleann Abhann was runner-up.

"My Mom Can Beat Up Your Mom" Tournament
Claiming the prize for best tournament name this war, the Barony of Northwoods hosted the "My Mom Can Beat Up Your Mom" Tournament, a tournament open to female fighters with SCA or mundane dependents.
Nine mothers took the field to defend their childrens' honor in this round robin tournament.
Claiming the title of "The World's Greatest Mom" ( so emblazoned on a plaque in macaroni art ( was Countess Kaylah the Cheerful of Ealdormere. Cunian Beornhelm of Atlantia came in as runner-up.

Tarl's Little Polearm Tournament III
For the third straight year, the Shire of Sunderoak(on whose lands Pennsic takes place(hosted a polearm tournament in honor of local polearm hero THL Tarl Shadowraven.
This bear pit style tournament brought out 52 fighters, all of whom brought named polearms to the fray. Two 45-minute bear pits ran(interrupted by a Middle Eastern dance show at "halftime" (with each fighter earning two points for each win and one point for a loss.
At the end of the bear pit, THL Stephen DuBois of Northshield accumulated 97 points, earning the right to face Tarl in a best-of-three fight for the grand prize.
With $50 on the line, Stephen defeated Tarl in two straight bouts.


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