Brave New War, Part II

By DonalBane of Blakmers
Battlefield Reporter
Pennsic Independent
So Pennsic War XXXVIII will offer a whole new take on the war. How exactly will it work?
First, let’s have a word about War Points. Every individual competition will be worth an “event” point. This applies to both the traditional war and the Middle-East vs. the Known World war.
Whichever side wins more event points during each day will win one War Point.
Both wars will be best-of-three affairs, with whichever side wins two out of three days winning the war.
Along with Opening Ceremonies, Sunday is also “champion’s day” in the traditional war, with the archery, rapier, belted, unbelted and allied champions all having their say. Each of these is worth one event point each.
Be aware that start times for the champions’ events have changed from the Pennsic Book: start time is 1 p.m. for archery champions; 12:30 p.m. for rapier champions; 2 p.m. for belted and unbelted champion; and 3 p.m. for allied champions.
On Monday, it’s time for the Great Armies to take the field for two new battles, each worth one war point.
The River Battle will begin at 10 a.m. and will be three 20-minute fights over three bridges over a curving river. To possess a bridge, an army must raise two flags over each bridge. Possession over a majority of bridges at 10 minutes and at the end of each fight wins the fight; whoever wins two of three fights will win the event point.
About 45 minutes after the river battle will be the Gate Battle. This 45-minute, unlimited resurrection battle will be fought over five gates, with the side possessing the most gates winning the event point.
The rapier fighters, who will contest their Field Battle at 3 p.m, will decide Monday’s final event point.
Tuesday is the final day of the traditional war, with the three event points being determined by the conclusion of the first populace archery shoot and two field battles.
The fun will begin after the second Field Battle. That’s when a ceremony will be held ending the traditional war and opening the new war.