East Sweeps Over the Bridge Battle

By DonalBane of Blakmers
Battlefield Reporter,
Pennsic Independent
DonalBane’s Unofficial War Points: Midrealm Dragons 15, East Tygers 12

The two grand armies of the Dragon and the Tyger returned to the field Thursday for the Bridge battle. This year, the battle included three fights over five bridges, with each fight worth one War Point.
The Midrealm deployed its forces on the east side of the field. Æthelmearc, the Tuchux, South Oaken, and Constellation were sent to the left flanks; the Huskarls, Midlands, and Petamere went to the center; Ealdormere, the Great Dark Horde, Calontir ,and Outlands were sent to the right; while North Oaken and the western allies were held in reserve.
The East deployed from the west side of the field, sending the Southern army, Atlantia, and Black Talon to the right; Duchy von Drachenklaue and the Northern Army went to the center; and the Ulsterblichen and Northfield were sent to the north.
The first fight was a fairly static affair, as the East seemed reluctant to engage unnecessarily, given their lesser numbers. As a result, the Midrelam’s forces seized the center of all five bridges and held them just out of spear range from the East.
The biggest push from the East came on the south bridge, as Black Talon and House Serpentius slowly ground down the Æthelmearc forces. When the cannon sounded after 30 minutes, the East’s forces held the southern bridges, but the Midrealm held the other four bridges despite being pushed. The Dragon claimed the first fight.
Things in fights two and three were much more dynamic. The East switched Atlantia to the southern bridge, and the result was a breakout both times.
In fight two, Atlantia held its forces back for about 15 minutes before beginning a huge push against the Æthelmearcians. Bodies on the southern bridge were piled three- and four-deep when the holds were called. When the action resumed, HRM Sinclair of Atlantia led his forces through a breach and up the field. As soon as the breach took place, Eastern forces pushed on every bridge, sweeping the Dragon before them. In the end, House Darkmoon was the last Midrealm force left standing on the center bridge before getting squeezed from both sides.
Fight three included combat archery and siege weapons, which the Atlantians took full advantage of. The battle on the south bridge was an archer’s delight as many gentles fell to well-placed shots.
Again, the Æthelmearcians were pushed back and only were able to hold the bridge with help from Constellation. However, when Constellation committed itself, Northshield pushed on the south-central bridge and eradicated the Midrealm’s forces.
The final push was so quick in coming, the Northern Oaken Army was still in its reserve position when East forces surrounded it on all sides. The Oaken boys put up a heroic fight, but ultimately fell.
Jubilant East forces were elated with victory as cries of “Konrad! Konrad!” rang out as the Tyger King visited and complemented each of his forces.
Friday’s Big Battle: The Field Battle
And now, my lords and ladies, it’s time for the main event. There will be five battles this year, with standard last-man-standing rules for fights one, two, four and five. Combat archery and siege weapon are allowed in the last two fights. Fight three, meanwhile, will be a “regicide”: affair: the side which is able to kill the king of the East or Midrealm will win.
What to watch for: The first charge. Anyone whose heart doesn’t race during the first charge has no pulse.


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