East Pulls Out First Day of War

By DonalBane of Blakmers
Battlefield Reporter -- Pennsic Independent

Monday’s Event Points: East Tygers 3, Midrealm Dragons 2
War Points: East Tygers 1, Midrealm Dragons 0

With the Midrealm winning the rapier champions’ tournament and the East claiming the archery champions’ point, Sunday’s War Point would be determined on the heavy fighting lists.

Unbelted Champions’ Battle
The always-explosive Unbelted Champions’ Battle took the field first, as 45 warriors of the Midrealm faced 45 warriors of the East in a last-man-standing affair.
At the sound of “Lay on!” both sides spread their forces across the field and into each other. However, the Midrealm had more success in reforming its ranks after the initial charge. These blocks of Dragon fighters were able to roll over the field and claim a decisive win for the Midrealm, keeping the sword of honor in the Midrealm’s camp for another year.

Belted Champions Battle
Having seen their unbelted brethren claim victory, the Midrealm looked to claim its first win in the Belted Champions Battle in more than a decade.
Again, both sides charged into each other and, this time, the fight was a battle of attrition.
Both sides looked like they might snatch victory, but a few Tyger knights were able to avoid the main brawl and stay together, taking down the surviving Midrealm warriors. The East once again claimed the point.

Allied Champions Battle
The allies of the East and Midrealm returned to stage one of the most rollicking battles of the war. A force of 89 Eastern allies and 89 Midrealm allies did battle in an hour-long SCA-style game of capture the flag. Resurrections were allowed at two- and three-minute intervals.
The East’s allies dominated the early proceedings, capturing the Midrealm allies’ flag at 4:36 and 13:36. However, the Midrealm allies rallied with two captures at 19:38 and 28:24.
With the scores tied at halftime (the 30-minute mark), the two armies switched sides on the field. The Eastern allies dominated the second half, scoring captures at 35:23, 38:04, 43:49 and 50 minutes. The final score was 6-2, giving the East the event point.


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