Early Bird Rapier Tourney

By Lord Dominic Seamor
Martial Reporter, Pennsic Independent

Pennsic’s rapier warriors got an early start to their War Friday morning with the annual Early Bird Tournament. This tourney, which has been run for six or seven years now according to the event organizer, THL Warder Maximilian der Zauberer, is intended as a “meet and greet” event. THL Maximilian’s motto for this tourney is “more talking, less fighting,” and he encourages that attitude with an exceptional tournament format.
Every fencer who signs up receives a worksheet where they will list the names of their opponents. Fencers can fight whoever they like, in as many different combats as they can manage in the time limit, but whether a fencer wins or loses is less important that what they learn about their opponent. Duelists must learn at least one SCA-related fact about each of their opponents, and it is the number and quality of the facts gained that determines the victor of the tourney. THL Maximilian is the judge of the “quality” of the facts learned. A fine (fabric) bird, fit to perch on the victor’s shoulder, is the prize for this tourney.
This year THL Maximilian awarded two birds in the tour¬ney, one for the greatest collection of facts and the other for the most “interesting” facts provided by a single fencer. Margaret Gryffydd took the prize for the greatest number of combats fought and knowledge gained in the time limit, while Draco of Storvik in Atlantia was given the bird for having provided some truly fascinating factoids. Sadly, most of these factoids are not suitable for printing in a family newspaper. Vivat to the victors, and to our socially articulate rapier fighters.
Additions to the Rapier Tournament Schedule
Sunday, Aug. 8, 4PM: Known World Baronial Tourney, Main Rapier List
Wed. Aug. 11, 4PM: Warden Reginald’s Birthday Tourney, Main Rapier List