Midrealm, East Share Spoils on the Field

By DonalBane of Blakmers
Battlefield Reporter, Pennsic Independent

DonalBane’s unofficial War Points: Midrealm 16, East 13, Mid-East Coalition 3, Allied Kingdoms 0 (one tie – phew!)

The Grand Armies of the Dragon and Tyger met for the final time at Pennsic XXXVII in the Field Battle Friday. This year, there were five last-man-standing fights, although — as has become customary at this Pennsic —there were a few twists along the way.
The East’s forces lined up on the west side of the field, looking to score victory. Atlantia, Ironlance and the Ulsterblichen were sent north to start the day, with the bulk of the East army and the western allies to the south and only a small force of mercenaries in the center.
The Midrealm lined up on the east side of the field, sending Æthelmearc and the Tuchux north, the whole of the Midrealm army in the center and Ealdormere, Calontir and the other allied kingdoms to the south.
The first fight saw the East make no attempt to defend the center of the field; everything was thrown into a double flanking maneuver and the strategy worked. Despite the Tuchux doing a complete circle around the battlefield, the East forces stuck together a bit better during this annihilation battle. About 50 warriors were all that was left on the field after a final hold was called, but the East’s forces overran the Huskarls, giving the East victory in the first fight.
Thirsty for victory, the Dragon’s forces brought a bit more aggression into the second fight. The Midrealm army thwarted the East’s flanking attempts by throwing everything they had at both flanking forces. When the dust cleared, few warriors from either side were alive, but the Tuchux had held themselves in reserve at the top of the field after sweeping Black Talon off of it. The Tuchux then joined the remnant of the Æthelmearcian army in a pincer movement towards the center, which crusted the remaining East forces.
The third fight was a “regicide” battle where the object was to be the first to kill the king of the Midrealm or the East. However, before the fight, the Tyger and Dragon saw most of the allied kingdoms abandon them and form their own army on the north of the battlefield. HRM Anton of Calontir agreed to carry the banner for the allies, turning the regicide fight into a three-way dance.
The Midrealm attacked from the southeast corner and the East from the southwest. It was clear both kingdoms were annoyed with the rebellion and sent almost all of their forces against the allies. HRM Anton shifted to the northeast corner of the battlefield, where forces from Calontir and Ironlance surrounded him.
However, the strategy backfired. The Midrealm’s forces, aided by the Tuchux, put the Atlantian army to the sword, while the East focused all of its forces on the northeast corner. HRM Anton’s fate was sealed by wave after wave of coalition forces and he was eventually slain.
After a hold, it looked like TRM Lutr and Konrad were spoiling for a fight. With Lutr surrounded by the Huskarls and Konrad surrounded by the Ulsterblichen, the forces charged headlong into each other … and then hugged each other to signify the end of the battle.
Furious at the collusion of the belligerent nations, the allied kingdoms reformed on the north side of the battlefield. This time, the East and Midrealm did not find their intentions as Dragon and Tyger lined up on the south of the field together. The fight that followed was quick and brutal as the coalition forces turned the right flank of the allies. In the end, houses Serpentius and Darkmoon were seen destroying the last remnants of the Atlantian army.
The final fight pitted the allies and the Middle-East coalition against each other again, but the allies had no better luck. Despite the Midrealm loaning the Northern Oaken army to the allies, the coalition rolled over the field, ending the final heavy battle of Pennsic in victory.

Saturday’s Big Battle: The flight of dragons through the gate!
As always, VIVAT, HOOBAH, HUZZAH and WASSAIL to all my warrior friends and fellow warrior watchers. May we all meet again on these same fields for Pennsic XXXVIII.


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