Is George the Greek the Oldest Person at Pennsic?


Pennsic-by-the-Lake is always a welcome sight
Photo by Master Phillip the Pilgrim

by Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton, with Baroness Isolda filia Georgii

Baroness Isolda filia Georgii's father, known as George the Greek in the Society, is attending his first Pennsic this year—at age 92. As Her Excellency tells it, her father was never particularly interested in the SCA, despite her encouragement to attend an event, until after her mother passed away. When she and her significant other, Carolus, were elected Baron and Baroness of the Rhydderich Hael, George finally agreed to come to their investiture.

Although they were busy most of the day, friends and her daughters made sure he was well taken care of and got to see everything. "I remember straining to catch glimpses of him as I hurried from one activity to another throughout the day. Despite the fact that he was in his late 80s, I never saw him catch a catnap the whole day," she said, adding that "I remember when we were sitting in state, I looked out to the rapier tourney that was taking place. My Dad was sitting to the side and he was rapt with attention. I thought to myself, 'Well good, Daddy is having a good time'."

The next morning, Isolda called him to find out whether he enjoyed the event. "He said, 'It's changed my life! It was like being in the Middle Ages! I was up all night thinking about how I can get more involved!'"

Since then, George has gotten involved with gusto, coming to every local event, helping at gate, selling refreshments at Ice Dragon, and helping to organize a garage sale that raised $800 towards new baronial coronets. And George the Greek is now Lord George the Greek, having been given his Award of Arms last summer. "He never lets us forget that now he is Lord George!" notes Isolda.

Lord George had heard his family talk about Pennsic for many years, and they could tell he really wanted to go, but when it came time last year, he wasn't able to attend. "He sort of seemed resolved that it wasn't something he could do," said Isolda. This year around Father's Day, he was once again talking about Pennsic. "He wistfully said, ‘But I know I can't go...’ It made me so sad to hear his tone of voice. That's when the plotting began!"

"My daughter, Avelina, Baron Carolus, and some friends began to figure out how to get him there. We figured sleeping in the tent was the major obstacle for him. So on Father's Day we played ‘Father's Day Let's Make a Deal’ Behind a curtain was an all-expense paid trip to Pennsic. In a box was ground transportation provided by Sir Callidus. Another box had three nights in the New Castle Comfort Inn. and yet another box held ground transportation home provided by Baroness Morwenna. He was so excited and ever since he asks every day or so, "When do I leave for Pennsic?"

If all goes as planned, Lord George will be reading this article today at his first Pennsic. And he would very much like to know if there is anyone his age around at Pennsic, or even older. The Independent hopes to catch up with Lord George during his adventure to find out how things are going.