Listening to Pennsic

By: Mary of Montevale, Reporter

Whether as an addition to your play list for your annual pilgrimage to Cooper’s Lake, as a little touch of Pennsic to buoy you up in the depths of your 50-week town run, or as an introduction to the War for a newcomer, the Pennsic Independent Podcasts can be a source of both entertainment and education.
The podcasts, the first of which was released prior to the beginning of Pennsic 37 (2008), have grown to a total of 29 episodes each running between 20 and 30 minutes. They were originated and continue to be produced by Lord Leifr (East) who is not only the producer, but the technician, editor, and host of the programs. He often records interviews on site and then spends many hours editing to achieve the final product.
The content of the episodes is Leifr’s primary concern. He looks for interesting facets of all the work that goes into making Pennsic happen, such as answers to questions like “What happens at Herald’s Point?” or “How does Troll work?” Other topics research the culture of Pennsic—traditions, legends, and all the things that can get passed around by word of mouth from “someone who knows someone who knows someone who….” You can listen to well-known Pennsic names ranging from Duke Cariadoc to noted singer Michael Longcor (Duke Moonwulf) to royalty like His Majesty Konrad (East) explaining his stunning announcement at Opening Ceremonies for Pennsic 37.
You can access and download the episodes at or at the iTunes store (check their directory). The podcasts have always been, and will always be, free.
If anyone is interested in giving feedback or suggestions for episode topics, and especially if you are interested in participating as an interviewee, you can contact Lord Leifr via the website listed above, in email at, or on Twitter at @pipodcast. He has his mobile equipment on site at the War and it may be possible to arrange a interview session before you