King Timothy’s “Meet-and-Beat the Chivalry”

A fighter learns from HRM Ragnvaldr of the Middle at the Meet-and-Beat
Photo by Lord Alaric Messer

By: Lord Alaric Messer, Battlefield Reporter

To join the ranks of the chivalry is the goal of a majority of the brave fighters of the Known World. However, to actually do so is a journey both long and arduous. Many who try fall short of this lofty goal, yet there remains hope.
His Majesty, Timothy of Arindale, King of Æthelmearc sought to bring to all the unbelted warriors of the realm an opportunity to learn from the collective chivalry at the great Pennsic War. “I have seen many fighters stagnate by not fighting others of their own or a greater caliber, but even more so from those who have peaked, unable to face off against new tricks,” he explained.
To prevent this torpor and cultivate talent, HRM Timothy made a call to all of the chivalry, and any aspiring fighters, to come to the battlefield on both Thursday and Friday of peace week from 9am to 5pm. On his honor, he has sworn “to fight you, train you, spar with you until such time as I have not the energy to lift my sword.”
“I had no idea how many people might come on such short notice, and so early in the morning,” HRM Timothy mused. But his goals were more than fulfilled on Thursday, as within the first two hours over forty fighters were in armor and exchanging blows across the tournament field. By noon, the numbers had peaked at over sixty. “I am absolutely amazed at the turnout,” HRM Timothy exclaimed. “There are dukes and knights sparring with men and women from across [the Known World].”
Keeping the records of who comes to fight, Baron Angus Taylor of the Shire of Silver Rylle noted that many of the chivalry already fighting were not amongst those who had RSVP’d. These good gentles, as he put it, “were gathered [to the lists] like moths to a flame.” Factoring in the pledges to appear, it is easy to see the numbers soaring to the triple-digits.
As the chivalry and unbelts battered each other, Christian Goldenlok of House Sable Maul was ecstatic to be in the lists. “This is an amazing chance to see who’s out there that’s better than you,” he remarked. “I know all the folks from here in Æthelmarc, but I can learn so much from the [Chivalry] of other kingdoms. My goal is to fight every knight here!”
But even for older or belted fighters, this event has proven to be a learning opportunity. Sir Arnthor of Æthelmearc said, “People out west do things differently than us folks in the east. Even our local folks fight differently from the Midrealm. I’ve learned something from every fight.”
HRM Timothy’s satisfaction was almost palpable. “I would like to see this happen every year,” he gushed. “Were it in my power, I would have it planned into War Week to get a better turnout.”
With as many titles and shields that were in the field Thursday afternoon, any more of a turnout would be a fearsome affair indeed. Not including the king of Æthelmarc, the list field was graced by a number of dukes from across the realm including HRM Omega, the current King of the East Kingdom, with the name William Thomas being thrown around by several of the fighters observing.
Few and far between are the chances to test your mettle so freely against so many of the Chivalry in such a low-key environment. To learn, even for a few hours, under the tutelage of so many champions and warriors is a worthy endeavor. As HRM Timothy declared, if you want to truly be knight, with all your heart and soul, come and show him.