Pennsic Memories

By Jack Marvell
Feature Reporter, Pennsic Independent
With the drums of War fallen into silence, many members of the populace begin their long journeys homeward today. For them, the memories of Pennsic XXXVII will shine ever brighter as the days pass.
The Pennsic Independent took to the streets to ask the populace what were their best memories of the War.
“My best memory of the War was having the Queen of Gleann Abhann make me a citizen (of her kingdom),” said Safiya Bint Hakim Al-Khwarizmi, her eyes shining with emotion. “I feel very at home in the encampment”
Another lady, Anlaith Ingentrena, talked about the excitement of the town battle. “I would have to say my best Pennsic memory this year was being in the Town Battle,” she said. “I was really wild. I had lot of fun, lots of adrenaline. It has been a very good experience.”
Count Sir Duncan von Halstern said he has good family memories.
“We’re here with our two kids,” he said. “Just sharing Pennsic with my children, that’s something that’s going to stick with me for a while.”
When asked about his best memory early Friday morning, Fionn of Dun na Ngal looked to the future instead of the past.
“I’m about to have one,” he said. “It’s always when the women in white march of my clan from the bog.”
Each Pennsic for about the last 10 years, the women of Clanne Preachain lead their warriors to the field battle. They are dressed in white, carrying swords and spears. They chant and sing and exhort the warriors to victory, Fionn said
Sean, Fionn’s son, has his own best memories.
“Eating burgers and going crazy for no reason and wearing my socks around camp,” he said.
Flora, daughter of the Pennsic Independent’s publisher, Despôtissa Heirusalem Crystoma, enjoyed some time spent with the Dragon Herald of the Midrealm, Master Dafydd Blaid.
“I would have to say dancing with Taffy,” she said.
Encountered in the dubious company of the highly-esteemed OG, Stitch, a lady dressed in the pirate fashion, said her best memory was “getting him his yurt.”
“It surprised the hell out of me,” OG said
“Yes, it did, and that was the beautiful thing,” Stitch said.
For Catlin Svensdottir, the best memory was music.
“Playing my harp on Runestone Hill while being accompanied on guitar by a campmate,” she said. “We played ‘Greensleeves’. What better place to play harp? It is the most Pennsic-y place we know.


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