Town and Moutain Pass Battle

By DonalBane of Blakmers
Battlefield Reporter,
Pennsic Independent
DonalBane’s unofficial War Points: Midrealm Dragons 13, East Tygers 8 (one draw)

While the ladies of Pennsic prepared for the shopping “War Point” Wednesday at Midnight Madness, the warriors of Pennsic assembled for a pair of mass battles: the Town battle and the Mountain Pass battle.
The Town battle took place in the morning as the Tyger and Dragon fought over five banners. Possession of each banner was checked at 15-minute intervals during the 90-minute resurrection affair. Whichever side had the majority of possessions of each banner earned a War Point.
With the field split along a diagonal line of hay bales, the East came in from the south side of the field. The East deployed the Ulsterblichen, the Northern Army, Ironlance and Northshield on its left flank; Atlantia, Clovenshield, Duchy von Drachenklaue and the East’s western allies went to the center; and Black Talon, House Serpentius and the Southern Army held the right flank. The Midrealm’s House Lozengia was loaned to the East for the battle alongside VDK. VDK would return the favor in the afternoon’s mountain pass battle.
The Midrealm attacked from the east side of the field. The Dragon deployed Ealdormere, Calontir and its western allies on its left flank; Æthelmearc, Midlands, Trimaris and the Huskarls to the center; and the Tuchux, the Oaken armies, Constellation and Pentamere to the right.
It was a bit of a ragged start, but the Warriors rushed headlong into the fray, during which three distinct battles took place.
To the southeast, the Midrealm and East’s forces faced each other in a static melee through two gates. Neither side was able to make much headway, which allowed the sides to each take one banner in the southeast corner.
To the northeast, the situation was much more fluid. Early on, it looked as if the East’s forces would be able to roll over the Midrealm’s forces and turn the north flank. However, determined counterattacks by the Dragon forces turned the tide. In the end, the north-central banner was taken as House Darkmoon entrenched itself around the banner. Midrealm forces also held the northeast banner.
The battle for the center banner was nothing short of a mosh pit. The Atlantian army focused all its efforts on the banner, only to be met by equally determined forces from Darkyard and Æthelmearc. After 90 minutes of hand-to-hand war, Darkyard was able to secure the banner and a 4-1 win for the Midrealm.
“I know the points are irrelevant and we’re just her having fun,” HRM Lutr told his troops. “I know the heart I saw from our troops was twice that of the East at the end.”
After taking about an hour-long break from the midday sun, the forces reassembled for the Mountain Pass battle. This 60-minute, siege weapon-friendly resurrection battle was fought over three banners to the north, south and within the pass. Possession of each banner at the end of the fight earned a War Point.
The East entered the fray from its traditional west-side starting point. Black Talon and House Serpentia started in the south, while Ironlance, the Ulsterblichen and Atlantia in the center and elements of the East’s Northern and Southern armies to the north.
The Midrealm started from the east again, deploying Æthelmearc, VDK and House Lozengia to the south; Darkyard, the Huskarls, the Oaken armies and Constellation to the center; and Calontir, Ealdormere, Midlands, Pentamere and the Tuchux to north.
The fight in the south was one-sided. Æthelmearcian warriors overran the field and held the East’s forces at least 30 yards ahead of the banner for most of the fight. A late charge from Atlantia made things interesting, but the Midrealm countered by sending Constellation south to help.
In the end, Æthelmearc rolled over the field again with House Sable Maul entrenched at the southern banner.
Things were much closer at the central banner, as charges and countercharges from both sides kept the line fluid inside the pass. In the end, however, the Huskarls were able to punch a hole through the center to secure the banner, with House Stahlgeist.
To the north, the East made numerous charges to take the banner, but combined forces of the Midrealm’s allies proved too much to overcome. At the end of the fight, a solid wall of Calontiri purple surrounded a single Eastern warrior, giving the Midrealm a 3-0 win.

Thursday’s big battle:
The Bridge Battle
After a brief hiatus, the Bridge battle returns to Pennsic. This year, there will be three fights over five bridges, with control of the majority of bridges after 30 minutes (or sweeping the field) earning a War point. Stick around for the Belted, Unbelted and Allied Champions’ battles after the fight.
What to watch for: Spear duels and countercharges. Because of the constricted nature of the battle, it’s always a tactical affair. Also, if one bridge is overrun, keep your eyes open, because the end is usually soon in coming.


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