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The worth of a man in the Middle Ages can be judged in many ways: his skill with a sword, his pedigree, his history, how much land he controlled, how many servants e had. There were rules, and rules were important.
Squires had seven servants: one clerk, two grooms, two lesser servants and two boys. Knights had 23. Barons had nearly 70. Earls had about 200. Dukes had around 250. Kings and queens…1000s! Some stayed with the property and others went with their lord traveling. It depended on who you were and where you were going and for how long. The very rich and important could always hire more. Power has its privileges. We are lucky we are at Pennsic. We no longer have a need for servants and slaves.
Lords and Ladies!
Charge your glasses and raise them high!
To the Beast and Boar with a breakfast that will hold me to dinner. To an OG, that is something. To the coffee houses that handle my caffeine addiction and to the ladies of OGLAND who provide four-star dinners at a discount price, served with a smile. To all the people who give me beer with the line "OG, you’ve got to try this," and to the Goddess who yearly brings me cheesecake TO DIE FOR! I could invent no world better than this. Thank you all… I drink to you.
Drink well,
Drink often,
Drink with…