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You should be proud. You have done well. No, I am not talking of your garb or your fighting prowess, nor your scribe work, A&S or storytelling, though they are all very nice. I am talking about your kids.
OG on our greatest treasure
Our LegacyThe next generation of the SCA
From my chair, I have seen babies turn to toddlers turn to urchins turn to teens turn to fighters and squires. They are a joy and a wonder. I have seen teens going around helping us grayhairs with our tents and camps. The youth fighters fight with honor and passion. They fight fair and they fight hard. Armies of urchins sell you your paper. Take some time and go through the youth A&S. I did last year and was very impressed.
Are our children perfect? No! But none of us are. My son spent way too much time on video games. I spent my youth in a smoky bar with a pool cue and a beer. Equally bad if not worse. But what I saw last year amazed me. When a teen did cause a problem, two other came over and tried to make it right. They are policing themselves… a sign of true maturity.
We could learn much from our children. Will there be problems? There always have been and always will be, but let us not punish all for the acts of a few. Let us lead by example and look to the good that our children do. There is much to brag about.
Lords and Ladies!
Charge your glasses and raise them high!
We drink to those not old enough to drink with us, but someday soon they will buy the beer! To the next generation! May they enjoy all the successes we have had and also enjoy all the failures. Failures are part of learning. Failures can be a lot of fun. So says the fat, old, drunken…