Og on Alcohol

Og on Alcohol
Pennsic Independent
You know what I hate? Not much, really. I am a pretty… well maybe not really pretty… happy guy. Pennsic is fantastic and SCA people are the best in the world, as I have said many times. However, flat beer and tear-down Saturday are on my list of the things I hate. Ever seen someone in great garb? Shoes right, A&S competition-quality tunic, perfect period leather, and all the trimmings. You go up to compliment them and there is a Bluetooth glowing on their ear. I think that they’re a BORG! They have been assimilated by the mundane world.
That world is my big problem this year. Don't you hate it when the mundane world gets in the way of what is really important? SCA events, Pennsic, good friends. We all have work troubles, money troubles, car troubles, got to paint the house, responsibilities, health issues, health of loved ones, etcetera. When those times come we cope but when those times come all at once, all of them ganging up on you, you feel that the fates have conspired. God has hit that big “smite” button.
We make a choice. We hate to like staying home in August. It is sad that at times like this we need Pennsic the most. We need a break from the mundane insanity. Unfortunately, it is often not meant to be. Sadly, we are adults and sometimes we must choose work over play. As for me, right now Pennsic is a ? My mother’s health has taken a turn and I may be staying home playing the good son. Many a year I was not. I must make amends. The yurt has been set up in the backyard. Had the grandkids over for a sleepover. They think it is cool. It is!! I may come to Pennsic for a long weekend. We will see what the gods say.
Lords and Ladies!
Charge your glasses and raise them high!
To the Gods! Whichever ones you choose to pray to, may they in their divine wisdom and mercy bring us all together again next year. Till then…
Drink well
Drink Often
Drink with…