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Og on Alcohol

Behold the Fountain of Youth! Liquid GOLD! Free for the taking. Alchemists thought it was the key due to its color. It is the not so secret secret ingredient in most love potions. It is used in wool dyeing and cleaning as well as leather curing. We can find it used as soap, cleaner and bleach. It can help harden steel for hammer heads. Gunpowder, medicines, shampoos… the list of uses is almost endless.
People left their daily donation in a barrel on the corner. Some could even sell it. A higher price was paid to a red-haired donor. I do not know why. The Romans even taxed it. In a culture older and far wiser than ours it was thought of as a health drink. When used daily, claims that it could cure all ills and give near superhuman powers were common. I cannot stand the taste, whether mixed with water, milk, wine or even BEER. -HA-
There are stories of young boys lining up with pots of their morning donation to their emperor. Yes, it is said morning donations were the best. All this from what we now throw away… What we leave in the Port-a-castle and pay to dispose of.
Lords and Ladies!
Charge your glasses and raise them high!
Look in my mug…yes, it is yellow, but it is 100% BEER. I swear!
Drink well
Drink Often
Drink with