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I’m Guilty. I’m Sorry. I, like many, see a huge Neanderthal armor up and walk onto a field and I say, "Wow.” I see a skinny five foot nothing enter the field with two sticks and I go " - "
I am a fool. The Neanderthal is a nothing and dies soon. The five footer has been fighting and winning tourneys for decades.
Like I said, I am a fool. No big surprise there. Life in the middle ages, as we all know, was hard and cruel. For a dwarf…I use the term for it that they did…it was ten times worse. They were kept by royals as almost pets, toys, entertainment. They were collected and traded. They became fools and jesters, pimps and food tasters. They were used as pages and messengers.
Most were not handicapped or mentally disabled in any way and soon became advisers, counselors, ambassadors and even spies. A few were knighted and at least one was a duelist.
Away from the royals, life was still not easy. But there were still short businessmen, farmers, even clergy plying their trades . Records show some ran ale houses and inns, often teaming up with a giant, an odd couple to say the least.
Lords and Ladies!
Charge your glasses and raise them high!
To those giants around us who are short of stature, men or women, we are still forced to look up to you.
Drink well
Drink Often
Drink with