PI Publication Dates Change!!!

PI has decided to shift production dates as a result of changes in the Pennsic Marketplace dates. The Pennsic Marketplace dates have changed for Pennsic 39 (watch for an article on this news soon!). The new Marketplace dates are from Monday, August 2 until Friday, August 13.

All merchants must close by 11:00 pm on that Friday.

Our new publication dates will be from Friday, August 6, to Friday, August 13. This allows us to continue to offer eight full issues of The Pennsic Independent. We will be publishing a special Web Edition of PI on Saturday, August 14, featuring Donalbane offering a wrap up of the War. We hope to have other articles to present to our faithful readers on that day as well.

Mistress Heirusalem Crystoma, Publisher for The Pennsic Independent, had considered cutting the issues to seven. PI runs on a skeleton crew during the first week of Pennsic, and she was not certain that there would be enough reporters, production, front desk, or Urchins to manage an issue on the first Friday. However, the staff stepped up, and others offered to help in order to get that issue out. "I am extremely grateful for the additional support we are receiving for this issue," Heirusalem said. "We've always wanted to be able to publish as early as possible. We are really pushing ourselves to do this, and to offer the extra Web issue to report on the results of Pennsic War. I have the greatest staff anyone could hope for. It means a lot to us to be able to offer this service to both those at Pennsic and those who read us at home."

In addition, the Pennsic Podcasts will continue to be published before and during Pennsic. These exciting interviews by Lord Leifr Rella are a wonderful addition to your reading enjoyment of The Pennsic Independent. New episodes are already up at http://www.pennsicindependentpodcast.com

The PI staff hopes that you, our readers, will help spread the word about our new publication schedule. We look forward to seeing you at War!!!

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