Thursday Rapier Report

By Grizzly of Ironstar
Marshall Reporter, the Pennsic Independent

Battle of Tortuga
Thursday afternoon (with sword and musket), pirates attacked at the Main Rapier List. Two groups of merchants and a group of pirates went at it ship-to-ship. Across four planks, the pirates rushed the merchants. With unlimited resurrection compared to the merchant’s one resurrection, the pirates had the upper hand. The rapier fighters rotated after each fight so everyone had a turn at being a pirate. Even today’s rain couldn’t dampen the fighters spirits and ruin their fun.
Æthelmarc Known World Ladies’

Treasure Chest Tournament
Twenty-six female rapier fighters competed Thursday for a treasure trove of prizes. Prizes were donated by supporters, with the first place prize being a rapier helmet donated by Marco of Marco & Krieger Armory. Second place, age permitting, was a bottle of twelve year-old scotch. As for the rest of the treasure, the ladies were allowed to pick and choose their own prizes. This was the fifth year for the tournament to be hosted by Illadore de Bedegrayno. This will also be her last year running the event as her work has taken her to the West Coast, making it more difficult to make the journey to war every year. “It’s time for some else to take over and hopefully run the tournament for another five years.”
The final bout in today’s tournament came down to Annora Raines of the West and Amanita Villarosa for the Middle. In the first few moments of the round Annora took Amanita’s off hand, then in an act of courtesy and chivalry threw down her off hand weapon and finished Amanita with a double kill. The second pass began the same way with Annora taking Amanita’s off hand and throwing down her off hand weapon again. Finally Annora took Amanita’s weapon hand for the win. This is the first Pennsic for the winner of Thursday’s tournament, Annora Rains. She was overcome with joy as she accepted the rapier helmet from Illadore. “It’s been an honor fighting with all of you, this is my first Pennsic and you’ve made it amazing.”


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