Permanent Rune Stone To Be Erected

By Mistress Tirza bithe Reaboughes,
O.P., O.M., S.F., Q.O.C.

Baron David Cooper has given his most gracious, exuberant approval to the erection of an 8’ memorial stone for the family and friends that have passed on. Lord Valdis of Gotland, of the East Kingdom, an established bone and wood carver, is heading the project. The design will be finalized after the 10 ton stone is aquired from a local quarry; however. It will be in the style of Scandinavian 1-14th century memorial stones with a rune inscription. Once the design is laid out on the stone, Lord Valdis will NOT be carving it. The people of Pennsic are invited to come together and participate in this phase, to work out our own sorrow as we work the stone. For Valdis, the inspiration was the loss of Lady Sueeatra, former proprietor of S&M Leathers. Each of us will be welcome to carve in the memory of our own special grief.
In order to accomplish this, Lord Valdis needs two things – good words for the inscription (he hesitates to use his own) and funding. Stone purchases and delivery are estimated to be $1,000, all to be raised by private donation. Checks will be accepted at Booth #64 Shrewwood (where Valdis’ design skill may also be observed) made to: “Cooper’s Lake Memorial Rune Stone.” After war, checks can be mailed to Ken Koll, 44 North Church Street, Waynesboro, PA 17268. The funds will be held in this account until the stone is purchased. Inscription recommendations can be submitted at the booth or emailed to Lord Valdis (Ken Koll) will establish a discussion group on Yahoo for all who contact him to finalize the inscription.


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