Memorial Runestone Update

By Lady Mary of Montevale
Features Reporter, Pennsic Independent

The Pennsic Memorial Runestone Project, underway since Pennsic 37, has moved another step closer to completion thanks to a foam mockup which shows the actual size and artwork for the nine ton slab of stone that will be the final runestone.
Lord Valdis of Gotland (East), who has carved the mockup and will carve the actual stone, explained that that many people who expressed an interest in contrib¬uting to the project had trouble visualizing the reality of a nine-ton, eleven-foot-long piece of stone. Thanks to the foam mockup, visualization is no longer a problem!
The memorial project came about as a result of the deaths of some very dear friends and family members of Valdis and other SCA members. There will be an inscription carved on the stone, but no names will be listed on it so that the stone can stand as a memorial to any friends who are no longer with us but who loved Pennsic and the times spent here.
The foam mockup is currently on display at space 64 in the marketplace; later in the week it will be moved to Viking-u-Like at space 110. Along with the mockup you can view the text of the planned inscription and get information from Lord Valdis about making contribu¬tions to the project.
The Pennsic Memorial Runestone Project has a Face¬book page and a web site at