Sunday Battlefield Report

By DonalBane of Blakmers
Battlefield Reporter, Pennsic Independent

Combat of the Thirty
After the completion of Opening Ceremonies, about 50 gentles assembled on the green list field for the fourth annual Combat of the Thirty. The combat is meant recreate the original Combat of the Thirty, fought between 30 English knights and 30 French Knights during the Hundred Years' War.
Each combatant had to offer a ransom to be eligible to come back for next year's fight. The combat was held to period conditions, meaning three solid blows to the head stunned a combatant, allowing him to be captured. Thrusts to an open-face helm or a vulnerable or unarmored area registered as kills.
Sir Nigel MacFarland of Ealdormere captained the French, while Sir Johannes von Bruckenheim of Atenveldt captained the English.
Amid cries of "St. George!" the English rolled to victory in two straight fights, reversing the historical outcome of the battle for the first time.
After the fight, the combatants declared themselves so pleased with the combat that Sir Nigel and Sir Johannes will serve as captains for the next two years.

Ealdormere 10-Man Unbelted
Champions Tournament
Ealdormere hosted one the most rollicking tournaments of the first weekend of war, its annual 10-Man Unbelted Champions Tournament, on the main battlefield Sunday.
Seven kingdoms brought forward teams for the round-robin rumble. The scores after the round robin were: AEthelmearc 5-1, Atlantia 5-1, Midrealm 4-2, Northshield 3-3, Calontir 3-3, Ealdormere 1-5 and Atenvedlt 0-6.
With AEthelmearc and Atlantia tied for the lead after the round robin, the two kingdoms' teams met one last time to settle the title. In a quick fight, AEthelmearc's forces were able to maintain their cohesion and roll over Atlantia for the win.

Known World Novice Tournament
(Editor's note: This tournament was completed after deadline on Saturday.)
The Chivalry of the Known World hosted the Known World Novice Tournament Saturday. The event attracted 53 fighters with less than two years of experience in SCA adult and/or youth fighting.
The tournament format was a shark pool.
The two finalists were Joseph of Serpentius from the East and Lucas from Atlantia. Lucas won the final in a best-two-of-three format.


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