To War!

Musicians welcome travelers to Pennsic
Photo by Master Phillip the Pilgrim

To War!
by Syr Kyppyn Kirkcaldy
Battlefield Correspondent

Pennsic War 42 is here and with it the Armored Points Battles! This year we will be entertained by new battles as well as traditional battles with a twist. Beginning at 10am on Sunday July 29th, a day of Midrealm-East and Ally tournaments will be the first contested war points. The populace is encouraged to attend as the Allies play a competitive game of capture the flag. The Unbelted Champions from Midrealm-East and the Midrealm-East Chivalry Champions fight for war points and bragging rights to another year of victory. The last battle of the day will be a Heroic Champions battle where teams of Chivalry and Unbelts fight single combat bouts for the pleasure of the populace and a war point. Come see these top competitors vey for the chance at victory and prestige!
Starting at 10 am Monday July 30th, the traditional field battle will begin with top Midrealm-East warriors fighting single combat for the glory of their respective Kingdoms. Baron Angus of the Barony of Fenix states, “The field battles have always been my favorites. Without resurrections, it becomes skill on skill.” This years field battles have a twist as the two opposing Kingdoms switch sides for each of the three field battles. The populace can follow their Kingdom to each side, or gain a different vantage point each battle.
Tuesday, July 30th at 11am, the Woods Battle will bring something new. For the first time both armies will be able to use the entire woods for combat! Hills and ravines will become new obstacles as the commanders of each army use the new terrain for their advantage.
Thursday August 2nd brings the most anticipated battle of the year - The Tower Battle. Master Padraig of the Barony of Smoking Rock believes the battle will be “fluid with changing victory conditions every 30 minutes.” As this will be the first time this battle has been fought at Pennsic, many fighters and marshals are excited about its execution. Baron Phelim Gervase of Ansteorra looks forward this battle because, “It will use tactics and not depend on just numbers for strategy.” As this battle starts in the morning, a battlefield change must happen for the Rapier battle in the afternoon. Syr Silverthorn, Deputy Mayor for Martial Activities would ask that volunteers who would like their kingdom to win their service war point can come out and help the battlefield staff move hay bales and assist with the battlefield changes. Come support your Kingdom and the Pennsic staff!
The last heavy weapons war point battle of the week is on Friday, August 3rd.- Armored Bridges. This battle, loved by spearmen everywhere, will allow the Midrealm-East armies to square off across five bridges starting with a champion from each side fighting single combat in the middle of each bridge. Each bridge will contain single combatants fighting a different weapon style, as each side attempts to control their bridge. Siege weapons will be used on all five bridges in all battles. Once again, each side and their allies will switch sides of the field after each battle and the last two battles will use combat archery. Many SCAdians travel very far to find a battle in which they can participate in combat archery. Mistress Sylvia de Vey from the incipient Barony of Endeweard has been looking forward to the bridge battles this summer. “I rearranged all of my schedules so I could shoot combat archery.”
As always the populace is encouraged to support our fighting community by watching the battles and cheering on your group or Kingdom. As volunteering is a war point this year, serving Pennsic as a water bearer, marshal, or even moving hay bales in battlefield prep are essential needs that each battle needs to run successfully. Support your local fighters!