Tyger and Dragon Clash

The armies of the Tyger and Dragon met for the first time Monday on the armored battled field.
Photo by Master Phillip the Pilgrim

Tyger and Dragon Clash
By Syr Kyppyn Kirkcaldy
Battlefield Correspondent

The Gods of War were shining on the Pennsic battlefield today, as both armies prepared for combat. The sun was shining and the wind blew a cold breeze across the rolling grass so that warriors and spectators alike could enjoy their call to war. Five field battles were to be contested between the Dragon and the Tyger. Each Kingdom brought their allies with the intent of winning the day. Laren from Clan Prechaine said, “Our Clan fights for Calontir this year. We are looking forward to the target-rich environment that the East has given us. Nothing better than fighting with my brothers and fighting with Calontir. Lager and Blood!” As both armies lined up for battle, the tension in the air grew on both sides. At the sound of the cannon, the warriors of the Known World charged into battle. I met with both Generals after the field battles to recap what happened in each skirmish.
Master Feral, the Warlord for the East: “We rolled our forces on the right and punched through to avoid the heavy defense of units like Calontir. We went with a strong left with echelons, with the main effort on the right, so they had to react to our numbers.” Final call: East won the first battle.
General of the Middle, Syr Fargthen: “Calontir was our center block and repulsed the first attack in the first battle.
Warlord of the East Master Feral: “Southern Army did an excellent job of gaining control. Duke Edward commanded the Northern Army and used command and control to regroup his forces and attack the Middle in the first battle.”
After the first battle I spoke with Tuhtahl from Moritu: “It was definitely a target-rich environment, but good violence.” Baron William Freskyn Murray from the Barony of Rhydderich Hael in the Kingdom of Æthelmearc said, “They sent Calontir and Iron Lance against us. We had good engagement. Good fun.”
Second Field Battle: Syr Fargthen: “After switching sides, the Middle deployed on the opposite side and shifted the Midrealm army uphill to the North. The Midrealm force struck their enemy earlier than planned and met with superior numbers. Master Feral: “For the East, Trimaris was the trigger unit followed by Atlantia. Each unit was to support the unit on their left, which was subtler than an echelon. “ Final Call: East won the second battle.
General Fargthen: North Oaken and South Oaken held out like the army needed them to. They did a great job in the Second battle.
Warlord Feral: Atlantia, along with Blood Guard and Ealdormere worked well in the center with Northern Army supporting their effort in the second battle.
Third field battle: Syr Fargthen: “In this battle the East graciously provided us 50 troops and the Kingdom of Drachenwald to try and even the sides.” Master Feral: The East’s plan was to attack up the center with the Northern Army and Ealdormere. This first core of troops moved up and attacked the center under the direction of Duke Edward. The second core moved up with the southern army commanded by His Royal Majesty, Gregor.” Final call: East won the third battle.
General Fargthen: The Western Alliance made up of the West, Caid, An Tier, Atenveldt, and Lochac fought hard all day and as a small unit fought well against the Tuchux and Black Talon.
Warlord Feral: Ealdormere and The Northern Army were the center of strength in the third battle.
After the third field battle I spoke with Master Konrad Mailander, OP of the Barony of Red Spears. “I feel like I am among lots and lots of friends [on the field].” Syphe of Iron Lance said, “We’re a little outnumbered but holding together until we’re encircled. I’m having a great time fighting today, especially since my Knight, Sir Simon, drove up to Pennsic. I have been squired to Simon for 30 years and he showed up to fight with me, he’s 69 years old.”
Fourth field battle: More support was given to the Middle Kingdom to try and make the sides even. Æthelmearc, Clovenshield and the Tuchux went over to the Midrealm side. Syr Fargthen : “Our forces went out with a strong center and support on each side, horns of the bull.” Master Feral: “The East tried to punch left and deny the Midrealm troops the high ground. Our lead unit did not get out of the gate in time which gave the Midrealm the time to get their advantage and then our forces began to unravel.” Final call on the fourth battle: Midrealm won.
General Fargthen: “Æthelmearc was our strength in the center of the fourth battle.”
Warlord Feral: “The Army did well considering the numbers they faced in the fourth battle.”
The fifth battle added siege and combat archery. Syr Fargthen: “I gave each of the unit commanders orders to seek out rival units and take advantage of the best target opportunities.” Master Feral: “The East tried to punch on our right. Atlantia carried the fight to the Tuchux, but in doing so, the entire Eastern Army split, so the Midrealm forces were able to break up our units and overwhelm our forces. Final call on the fifth battle: Midrealm won.
As the battles were over and the warriors began to disarm, I spoke with King Gregor of the East as he was walking to address his troops. I asked him his thoughts and feelings on the battles. “This was a beautiful day to do battle. It was a hard fought day and the Midrealm fought valiantly. I appreciate Æthelmearc switching sides when we needed them to. Our forces enjoyed having a chance to do combat against greater numbers and they did so heroically.” As I watched the fifth battle, I witnessed an Æthelmearc fighter run up the field and kill the siege engine crew firing ballistas at their forces. I spoke with Melodia Beaupel, who was part of the Borderwatch Siege Unit in Æthelmearc, who said “We only got one shot off each from our ballistas. We were really close with one shot, but we died before we could do much more.” His Majesty of the Midrealm said this about today’s field battles “Our forces fought gallantly against an overwhelming Eastern force. We want to thank our Allies for their support and each Region of the Middle Kingdom who fought so hard today.” Each side would agree that an approximate 200 man difference in troops made a difference to the Kingdom that commanded their extra strength. This battle is a favorite for most, including myself. Throughout the years, those of us who have participated will continue to enjoy facing any odds, as long as our brothers and sister in arms are there to face our rivals with us. Vivat for the East! Draco Invictus for the Midrealm!