Tyger Claims the Woods Battle

By DonalBane of Blakmers
Battlefield Reporter

After 10 War Points: East Tygers 9, Midrealm Dragons 1

The oldest battle at Pennsic returned Tuesday morning as the Woods Battle took place. For the second straight year, the Woods battle took place just behind Mount Eislinn.
Unlike many years in the past, the two Great Armies began on the same side of the woods, as both the Midrealm and the East entered the woods from the south entrance.
This year’s fight was a 90-minute unlimited resurrection battle to be fought over one banner. The side that held the banner at the end of the 90 minutes would claim two War Points.
The two armies lined up nearly within polearm distance of each other, with the East’s forces on the east side of the resurrection line and the Midrealm on the west side of the line. A 100-foot “no fight zone” was set up ahead of the resurrection line.
With the Midrealm trailing in War Points, the Dragon was given the option of placing the banner where they wished. This took place 30 minutes before the beginning of the battle, and the whole of the Midrealm’s Grand Army deployed after the banner was set. Forces from Drachenwald were heard singing just before the call of “Lay On!”
When the cannon sounded, the East sent its entire force barreling into the woods. It was clear immediately that the East had superior numbers as their forces engaged in a long, grinding push of the Midrealm’s forces just outside the no-fight zone. By the midpoint of the battle, the East had pushed more than 100 feet forward.
Reports from the front indicated another spirited battle between the two sides.
With about 20 minutes left, HRM Arch of the Midrealm and HRM Lucan of the East entered a parley. HRM Arch conceded the War Points, but not the field.
Thus, during the final 20 minutes, numerous warriors — including the entire Kingdom of the West — switched sides to help the Dragon’s outnumbered forces. A grand brawl took place in front of the resurrection line until the final cannon sounded.

Wednesday’s Big Battle: None!
As has become a Pennsic tradition, the War will take its midweek break, save for those competing in the Archery Champions’ Shoot. However, there are many tournaments scheduled for Wednesday for those who need their fighting fix. Consult your Pennsic Book for location and times.


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