Questers wanted! Are you brave enough to accept the Quest of the Drunk Tag? Can you follow the roles of myrth and merryment and alcohol? See Fernando’s Engravings around 7pm. Free.

Events Open to All
Tisha Be’av at Pennsic reading Eichah/Lamentations. Mon., Aug. 4 at 9:15 pm @Jehan’s Camp, N21, corner Sheridan Rd. & Wolf Run - Eliezer
12 Step meeting E07 4pm AA/NA/OA/SA all welcome. Denys the Decadent’s Camp Great Eastern Highway
NEW EFENWEALT WYSTLE MUSIC! Come hear some Sunday at 8pm- Perf Arts Tent. CDs at Camelot Treasures #30
Celtic Bardic at Bards Haven Tues., E-19. Feast, gifts, etc.
The memorial ship will sail Thursday, Thor permitting. Paint shields at White Wolf and the Phoenix, 120 Plunder Lane
Clear green ink was impossible to make in period- the “experts”- WRONG- Aleksandr, traveler. In making from blue to yellow- learn how! 2pm Monday under the shade trees PP Cooper Barn Shop- next to Guild of Limners
Silent auction for Real Leather family at Merchant Booth 147 daily from 9-6. Come and help one of your own.
Quaker Meeting 11:30 am, Maison Rive, Space #24
Robin Netherton & Gale Owen-Grocker will be lecturing at Figments & Filaments, @ CostumeCon. You can too! More info online or stop by Poison Pen Press- ask for Corwyn
Bards Haven is open for business
TEACHERS! NEWCOMERS! Want to teach/learn something new in the SCA? Join us at DRAGON’S QUEST III, October 11 in the Barony of Brendoken (Dalton, OH).
Feathers & bamboo beat steel every time- learn how. Pen making from bamboo or quill- free bamboo while it lasts- 12pm Monday. Class in the shade in front of the Guild of Limners Booth, opposite the Barn Store- Bring a knife or borrow- Aleksandr, traveller

For Sale
Agate Burnishers - bone ivory & horn handles - hand carved - also dog tooth and carnelian. Guild of Limners, #26
For sale: Canvas carousel pavilion, 8’ at eave, 12’ at base, 11’6” peak, double doors, pole included w/floor and sod flap. See Dave at Odyssey Coffee for pics.
Yurt roof ring for sale, new. 14 ft. Isojobo. A-S end.
Bad Garb Bingo! Have fun as you mock your fellow SCAdians. Only $5.00 from Claus the Toymaker #26.
For Sale: Ink - oakgall, walnut hull, also gallo-tannic ink, absolutely perfectly opaque. $4 per bottle. Guild of Limners, #26
Be one of the cool kids. Get your BOG sticker at Dancing Pig Pottery 16 Bow Street.
Indian Trim at Bronwyns at Moon Gate by the Pillaged Village
Benefit the Chirurgeons - buy an original Pennsic 43 T-shirt, $13. Available from Claus of Burzee, #26 Merchants Row.
Bookbinding leathers, metal clasps and supplies, plus blank journals and C&I supplies - Arte of the Booke, #65 Market Street
Calligraphy books under $10. Many rare titles. Guild of Limners, #26 across from the Barn
Claus’ guide on “How Not to Get a Laurel” - Audacious and naughty - the truth is hard and very funny. See Claus the Toymaker. #26 across from the Barn.
CMT/LMT seeks CMT/LMT for myofacial massage other gentle work. Able to gently work as well as deep pressure. Conveniently located on the Yellow Dragon Line B5 Aielman 434-981-4968
Pergamena parchment sent their stock to the Guild of Limners - Whole skins down to 5x10 inches. Finest quality from $8-$200. Limited quantities.
Coleman kitchen folding table. $20. c/c accepted. Booth #185
Comfy SQUIRE CART to convey you in style, disc. for handicapped. ROCKING HORSES for rent/sale. Sp #28
Fond of authenticity? Us too! Space #85 Treasury.
Henna paste handmade fresh on-site and sifted Rajasthani powder. Great dark color! 11-5, Kafe Merhaba
For Sale: Vellum - opaline vellum (sheepskin) direct from England. Finest quality. Sale price $20 per sheet. The Guild of Limners, #26 across from the Barn.
For sale: 16’x12’x12’ Norse A-frame (poles, hardware, canvas, floor) $700.00 negotiable. Available for pickup Aug 8th. Come see and ask Lyda @ Talfryn Camp (N38).
Thor’s Hammer, crosses and other pendants $9 and up. A Leather Crafter, Booth 56 on Market St.
For Sale - Glass muller & burnishers from England, also Mitchell nibs, vellum, parchment and handbound leather books - The Guild of Limners, #26
Horny Viking Custom Leather. Passional kilts and corsets. Custom chainmail by Pendragon. Booth 200.
Angel wing dresses are now available at Costumes by Loren. 166 Fleet Street. Limited quantity.
Blank Books - handbound in leather, handmade paper, thick and chunky. Fair trade products. $8-$32, limited supply - Guild of Limners, #26
Asterix and Obelix just arrived at Pennsic. Visit Ursula’s Alcove, 166 Fleet St. to get your own copies.
French bell wedge- double blue + white used 6x 25x15 $900 w poles and ropes!
Hard-to-find pigments - minium, vermillion, azuro, indian yellow, red ochre. Guild of Limners, #26 across from the Barn.
Go natural! Ursula has certified organic wool yarn - both raised and dyed to meet the Oregon standard. Visit 166 Fleet Street to see the rainbow of colors.
Hand-dyed veils, coronets and hair spikes. New to Pennsic, fantastic prices! Wolframs Wondrous Wares
BAD GARB I and BAD GARB II - Now AVAILABLE from Claus the Toymaker - How do you know you are not in them unless you read them?
Sales all war! Costumes by Loren has sales every day. Come and see us at 166 Fleet Street.
Hemp twine at Bronwyns by the Pillaged Village
Double barrel thermal mug w/decorated leather wrap. A Leather Crafter, Booth 56 on Market St.
For Sale: Bad Garb Old Maid card game - Yes we have ‘em! - from Claus the Toymaker (who else?)
Pennsic maps in medieval style - only at Arte of the Booke, #65 Market Street Houpelandes! Costumes by Loren now has houpelandes. 166 Fleet Street. Shop early for the best selection.
For Sale - Bad garb, bad garb, what’cha gonna do? What’cha gonna do when the punchline’s you! - Claus the Toymaker
Closeout sale! Short tunics and kaftans are $5 off or 4 for $100. While supplies last. Costumes by Loren, 166 Fleet Street.
Industrial sewing machine for sale. Located in NE Philadelphia for pickup. See Maire in Brigadoon W23. $400
Interested in ink? Lord Alexander will discourse, debate, and otherwise divulge the secrets of making period ink on Tuesday at noon at the Guild of Limners, Merchant #26 across from the Barn.
Knives cleaned, sharpened, repaired, custom sheaths. Cloak and Dagger, Space 13
Good Gentles...How much have you spent on your armor? How much have you spent on your garb? How much have you spent on your children? This has been a public service announcement from Claus of Burzee, Toymaker
Lady Tudor Glitz is alive and well and available at Moon Gate by The Pillaged Village
Merchants: need street lights? I have a limited number of nylon Chinese lanterns w/15’ cords. $24 and up. A Leather Crafter. Booth 56 on Market St.
Thatched 1/2 timber dollhouse, silent auction. Sp #28.
Panther A-frame 10x14x8 canvas only. $500. Space 106.
PARCHMENT. Genuine made by Pergamena. Calf, sheep, goat, deer. Many sizes from 5x7 to whole skins. Manuscript and calligraphy quality. Limited quantity. Buy now! Guild of Limners, #26, across from barn.
Hurry to Claus the Toymaker for your leper - Supplies have been limited since a carpenter from Galilee passed through.
Warm Cloaks! Many Styles and Colors. Cloak & Dagger, Space 13.PERIOD PAVILIONS™ - new, used and custom for sale or rent. 12 on site, 27 more in stock (can ship). Colors, intricate shapes, and faux buildings our specialty. More details and pics, plus free catalog at Sp #28.
For Sale: THE GUILD OF LIMNERS in the little white house on Merchants Row sells ink, quill pens, pigments, various colors, madder, woad, all kinds of paint and tools necessary for scribes and artists.
Kuchi jewelry clearance! Clean, no glass or coins missing. See Ghazalah 11-5 at Kafe Merhaba. SHINY!!
Penners at long last! Beautiful handcrafted leather cases for your pens. Durer wished his was as nice as these. Guild of Limners. #26
Porcelain DOLLS, stamped/gilt LEATHER, tapestry panels, garb, FABRIC, 24” hair pieces, BOOKS, etc. Sp. #28
Sharp shiny objects! 64oz. Pennsic party flasks! And the infamous Bunny fur bikini! Only at Hamish’s Dreck, Space 145. Where Laurels fear to tread
TENT REPAIRS AND SUPPLIES - Waterproofing, seam sealer, other supplies, sewing and grometting on site. Space 28.
ATTENTION WOAD WARRIORS! Feeling a little blue? I have the real thing! Genuine woad imported from Scotland, $4, limited supply, buy early. Guild of Limners, #26
There are only 43 Dancing Pig Pennsic 43 mugs in existence. And they’re going fast. Claim yours at our booth while you still can. 16 Bow Street
Tired of spinning wool? Want to try something new? Visit Ursula’s Alcove for hemp roving. 166 Fleet St.
12’ x 16’ wall tent, 5’ walls, poles, ropes, stakes. Call (814)233-8288
Trader style pavilion, 12’x16’ with 12’x12’ fly with sidewalls. Cell (814)442-5816, $800.00. Setup included.
Mortars and pestles - set of 3 - vitrified porcelain. Only $10 at the Guild of Limners, #26.
Used Boy Scout tents for sale. Proceeds benefit the troop. Cloak & Dagger - Space 13.
PAVILION CO. FOR SALE, est. 1982. Set own hrs, full/part time. Will finance. See Gatebook ad. Sp. 28
Woad, Madder, Cochineal, Brazilwood, Longwood - dyes to die for. Guild of Limners, #26
King sz. Viking bed in exclnt cond. Breaks down flat, sturdy. Doubles as ark. $300 OBO. See @ Old Barons Resthome, N09 Chandlers-Cariadoc’s.
Canvas castle for sale, “stone” with 2 turrets. Perfect for a knight or a kingdom gatehouse. Also a ½ timbered manor house (expandable!) and other faux-buildings, painted canvas over steel frame (no center pole!) Period Pavilions, available at Space 28.

Radio Free Mongolia - 88.3 FM
Fire performers, we are approved! Sirkusdayz E21.
I am seeking ride to Toronto Thursday afternoon. Contact Glorimyre, Camp Eoforwic W08 Offer gas+? or text 647-969-6042
Unto the bards filling the air with song, I ask a personal favor. My wife, Mistress Rosalind Jehanne, had to remain in the home lands this war due to requirements of those that fill the purse. Please honor her by performing one or more of her works at your bardics. I look forward to hearing her sounds through your voices. You can download lyrics for all of her compositions at www.rosalindjehanne.com With great thanks for your service, Master Andreas
Stop by and wish Smoke and Fire Co. a happy 30th Birthday
Master John ap Wynne and Mistress Lenore are not at the War due to her health issue. Stop by Merch Space 4 to write good wishes in a hand made book made by John Skinner to be taken home to them. They plan to be back next. The music booth is open.
Wave your hand and say “Hi non druides quaeritis!” Guaranteed protection vs Imperial Troopers (I heard)
Need healing? Have reiki. Text me @ 260-602-9828
WAR KITTENS! Two brothers found abandoned during setup, currently fostered in New Castle. 8 weeks old and looking for forever home. Donations also accepted toward vet cost. See Ghazalah at Kafe Merhaba.
Come learn tarot cardgame Briscole @ #109. Afternoon.
Old Meg sez- The kindness you do today will be rewarded in the future. You never know but that the child playing at the side of the road today will be sitting on the throne in your future! Old Meg knows!

Lost & Found
LOST: One Canadian engineers’ ring. Considerable sentimental value. Inquire in Dance Tent.
Lost walking stick, brown tree branch w/carved old man face & cord w/beads & bell lost near Chalkman. Sentimental value. Reward paid in beer or return to Chalkman. (814)233-8288

There will be a celebration of the life of Lady Aevianna Nordengel Sunday from 7:00 pm in Eoforwic Camp (W08) . All are welcome.
Baroness Belinda of Emeric, OP (aka Laura Foster) passed away suddenly on June 19 in Ridgecrest, CA. Blackforest Rest grieves her loss and will carry the memory of her kindness and humor as long as we live. Please join us on Tuesday, 8/5, 6-8 pm to share your memories and visit her memorial. Blackforest Rest, W10, on the Roman Road behind Villa Vino.

Bards Haven is Pagan-friendly (monotheists too!)
Spices obtained. Beware the blue-eyed man. - Agent 00Z
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEL!!! Hope you have a great day! Sinclair and Kari
Mad Dog for Mayor!
The raven has taken flight, meet at the appointed place. - Agent 00Z
Pennsic 27 (1998) Our girl's first Pennsic. How she grew to love Pennsic and still wants to go back...
Renn (the lovely who purchased 2-button boots last Weds), please return to the Native Earth Booth #47 for adjustment.
To the person who stole the Pelican hat badge - Seriously! The Treasury #85.
Master Thorvald Redhair: There are gifts for you and Ghita at the Pennsic Independent front desk! Please pick them up before the staff eats them! Love, Heirusalem
40M Tall Handsome Athletic Kind Generous SWM seeks 25-40F Athletic-ish companion to share meals drinks parties fun times. Text pic to 217-778-7934 and let's chat.

Wanted to Buy
WANTED: 40 foot trailer, for on site storage. Call 845-667-6488 Tom

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