Sunday Unclassifieds

For Sale

Period Pavilions™ for sale or rent, some on site for immediate delivery. New + used, plain + decorated, simple + elaborate. Custom pavilions- we create exactly what you want. Free color brochure + catalog. See our ad in the gatebook. Mediaeval Miscellanea Space 28.
Real Gold Thread - Kamibari was $40 now $30 a Skein Terra Incognita # 171.
Songs of Rosalind Jehanne vol 1 on CD! Featuring performances by Ken & LIsa Theriot, Efenwealt Wystle, John Lyttleton, Bryce de Byram & more! Camelot Treasures booth 30
Tailor w/sewing machine - mending garb while you wait N35 Dau meet @ barn Sat & Sun 12-6pm 412-874-4314
Weld, Woad, Madder, Cochineal, Brazilwood, Longwood-dyes to die for. Guild of Limners #26.
FOR SALE- Tentsmith 9x12 Marquee Slant wall w/fly-complete set up package; contact Sir William @ N31 Mountains Keep Camp to see tent-$645
“Pennsic for Dummies” by Claus the Toymaker - scurrilous, tongue-in-cheek fun, everything you need to know to complete your Pennsic experience.
Wolfram’s Wonderous Wares 134 Plunder Lane- Pouches, cloak clasps, diverse goodes, feast gear etc.
Yes! Pennsic does get chilly so we have cloaks & shoulder warmers for you. Space 28.
Benefit the Chirurgeons--buy an original Pennsic XXXIX T-shirt. $10. Available from Claus of Burzee, #26 Merchants Row.
Yes, there’s quality real cheesecloth at Dragon’s Magic #27.
Your Device/Arms/Picture on a Banner up to 3 ft square. Custom done. Select Kingdoms in stock. Visit Misty Tower in Space 28.
Yurt 16ft set up in Argent Co. N17 $1,500 obo 571-330-8390. Great space comfy and dry.
For Sale Vellum - opaline vellum (sheepskin) direct from England. Finest Quality sale price $20 per sheet. Lovely Dutch sheepskin parchment whole skins $125 can be cut smaller. The Guild of Limners #26, across from the barn.
Yurts 4 Sale! Many sizes. Contact Pente/Wookie. Camp Infinity E01 EASY TO SET UP! 919-360-0048. Possible Trade for Enclosed Trailer. Must Sell.
Bad Garb Old Maid card game- Yes we have ‘em!- from Claus the Toymaker (Who else?)


12 Step Meeting daily 4:00 p.m. E07 off Great Eastern Highway Denys the Decadent’s Camp AA NA OA SA all welcome.
A Day of Fiber-y Goodness: Spinning & Fiber Prep.: “Visit us on Artisans Row, and find out how flax and wool get transformed into those fine threads that make up the fabric of your garb.”
Battery charging available at Mystic Mail. Free for Internet Customers. SD memory cards for sale.
Drum making workshop hosts wanted, Drum & flute repairs Drums avlb. 254-652-7522
For Sale Good Gentles......How much have you spent on your armor? How much have you spent on your garb? How much have you spent on your children? This has been a public service announcement from Claus of Burzee Toymaker.
Intrigue, scandal + thwarted romance- the story develops as Pennsic progresses. Come see the diorama daily at Mediaeval Miscellanea, Space 28.
Knives sharpened, repairs, sheaths made. CLOAK & DAGGER #13.
Lost: Dragon, answers(?) to Sushi. Last seen munching pirates.
Natural Dyeing: “Come over to Artisans Row, and see how the plants around us can color our world in new and beautiful ways! Witness the brilliant colors as they emerge from our dyepots.”
See Auntie Arwen space 185 and ask if she is drinking WATER! <3 Fabric Dragon
SF author Michael Z. Williamson signing copies of his books. CLOAK & DAGGER #13.
Weaving in all forms: “Come weave with us on Artisans Row! Witness a warp-weighted loom in action. Play on an Oseberg loom, a tapestry loom or a 4-harness loom. Work with us to create an intricate web of thread.”

Help Wanted

WANTED CHILD CARE FOR 3 GIRLS: 12, 10, 7 1/2 afternoons. If interested contact Jamie Blackrose Merch. # 143.
Lost & Found
4 inch amethyst crystal lost zero night. If found please return to House Vondraken Block E12. Ask for Aleksander or Tatiana. Reward offered by Aleksander.
Lost: Belt with rampant lion buckle, belt pouch, has drivers license and medallion inside. Any info please contact Moresca #140 or call 718-702-4342.
Agnes Daunce mka Nellie Miller 1938-2010. Hicjace + Agnessa, optimus quondam optimusque futurus.
Baroness Judith Enjoy the tea! Love Your Secret Pal
Beatrice of Hartshorn-dale Have a great war!
Remember To Always Activate Safely!
Sir Crispin Bucher to Ian - Your table is at By My Hand Designs #143 on Battle Rd.
Something Wrong? Blame Angus.
Taoist Tai Chi Society Members! Want to meet others? Stop by House Fallen Star N12 and ask for Alzbeta.
Wanted to Buy
Need center-grip round shield approx. 30’ with center cut out. Contact Kjyl at Gabriel’s Landing E17.

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