Allies hold off Tyger and Dragon in the Woods

By DonalBane of Blakmers
Battlefield Reporter, Pennsic Independent

After a day off Wednesday, hostilities at Pennsic resumed Thursday as the new War headed to the War’s oldest battle: the Woods battle.
The Known World Alliance, flush from their victory over the Mid-East Alliance on Tuesday looked to press their advantage. The Allies entered the woods from the northeast corner.
The Mid-East Alliance looked to get back in the war as the Tyger and Dragon deployed its forces from the southwest corner.
This year’s battle was a two-hour unlimited resurrection fight fought over seven banners. The side that took the most banners won the event point.
More than 1,000 gentles charged into the woods north of the camp for the last time. Beginning with Pennsic War IXL, the woods battle will be conducted in a new area located behind Mount Eislinn.
According to dispatches from the front, the fighting was fierce in virtually every pocket of the woods. Some reports had the central banner exchanging hands as many as five times.
It was a close battle throughout, but when the final cannon had sounded, the Known World Allies had claimed four banners to three by the Mid-East Alliance, giving the Known World Allies the event point.

Friday’s big battle: Helm’s Deep
The final big fight of Pennsic War XXXVIII will be fought at the Pennsic fort. There will be two 30-minute fights over six banners around the fort. Each army will have a chance to attack and defend, with attacking armies having three resurrections and defenders having one. The side that possesses more banners will win.


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