"Ask Doctor Best" Debuts in the Pennsic Independent!

The Pennsic Independent is pleased to announce a new column, in which Dr. Henry Best offers his unique and mystical talents to our readers:

"Ask Doctor Best"

That learned scholar, Doctor Henry Best, is available to answer your personal questions on matters grave or frivolous, through consultation of portents in the heavens. Please remember that, although he is educated in astrology and countless other areas of the natural philosophies, holding a PhD from the University of Atlantia, Doctor Best is not a licensed psychotherapist.

Doctor Best is taking your advance questions now! Before Pennsic, questions may be submitted to henry@askdoctorbest.com. During Pennsic, the good doctor will maintain a consultation office at the sign of Sun Baked Studios, behind the barn, and will take questions there, or you may send them care of the Pennsic Independent. Whenever possible, include birth date, time, and place for all parties involved in your question. Your identity will be held in confidence.


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