PI Web Edition - Saturday, August 12, 2006

Fencing roundup

By Master Liam St. Liam

When Lord Talib of Grey Gargoyles and Tree-Girt Sea saw the Pennsic calendar and then read the date of Chicago’s American Cancer Society Relay For Life fundraising walk, he knew he’d have to doing some creative planning.

So he’s going to do his fundraising on the fencing list at Pennsic instead.

Outside the SCA, Lord Talib is known as Leopold Lastre and works for the Office of the Circuit Court Clerk of Cook County’s Criminal Division. For the last four years, he has joined the folks in his office in raising funds for cancer research through the walkathon held at Stagg Field at the University of Chicago.

Since this year’s event is August 18th, Lord Talib will be taking on all comers on the fencing list between now and then. “I’ll be up there every day,” he said. Lord Talib is asking for a donation of 3 to 5 dollars for three passes against him, and he will wire the money to his office at the end of the war. His office is hoping to raise more than $4,000 – last year’s mark – and donate more money than its dreaded rival, the Traffic Court.

Like many of those who raise money for the American Cancer Society, Lord Talib’s quest is a personal one. His father died of cancer in 1998. “That’s why the Cancer Relay resonates with a lot of people,” he said. “My dad helped make everything happen for me. I do this for him.

Early Bird Tournament

Thursday’s Early Bird fencing tournament was more about stories and schmoozing than about parries and thrusts.

“It’s really more about ‘meet and greet’ than about ‘meet and beat,’ said Lord Martin Baxter of Hawksworth, who ran the tournament and drew 35 fencers from the East, Midrealm, Atlantia, Æthelmearc and Ealdormere. “I really liked the mix of people who came.”

Prior to each bout, the fencers had to share an intriguing fact about themselves and about someone else in the tournament. The “winners” of the tournament included Neko Me of the Midlands, whose own fact was that he was once on all three champions’ teams – fencing, fighting and archery – in the same year. “Actually, he had a lot of interesting facts about himself,” Lord Martin said. “He also had the most interesting fact about someone else.”

That other fact was about one of the other “winners,” Gwyneth McCellan of Æthelmearc, who is one of 125 survivors from the fleet of Admiral Wolfgang. Queen Mary-Grace of Gleann Abhann was among those participating in the tournament.

Upcoming fencing

Today is the Battle of Tortuga, a boat-based melee that starts at noon, followed by a Known World open practice at 2 p.m., and the Baronial Champions “Meet and Beat” at 4 p.m.

Sunday, there is another melee, the Storming of LaRochelle, at noon, and the Rapier Prize Fighters’ Tournament, with proceeds to go to the Chirurgeons. Sunday night, at dark, is the Known World Rapier Party at the Quatrefoil encampment.

Gleann Abhann Storms Into Pennsic

by Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton

When last we left Gleann Abhann at the end of the last Pennsic War, they were a Principality about to take the great step into Kingdom status. Preparations were well underway for the October first Coronation, and all was well.

Gleann Abhann (the name is Gaelic for “River Valley”) dates back to the early 90s as a region of Meridies, chose its name, colours, and heraldic symbol (the Ram) in the mid-90’s, and became a Principality in 1998. According to Her Majesty, Mary-Grace, “Meridies was geographically very big, and the two halves of the Kingdom had very different personalities. It seemed like a natural progression.” The Board of Directors approved Gleann Abhann’s petition for Kingdom status in 2004, and in 2005, the Heirs were chosen.

Then Gleann Abhann had a most unwelcome visitor by the name of Katrina.

The Heirs to the Kingdom, Radu and Broinnfinn, were amongst those who found themselves homeless; they were eventually forced to relocate to Little Rock, AR. The majority of the Barony of Seleone (Biloxi, MS) lost almost everything, and the Barony of Axemoor and the Shire of Northover (New Orleans and the Lake Ponchtrain area) were also hard hit. Homes, jobs, and memories were swept away in the swirling waters—not to mention regalia and SCA gear.

Just two months later, however, Gleann Abhann became a kingdom, and there were few dry eyes to be found. How was such a thing possible? Both the relief efforts of the Known World and the spirit of the people of Gleann Abhann made it possible. According to Her Majesty Mary-Grace, “people gave so completely of their time, talents and energy that I am without words to express what it meant to us. It made us all realize what a truly special society we are a part of.”

The next milestone, according to Her Majesty, was the first Crown Toruney as a sovereign kingdom. Though the weather was miserable, the excitement was palpable as the field neared the finals. “I think for many this event marked Gleann Abhann moving forward on her own without Meridies,” Her Majesty said, adding that seeing her husband win was, of course, also a highlight. The first Gulf Wars run by Gleann Abhann followed soon thereafter. The site had been devastated by Katrina, but an excellent relationship with the site owner and an outpouring of assistance allowed the site to be prepared in time. “It was one of the best Gulf Wars ever,” said Her Majesty.

At the Coronation of their Heirs Havordh and Mary-Grace (first to bear the titles of Crown Prince and Princess), Radu and Broinnfinn were given Augmentations of Arms upon stepping down for their great dedication and hard work, and were given the right to style themselves Duke and Duchess Gleann Abhann “so that all would know they had been the first,” explained Her Majesty.

Another highlight was the Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium, which took place in New Orleans in June and attracted about 150 guests from fourteen kingdoms. Her Majesty: “We were thrilled to be able to host this, but also, on a mundane note, to bring people to New Orleans. I grew up in New Orleans, and currently live just across the lake from the city and it has truly been devastating to witness what this city has been through. It felt good to bring people to New Orleans and to see them enjoying themselves there.”

The next milestone has arrived—attending Pennsic for the first time as a Kingdom. Her Majesty notes that Gleann Abhann’s reputation is that of a kingdom with “just down-to-earth friendly folks” and a strong youth program. The Kingdom also has an Auxillary, similar to the Calontir Soup Kitchen or the Ealdormere Commissariat, which provides battlefield support for the troops, from construction of tabards to on-field refreshment. Plans for Pennsic include hosting the annual Ladies of the Rose Happy Hour, which gives Ladies of the Rose, Viscountesses, and sitting Queens a chance to relax for a few hours.

Her Majesty would not tell us who Gleann Abhann will fight with at War this year, preferring to reveal it at Opening Ceremonies instead—so stay tuned! You can find Gleann Abhann camping at N01, right next door to Meridies.

Pas du Dragon Noir

By Dominic Seamor

“I just wanted to try something new, a different style from the normal SCA combat,” said Alaric the Mad of the Shire of Roxbury Mill in Atlantia. At the Pas du Dragon Noir on Friday, Alaric tried to have his wish fulfilled.

As Baron Asbjorn Johansen OTC, OM explained, the Pas is an attempt to more closely replicate the actual style of tournament fighting from the 14th and 15th centuries. The Pas du Dragon Noir is patterned after an actual Burgundian-style tournament and is part of the Historic Combat Series, a sequence of combats throughout the War emphasizing historical combat techniques.

Unlike standard SCA heavy fighting, in a Pas d’Armes a fighter loses by being struck with a good thrust to only a few small target areas: the armpit, the inside of the elbow, or the face if the fighter is wearing a barred-front helm. A fighter also loses if he or she is disarmed, driven from the list field, or knocked down. Some Pas d’Armes use a system where an agreed number of good blows must be struck before a fighter has lost.

This is the first Pennsic for Becc from the Shire of Hartstone in Æthelmearc. A man-at-arms to Sir Wulfstan Huscarl, Becc made his own armor so he could fight at this War and he found the Pas very exciting. “I really enjoy it!” he exclaimed after a series of bouts with poleaxes. “You can grab your enemy’s weapon and stab him with it,” a trick that Becc actually used against Baron Asbjorn.

“Duff” Fweolan from the Shire of Anglespur in the East Kingdom said that he fights in at least one of the Historic Combat Series events every Pennsic. Fweolan’s experience at this style of combat was evident as he twice used the pommel of his longsword for a kill against Becc’s “unarmored” face.

One of the most authentic combats was fought between Becc and his friend Lord Wulfr, also from the Shire of Hartstone. Becc and Lord Wulfr were dueling with poleaxes and during an intense round of grappling for each other’s weapons Lord Wulfr accidentally struck off Becc’s right elbow armor. The marshal, Sir Wulfstan, immediately stopped the fight and Baron Asbjorn explained that in a historical combat losing part of your armor was enough to cost you the fight. “It depends on the tournament,” Baron Asbjorn said. “In some combats they seemed to be even more concerned about safety than we are in the SCA, but other tournaments were little more than disguised duels where the opponents were hoping to kill each other. There was a wide range of combats in period”

The Historic Combat Series will be continuing throughout the War. Consult your Pennsic 35 book for dates and times. Most of the Historic Combat Series events do not have any appearance requirement and fighters may wear any SCA-legal armor. Some of the Series do have appearance rules; check your Pennsic book for what rules apply to which combats.

Did Alaric get his wish fulfilled? “You bet!” he said. “I like it!”

Unclassified Ads


Youth Fighter Program Daily starting at 8am.

Learn how to fight like a knight, loaner gear available, parents must be present for registration. All Kingdoms welcome. Meet on the battlefield.

Slavic interest group meeting Aug. 16, 2 - 4 pm at Æthelmearc Royal! Come have a lot of Slavic fun!

Lost & Found

Reward if Found: Fabric Dragon is not in the merchant booklet this year, but is here somewhere! If found the rewards are special pricing on silk, linen, and wool threads, other embroidery and beading supplies. Report finding immediately.


Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope invites all who knew her late husband, Master Johan von Traubenberg, to attend a memorial reception in his honor. The reception will be on Saturday, August 12th, from 8 pm – 11 pm in the Æthelmearc Royal encampment next to Chirurgeon’s Point on the Serengeti. Master Johan passed away on October 24, 2005 after an accident at a construction site. Come rejoice in his life, tell stories about him around a fire, and read or contribute to his memory book. Refreshments will be served.


Andrew MacRobb and his lady Damaris invite all friends to their handfasting on Tuesday, 8/16/06 at 5:00pm at Club Aed on Bye The Way. Dinner Afterwards!

To all Østrgardrians past, present, and future! Come to the 2nd Annual Østgardr Pancake Breakfast 8am-11am Monday, 8/14/06, in E04 Østgardr. Free pancakes for all, donations graciously accepted but not necessary.

Brendoken Citizens and Friends; join us at an Open House and Revel on 8/15 at Brendoken Baronial Camp N03. 7pm until whever. Bring chairs, please!


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MAIDEN MONGOLIA’S Last Pennsic!!! Stop by #72 to say goodbye, tell a story, hear a joke.
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Glass muller & burnishers from England, also nibs, vellum, parchment, and hand bound leather books - The Guild of Limners, #24


Bards’ Haven will not hold “Sing for Your Supper” this year but we be having Celtic Bardic on Tues with all the usual gifts, prizes and a special feast.

12 Step Meeting daily 4:00 pm E07 off Great Eastern Highway Denys the Decadent’s Camp AA NA OA SA - ALL WELCOME

The Bedouin Shower Stealers of the Serengeti want to thank the Barony of the Great Crab People for the midnight shower raids.

To all Æthelmearc Chatelaines who are attending Pennsic, we will be having a Chatelaines’ meeting in Aethelmearc Royal on Thursday 8/17/06 at 2-3pm. See you there! Gillian Llywellyn

Episcopal (Anglican) Church service is in Eoforwic camp (W08, camp by the Runestone), 10:00 a.m. Sunday. Communion will be served; this is an open table. Liturgy is from the 1549 Edward VI prayer book. All are welcome.



TO EVERYONE: Go Tell Auntie Arwen (Auntie Arwen’s Spices) to drink more WATER. From Fabric Dragon

Evil Abra says, “A good lord is hard to find!” Abra thanks Marius for 24 + years of Love, Support, Hard work and putting up with a madwoman. “You’re the best!” Here’s to 24 more! All my love. *heart* Abra

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