Pennsic Date change

By Master Liam St. Liam

For the Pennsic Independent

Pennsic always changes from year to year, and the most obvious change for Pennsic XXXVI will be its starting date.

As announced earlier this summer, next year’s Pennsic will start on Friday, July 27 and will run through Sunday, August 12. Baroness Rosamunde Beausivage, next year’s Mayor, made the formal announcement following a meeting of the seneschals of the East, Middle and Æthelmearc and representative of Cooper’s Lake Campground..

The main reasoning behind the change is the early start of school in a number of southern and midwestern states, which causes problems for parents and for SCA members who are teachers or work in other aspects of education. For parents in place like Trimaris and parts of Calontir, the early school start meant only one week of Pennsic – or no Pennsic at all. At least one former member of the Board of Directors, Mistress Elasait of Calontir, has missed Pennsic at time because of the school calendar in her home kingdom of Calontir.

“I cannot tell you how happy I was to hear about the change,” said Lady Seichel von Halstern of the East Kingdom, who is leaving today for a college orientation. “This way, it’s not going to mess me up for the next five years.”

Almost everyone interviewed about the date change either supported it or did not have a strong opinion either way. A few people said they might have to rearrange their July schedules but thought it would not be a major problem.

Prior to Pennsic, the decision produced a rather heated discussion on the East Kingdom Internet mailing list, partly because it had not been discussed publicly. Most of those in other kingdoms said there were not too many complaints.

There will have to be some changes in events in some kingdoms. Æthelmearc may be unable to continue its demo for the Hawk Creek Nature Preserve, and the July event schedule in the East Kingdom will have to be adjusted because the traditional date for Southern region War Camp in Eisental. That event is usually scheduled for the weekend that Pennsic will start next year. Several other kingdoms already do not have major events scheduled in July.