PI Web Edition - Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Dragon does “the impossible,” takes Woods

By DonalBane of Blakmers

Battlefield Reporter for the Pennsic Independent

After five War Points: East Tygers 3, Midrealm 2

The Great Armies of the East and Midrealm met for a Pennsic original Tuesday as both armies fell upon the forest north of the main camp.

Rotating places again, the Midrealm entered the woods from the south, while the Tyger’s forced attacked from the north. Each side had two resurrection points for two hour-long battles, each of which was worth one War Point. This year, the two armies fought over five banners—two fixed Dragon banners, two fixed Tyger banners, and one mobile central banner. For the first time in memory, combat archery was allowed in the woods. Archers participated during the second battle only.

At the sound of the first cannon, both armies charged through the woods and met in combat. According to gentles coming off the field, the lines oscillated much, particularly along the line of spruce trees. A late charge by the East brought the Tyger’s forces within sight of the Midrealm’s main resurrection point.

At the sound of the cannon to end the first battle, the outcome of the fight was in dispute. According to the marshals, the East had banner superiority, but the Midrealm held onto the critical mobile banner. By rules of the battle, the fight was declared a draw and the War Points split.

The second battle saw the armies shift their secondary resurrection points, leading the main battle lines to run more east-west than north-south. Behind those lines, both sides engaged in an hour of firm but fair fighting.

At the sound of the cannon, the East’s forces held both Midrealm banners and the Midrealm held both East banners. However, the Midrealm held the mobile banner, giving them the win in the second fight, the War Point, and overall victory in the woods for the second straight year.

HRM Felix was visibly emotional when he heard the results from the marshals.

“You have done the impossible,” HRM Felix told his troops. “This morning, the count of our forces showed we had the same strength as yesterday. You are the English who defeated the French that glorious day.

“Our allies fought outstandingly today,” HRM Felix added. “Calontir, Ealdormere, Meredies, Trimaris—all of them fought with great fire.”

Today’s big battle: The Castle Battle

For the first time in recent memory, the day’s big brawl at Pennsic will not be East vs. Midrealm. Instead, Æthelmearc, along with some allies, will defend its home turf--the Pennsic Fort. A force of 400 warriors will defend the fort against the rest of the Known World in an attempt to recreate a realistic siege scenario.

What to watch for: Hard fighting in the breaches. Three bridges are the only way to approach the castle and fights on these bridges in the past have been meat grinders.

Pennsic Mayor Baroness Brise Sanguin’s statement on changes at Chirurgeon’s Point:

Due to a number of incidences with regard to Chirurgeon Care, I, the Mayor, have elected to employ a policy written into the Society Chirurgeon’s Handbook, section III, subsection 11 paragraph 2 which states “There is no requirement that the Chirurgeonate be functioning at any event. If the Chirurgeonate is not functioning, the autocrat should know how to reach emergency medical services quickly in the event of an injury or illness.”

This was not premeditated, rather, a difficult decision made over several days. The Kingdom Seneschals of the East, Middle and Æthelmearc as well as the Society Seneschal were consulted and are in full agreement with the decision.

We are still asking for First Aid Volunteers to aid the NorthWest EMS in the First Aid Pavilion. There are no clothing restrictions for volunteers except those required by the SCA. Chirurgeonate baldrics and insignia can be worn except when acting as a First Aid Volunteer.

It has come to my attention that several rumors have been circulating about this decision, and I would like to take a moment to address some of them.

There was no single act that brought me to this decision.

This was not a decree, or decision made by, or done in conjunction with the BoD or any Society officer.

No one will be kicked off-site for discussing the events of the last few days except individuals actively disrupting the event, or preventing the Staff from performance of their duties.

I hold no grudge against any member of the Chirurgeonate.

The Coopers have had nothing to do with any of this as this is an SCA issue.

I have not “fired” anyone. I have asked a group of people to simply help others by using basic First Aid without wearing Chirurgeon identification.

I am not receiving any kickbacks from NWEMS.

This was not pre-meditated.

I do not have in my possession any of the medical records collected by the Chirurgeonate; neither does the Society Seneschal nor the paramedics of NorthWest EMS. As of 10:13 pm, Tuesday no one could positively locate them. The records were removed from the First Aid Pavilion by members of the Chirurgeonate.

I have appointed a Special Deputy to investigate the unauthorized removal of SCA property. The investigation is ongoing.

I will be available Wednesday, August 15, 2006, between the hours of 1pm and 2pm for questions or comments in front of the First Aid Pavilion.

Baroness Brise Sanguin, OP, Mayor Pennsic 35

Pennsic mayor: Decision to close Chirurgeon’s Point was entirely hers

By Peregrine Fairchylde

For the Pennsic Independent

Pennsic 35 Mayor Baroness Brise Sanguin, OP, issued a written statement late Tuesday night that confirms that she alone made the decision to place operation of Chirurgeon’s Point under the supervision of NorthWest EMS, as well as dismisses a number of rumors that have been circulating about the change. It does not offer an explanation as to exactly why the action was taken.

The Mayor also stated that she will take questions about the situation between 1 and 2 p.m. today, Wednesday, in front of the First Aid Pavilion, formerly Chirurgeon’s Point.

Also this week, the president of the Society for Creative Anachronism Inc. and the Society Seneschal each issued statements regarding the changes that shed no more light on why the chirurgeonate was removed from their traditional position at the War early on Sunday morning.

The statement by Mayor Brise – reproduced in full accompanying this article – only referred to “a number of incidences with regard to Chirurgeon care” as prompting the change. She also cited the Society Chirurgeonate Handbook as the prevailing authority for her action, noting that section III, subsection 11, paragraph 2 states, “There is no requirement that the Chirurgeonate be functioning at any event. If the Chirurgeonate is not functioning, the autocrat should know how to reach emergency medical services quickly in the event of an injury or illness.”

Contacted late on Tuesday evening before she had issued the statement, Mayor Brise said she was still not commenting on the situation, although she did at that time address one rumor that has been making the rounds of the chirurgeonate and others since last Saturday, that chirurgeons who openly discuss the situation will be made to leave the War.

“That’s not true,” Mayor Brise said flatly.

In a statement released this week and posted on the rec.org.sca Google group on Tuesday, Duke John ap Gwyndaf, KSCA, OL, the Society’s president, confirmed that NorthWest EMS would be providing first aid services, and that “first aid volunteers” were aiding them, under the coordination of Viscountess Kaellyn mac Dermott. Viscountess Kaellyn had been the War Chirurgeon until the change; Duke John’s statement describes her role now as “volunteer first aid coordinator.”

The president’s letter did not offer a reason for the change by Mayor Brise, but did say it was “due to a number of incidences,” as reported in Mayor Brise’s statement.

Duke John further wrote that the decision to place the EMS contractor in charge “was confirmed by the three Kingdom Seneschals from the East, Middle and Æthelmearc, and the Society Seneschal.”

In her own statement published this week, Society Chirurgeon Eleanor Isabeau du Coeur, OP, of Northshield declared that all warranted SCA chirurgeons, at Pennsic 35 or elsewhere, are still just that. Reached by telephone in Northshield on Tuesday evening, Mistress Eleanor did not elaborate on the reasons behind the change.

“There were some things they wanted to check out, and [they wanted] to have the EMS take over [Chirurgeon’s Point] during that,” she said.

The Society Chirurgeon did emphasize that warranted chirurgeons at Pennsic 35 – and in the Known World at large – could still provide first aid in accordance with their training.

“They’re still officers of the SCA,” she said. “I spent a lot of time on the phone with [Duke John and Society Seneschal Aaron faheud Swiftrunner] to get that all straightened out …. If they’re working as a warranted chirurgeon … they’re still getting the same indemnification they’ve always got [under SCA insurance].”

Mistress Eleanor also said that each state’s Good Samaritan laws were still applicable to SCA chirurgeons.

“If someone is hurt in camp and Joe Chirurgeon walks by” it’s okay for them to render first aid, she said by way of example.

“Even if they don’t have the baldric on, they’re still officers [of the SCA] and can still perform. Their warrant is still good,” the Society Chirurgeon said.

The most important thing is that members of the chirurgeonate work within the system rather than outside of it, she emphasized, such as by opening a competing, unsanctioned Chirurgeon’s Point.

There have been no changes in Society policy regarding the chirurgeonate, Mistress Eleanor said, but she noted that “Pennsic is such a unique animal, honestly at this point I don’t know the implications.”

She also upheld the Pennsic Mayor’s right to make the change at the Point.

“The autocrat has the right to secure whatever services she wants,” Mistress Eleanor said. “If she doesn’t want to have chirurgeons, that’s fine.”

She added that that was her personal opinion, not a policy of her office.

Mistress Eleanor also said she had discussed with the Society president and seneschal the possibility of contracting out first aid services at large wars because of the size of population being dealt with.

“We had somewhere between 750 and 800 people come through Chirurgeon’s Point last [Pennsic],” she said. “One out of eight people were referred to EMS last year, anyway.”

“The advantage of having a professional medical contractor on site is that patients who need more advanced medical care will have quicker access to it,” Mistress Eleanor said. She also noted that attendance at large events is growing, and the Society’s populace, like the American population in general, is getting older and facing more health issues.

But, she added, a volunteer chirurgeonate also has its strong points, and using one does not necessarily rule out using the other.

“If we can do things through the chirurgeonate, great; if we can do it coordinating with EMS, great,” she said.

Mistress Eleanor said she could not answer questions about whether the EMS staff will be able to adequately cover the first aid needs for Pennsic, since she was not at the War. She does get a report from Pennsic each year that she said she would evaluate.

As for the rumors, Mistress Eleanor said she’d heard quite a few of them. Her current favorite: That her warrant was going to be revoked, she would be given a Level III banishment, and a Revocation and Denial of her membership.

“I thought that was pretty funny,” she said with a chuckle.

Tuesday Battlefield Report

By DonalBane of Blakmers

Battlefield Reporter for the Pennsic Independent

Dwarves vs. Giants Tourney

One of Pennsic’s most entertaining novelty tournaments was featured Tuesday as the annual Dwarves vs. Giants Tourney was fought. As is often the case, the Dwarves (those 5-foot-6 and under) outnumbered the Giants (those 6-foot-3 and over. The Dwarves, led by Duke Cariadoc of the Bow, had 12 fighters on the field and seemed to multiply during the fight. The Giants, who had one father-son combination on the list, compensated with overwhelming force. Several melees, numerous single and double combats — and perhaps dozens of bad jokes and puns — insured a good time was had by all.

Known World Baronial Champions Tournament

The Baron and Baroness of Cynnabar in the Midrealm hosted the fifth annual Known World Baronial Champions Tournament Tuesday. Seventeen baronial champions from throughout the Know World took up the challenge and fought before several assembled Barons and Baronesses.

After several rounds of single combat and several rounds of questions by Their Excellencies, the assemble Barons and Baronesses chose Master Lucius Cassius Magnus, Champion of Barony Stonemarche in the East as the new champion. He was presented a baldric signifying his position as the new Known World Baronial Champion.

Unclassifieds - Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Events Open to All

Youth Fighter Program Daily starting at 8am. Learn how to fight like a knight, loaner gear available, parents must be present for registration. All Kingdoms welcome. Meet on the battlefield.

North Star Armory #103 Viking necklace class Wed., 10am. $6 w/supplies. Other classes daily, 3pm.

Known World Choir Concert - Thursday - Performing Arts Pavilion - Be there - You know you want to! Don’t miss this wonderful performing ensemble. Renaissance music of Spain! Not to be missed.

Lost & Found

Von Roessler Laurel/Pelican medallion. If found, Please return to Vair & Ermine, Battle Road. Thanks

REWARD for return of knife lost in Market. Wood/brass handle, blade marked ANGELSWORD. Claim REWARD @ Lusy Went, E17 Hill Rod & Good Intentions

Found: My brain. Thank you Myrddin and Serati for finding it and keeping it safe. - G


Thank You to the Black Pearl Tavern & our campmates for all their help with hosting the Ladies Tea! Thank you to the musicians & dancers for your dedication, passion & excellent performance. Finally, thank you to all of the ladies who braved the weather & had a wonderful time. See you next year at the 1001 Arabian Nights, a Night in the Harem. - - - Tyger & Alejandra



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Disability Guild www.health.yahoo.groups.com/AIs

12 Step Meeting daily 4:00 pm E07 off Great Eastern Highway Denys the Decadent’s Camp AA NA OA SA all welcome

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O Yea! O Yea! Be it known that on August 18 at 3pm on Horde Hill (E10), during informal family court, I, Siobhan O’Neill, in the presence of King Felix, Queen Madelina, Great Khan Rowena, my Brothers and all who wish to attend, will re-affirm my vows of Fealty. This is in observance of my Silver Anniversary of becoming a Member of the Order of the Laurel. Being an appropriate time for reflection and renewal.

A CHALLENGE! The following are called to the field of honor on Thursday, 17th August at 5:00m or Friday, 18th August at 11:00am. Lady Rosalind de La Mere, Lord Christopher Maccan Conaing, Lord Connor Livingstone, Baron Marcellus, Cappoozello Di Napoli, Lord giacomo Vincente, Master Alan Gravesend, Master Roland de Mountenay. This challenge is issued by Tiernen and Wystric of Windmaster’s Hill. Meet us at the rapierMarshal’s Tent on the Battlefield.

Happy Birthdays to Godwin and Barak of the Old Barons Rest Home! You guys are FABU! With much love from your campmates.

Grab your ice skates! Hell hath frozen over! OG has been seen being kissed by a hottie! Armegeddon is upon us! way to go OG!!! - Ann Onymouse

Alexander the Photographer searched for the Miss Swampy Contest. Deterred by the rain he had to turn back. Advertise the location of the contests and parties! Please! Please!

One day in the fields of Cynnabar, the poor serf sly me looked up from feeding his mouflon to stare at the castle on the hill. The fair princess was guarded by a cruel family, but his passion ran deep. He thrust down his large shepherd’s hook and ran through the kohlrabe to the castle. His heaving chest ripped his shirt asunder. He wrenched open the door. The electric fan blew back his blown dry hair. He caught a glimpse of himself in the full length mirror, wiped sweat from his furrowed brow, and then suddenly....

The Cookie fairy thanks her devoted followers for their generous offerings at her hallowed shrine!

Let out your inner Barbarian. Use Vialgar!

Explore the mysteries of 11! See Christiana just south of the Canadian Boarder.

Congratulations Isolde & Gorm! May your engagement be the start of a beautiful life together. Warmest Regards - House Rosegate

Unto Master Reynard de La Rochefoucauld does the Barony of Lochmere express heartfelt thanks for another “Spiffy” Pennsic encampment.

Thanks for being in my life and making me feel so loved. I adore you all - Yana, Lucan, Cat, Li, Demi, Caoifhionn, Clodagh, Eilis, Irene, Fygen plus the fine folks of VDK - you all amaze me - Michel

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Pink Fuzzy Bunny: We have two hostages 133 Plunder.

Gentle Lady of a ceretain age ISO gentle man for conversation/friendship. See Anya of Clan Kyle, Kurdson Way.

Attention Known World - We would like to announce the marriage of Lord David de Londres and Lady Morgain of Lynn. I love you rivers and streams! David

Linda, thank you for the first 20 years and I am looking forward to the next 20. Mi amore, mi vita per sempre.

Would Donald R. Richardson and Howard Rusko please return to the Pillaged Village with the purchases they made on Saturday the 12th and their credit card slips?

Thursday August 17th 9pm to 11pm Come to the Official Pennsic Speed Bump for The Hasta La Bye Bye party for Pete and Sully of Maiden Mongolia. Stop by and wish them well. For health reasons this is their last Pennsic. On Market street outside booth 72. BYOB

Learn the ancient art of the stunt nipple. See Anya of Wulf Den. No appointment necessary.

Greg Kveberg and Scott Logan - Shoshannah is seeking you. Come to the Barony of Bakhail, N11, Harem of Bilgisayr to find me.

Aurora, Tsivia, Asa, Gwerydd, Beatrice: Where are you? The urchins are revolting! We have no stories! People are throwing their money on the ground! Our webs are tangled! What shall we do?!? -- Brains

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William T. Wilde is at N30 across from the big castle. Looking for Ann & John Krone and family. Lady Behbin Stephanie are you here? I miss my old Indiana friends from Greyhope! My phone is (941)493-2803.

Person who crashed into fence @ Cariodoc: you need to own up as you caused $40-$50 in damage. Please contact Old Barons Rest Home for restitution!

Mistress Catherine Applebee of Calontir was involved in a serious auto accident in Phoenix on Memorial Day. She has only recently returned home and still faces many months of rehabilitation but her progress has been good. We of Calontir seek aid from the Known World to help cover the long-term costs. Donations will be accepted at Touch Pottery, Calontir Trim, Ash and Griffin Pottery, Tomes and Tunes, and Wolfram’s Wondrous Wares as well as the Calontir Royal Pavilion.

TYRVI it is a joy having you back in my life. My wish is to keep you @ be yours until the end of time. Love always Priestess Kelly Shannon.

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Quahog shell, do you have it? Can you get it? Bring it to Serpent’s Eye, #85 Street of Gold to trade.

Youth Exhibit Products of their Talents

By Ursula the Widow

For the Pennsic Independent

The young artisans and artists of the Known World had the opportunity to display their work Tuesday morning at the premier Youth A&S Exhibition held at Youth Point.

Inspiration for the event came from Lord Valdis of the Kingdom of the East. His two children have been making projects for many years and had exhibited alongside their father at adult A&S exhibitions. However, their work tended to get lost among so many other contributions, and Lord Valdis suggested they have “something they could call their own.”

Young SCAdians from the age of seven to 17 took part in the display of high-quality artifacts both useful and beautiful. “I am absolutely amazed today by the work we’re seeing,” said organizer Mistress Safia al Khansaa’. “I think I’m more inspired by the youth than by anything I’ve been inspired by in the SCA.”

Like adult artisans, the exhibitors filled out display forms. However, Mistress Safia, who is an art teacher in modern life, designed a set of forms graded by age level and the youth completed them in their own words and without help. In both their arts and their descriptions, they were able to express themselves in their own terms.

The event is not a competition but a display. The presenters did receive informal feedback as well as many tokens of appreciation from older artisans and Laurels, and a Certificate of Participation.

Mistress Safia al-Khansaa’ organized the exhibition with the aid of Mistress Ardania, director of Youth Point. A major concern was getting the word out before Pennsic. Although online pre-registration was available, this year most of the exhibitors were from the East.

Queen Madeleina of the Midrealm visited the exhibition early in the day. She expressed her delight at the work she saw. “I am always encouraging more participation by children in the SCA,” she said. Children are dear to her Majesty, as she has three of her own.

Fabric Arts

Ana Ximenez de Hume, 7, created a woven pouch in pink and purple cotton yarn. She wove the fabric on a rigid heddle loom and also sewed, braided cord and made fringe to complete the pouch. She spoke of her work with great confidence, saying the most difficult part of the project had been choosing just one button to close the pouch out of the many possibilities she had available..

Some know Rusty, 7, of the East Kingdom as “the little red dragon.” She has autism and has gained comfort in social situations from attending SCA events. She was wearing a pink gown she cut and sewed, then decorated with painting of the front and back. Her colorful designs of fairies and roses displayed her skill as they set off her beauty.


Cehero Oakensword, 17, displayed four longbows and a quiver of arrows of his making. His accomplishment was all the more remarkable because he is a self-taught bowyer who has completed this work with the aid of books. He hand turned the ash arrows and fletched them with goose feathers hand tied with linen. Cehero was not present to be interviewed because he was at the archery range.


In the corner of the tent, a serious-faced young man was getting advice from a silver-haired gentleman. “Keep your first piece,” the older lord said. “When you get to be my age, you’ll be glad you did.” Perhaps only in the SCA can the age-old mode of the senior advising the junior, and each listening respectfully to the pother, still be found.

The advisor was Lord Aquel; the artisan was Zohar Hruschka, 14, who is learning blacksmithing. The showpiece of his work was a Viking bearded hand axe decorated with acid etching on the blade.

Zohar hot-forged the axe in a coal fire for which he mined the coal himself in a an open mine near his home. He also showed two portable holes he had made from mild steel, one with a leaf embellishment at the top.

Zohar came alive explaining his techniques and his study of smithing. He became an informal apprentice of Little John the Blacksmith by haunting at his shop at War Practice. “I stayed at the booth long enough that his apprentices told me to come back the next day and meet him.” Zohar is working for Little John here at War.

“I want to be a much better smith, I don’t want to stay an apprentice,” Zohar said. Although he doesn’t intend to make his living at smithing, he does expect it to continue to be part of his life. “I want to do pieces for other people. I want to make what people want.”

Lord Aquel said, “I think that this young man has a great future. Not only does he have skill, he has heart.”

The Youth Exhibition will be repeated next year. All artists and artisans 18 and younger are welcome.