Pennsic Mayor Baroness Brise Sanguin’s statement on changes at Chirurgeon’s Point:

Due to a number of incidences with regard to Chirurgeon Care, I, the Mayor, have elected to employ a policy written into the Society Chirurgeon’s Handbook, section III, subsection 11 paragraph 2 which states “There is no requirement that the Chirurgeonate be functioning at any event. If the Chirurgeonate is not functioning, the autocrat should know how to reach emergency medical services quickly in the event of an injury or illness.”

This was not premeditated, rather, a difficult decision made over several days. The Kingdom Seneschals of the East, Middle and Æthelmearc as well as the Society Seneschal were consulted and are in full agreement with the decision.

We are still asking for First Aid Volunteers to aid the NorthWest EMS in the First Aid Pavilion. There are no clothing restrictions for volunteers except those required by the SCA. Chirurgeonate baldrics and insignia can be worn except when acting as a First Aid Volunteer.

It has come to my attention that several rumors have been circulating about this decision, and I would like to take a moment to address some of them.

There was no single act that brought me to this decision.

This was not a decree, or decision made by, or done in conjunction with the BoD or any Society officer.

No one will be kicked off-site for discussing the events of the last few days except individuals actively disrupting the event, or preventing the Staff from performance of their duties.

I hold no grudge against any member of the Chirurgeonate.

The Coopers have had nothing to do with any of this as this is an SCA issue.

I have not “fired” anyone. I have asked a group of people to simply help others by using basic First Aid without wearing Chirurgeon identification.

I am not receiving any kickbacks from NWEMS.

This was not pre-meditated.

I do not have in my possession any of the medical records collected by the Chirurgeonate; neither does the Society Seneschal nor the paramedics of NorthWest EMS. As of 10:13 pm, Tuesday no one could positively locate them. The records were removed from the First Aid Pavilion by members of the Chirurgeonate.

I have appointed a Special Deputy to investigate the unauthorized removal of SCA property. The investigation is ongoing.

I will be available Wednesday, August 15, 2006, between the hours of 1pm and 2pm for questions or comments in front of the First Aid Pavilion.

Baroness Brise Sanguin, OP, Mayor Pennsic 35