PI Web Edition - Saturday, August 19, 2006

Arts & Sciences Road Show

By Master Liam St. Liam

For the Pennsic Independent

With all the battles behind them, more than a dozen Calontiri spent Friday afternoon in the marketplace working on everything from woodworking and sailmaking to pewter casting and throwing pottery.

“We’re inflicting arts & sciences on the masses,” said Conde Fernando Rodriguez de Falcon of the Barony of Three Rivers. “That’s our little joke explanation. We want to let people see that arts and sciences are accessible. It’s nice to get the arts out where the people are.”

Many of Calontir’s artisans are also fighters, and that includes Master Kirk FitzDavid, who is both a Laurel and a member of the Order of Chivalry. It was Master Kirk who originally came up with the idea.

“I usually bring my tools to events to work on projects, and I told (Conde Fernando) that I wanted to do this. He said that what’s good for one is good for everybody,” Master Kirk said. “Last year we just did one day, and this year we decided to do two.”

Calontir’s rulers and heirs both stopped by, as did dozens of other people, many of whom spent a good deal of time watching Conde Fernando pour pewter.

“The old saying was ‘Gold for the royalty, silver for the nobility and pewter for the common folks,’” he explained to a fascinated young girl, his voice loud enough to convey his message to the rest of the crowd. “In the sunlight, pewter looks just like silver.”

He said the key was to get people to see artisans at work. “It’s nice to show people that this isn’t hard. Getting good at it is hard.”

At one end of the line, three women were playing period instruments next to Master Kirk, who was working on a bench. Nearby, Edwearde Boicewright and another craftsman were making stools, including one of strips of rattan. There were also artisans working on weaving, pottery, soapstone carving and mold-making.

At far end of the line, Mistress Rhianwen ferch Bran ap Gruffydd was in the process of making a prototype of a huge, square said for the Fyrdraca, a 32-foot Viking-style ship owned by Duke Dongal and other Calontiri.

“There are no full surviving sails,” said Mistress Rhianwen, who used information from recent finds of Viking ships to determine how big the sail should be. “We have a sail based on my rough figures. We’re going to make prototypes out of canvas before we actually weave one.”

This is the second year the A&S Road Show has visited Pennsic. Hopefully, it will return for many years to come.

Midrealm makes its stand, takes broken field

By DonalBane of Blakmers

Battlefield Reporter for the Pennsic Independent

After 13 War Points: East Tygers 8, Midrealm 5

On the final fighting day of Pennsic XXXV, the Grand Armies of the Midrealm and East met for the final time in the broken field battle. According to the rules, this battle was designed to give the trailing army a chance for a last stand. With the Midrealm trailing, they took full advantage of the rules.

When the first cannon sounded, the Midrealm was given 30 minutes to construct what defenses they could by using hay bales. The Midrealm chose to build a redoubt on the extreme northwest corner of the field. This redoubt had only one entrance, two walls and several other obstacles, which made it nearly impregnable. The Midrealm needed only to hold out for 60 minutes to claim the final two heavy fighting War Points.

With the second cannon sounded, the Midrealm had its forces arrayed on the north side of the battlefield, while the East attacked from the south. Between the two forces was a “river” about 20 yards wide. East forces either had to ford the river on their knees (knights could cross standing as they were considered “on horseback”) or construct bridges from hay bales.

On the east side of the battlefield, forces from Atlantia attempted to ford or cross, but their efforts proved largely ineffective. Eastern forces to the center of the battlefield attempted to construct a bridge, but did so in the crosshairs of the bulk of the Midrealm ballista force. The bridge made it three-fourths of the way across the river before the forces were eliminated.

It was on the west side where the East’s attack made the most headway. Æthelmearc forces chose to ford the stream to protect the bridge being built from defenders from Calontir, Clovenshield and others. The strategy worked and the East established a bridgehead before a hold was called.

From that bridgehead, House Bloodguard spearheaded a push up the west flank of the battlefield that reached the redoubt. However, Bloodguard chose not to enter the redoubt and soon found themselves engage and destroyed by House Darkmoon and House Red Winged Lion. Meanwhile, the majority of the Midrealm forces rushed to contain the bridgehead, with hammer blows landed by the Oaken army, Midlands, and the Tuchux.

With the battle contained elsewhere, Ealdormere took the initiative. The White Wolf’s forces forded the river to the East’s side, overran the remaining Atlantians and then proceeded to roll down the length of the river, taking out Tyger reserves as they went.

The Tyger’s forces ended up being completely encircled on the west side. With victory in sight, forces from House Darkmoon and the Darkyard Legion were ordered to abandon the redoubt and help the final push. Before long, the cannon sounded as the Midrealm eliminated Black Talon and the final Eastern allies.

HRM Felix of the Midrealm, who had to sit out the fight, was all smiles as he addressed his troops after the battle.

“That was an impressive display of tactics and prowess,” HRM Felix said. “You have made us so very proud. You have taken the field. Be sure to greet those across the field with honor.”

Today’s big battle: The flight of dragons through the gate.

As always, VIVAT, HOOBAH, WASSAIL and HUZZAH until Pennsic XXXVI to all the warriors and warrior watchers of the Known World.

Saturday Battlefield Report

By DonalBane of Blakmers

Battlefield Reporter for the Pennsic Independent

Outlands 20th Anniversary Invitational Tournament

Their Majesties Bela and Claudia of The Outlands hosted a tournament celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Outlands’ founding. The only weapon allowed in the list was a great axe, so used because a great axe is the oldest piece of regalia used by the Outlands. Eight gentles participated in a round-robin tournament where each bout was best two of three fights.

In the end, The Honorable Lord Griffith of Barrowhaven from the Outlands won the tournament with a 6-1 record. He and all the other fighters were offered prizes for participating by Their Majesties.