PI Monday August 4, 2008

And the Air is Just Right For Drinking

By Grizzly of Ironstar
Battlefield Reporter, Pennsic Independent

Pennsic is war and war is well...Pennsic isn't all about fighting, though. I know that we all know this. There's A&S, there's shopping and spending time with good friends and a fine drink.
I've often had friends stop me to tell me, "You have to try this"-some new beer or wine that they just discovered, one of a kind and you can't get it here. It's their special treasure and they want to share it with you! I know you've had this happen to you at one time or another.
Some people in the SCA take that a step farther and actually make their own wines, beer and cordials. Every year at Pennsic, the Interkingdom Brewers' Guild hosts the annual Brewers' Guild Competition. The name is misleading. Brewers are not judged against each other; the beverages are judged on their quality.
The purpose of the competition is not to pick out everything that is wrong with the beverage, but to point out what the brewer did right and how to improve their brewing skills. It's also a good way to find out who makes good beer and where they camp.
There are three different categories of brewing: cordials, wines and meads, and beer. Using several different criteria, the judges score the beverage on a scale of 1-10. First they look at the brewer's documentation, most importantly recipe and ingredients. Then they look at the presentation, the bottle, the label and the clarity. Upon opening the bottle they sample the aroma, look at how the beverage moves in the glass, and finally check the taste.
What really makes brewing stand out from other A&S competitions is the fact that as the judges are doing all this, the brewer is sitting at the table with them. In this manner they can see the process and witness first hand the judges' reactions and comments. The judges are very helpful with identifying what didn't go right with a beverage, explaining why the brew turned out as it did, and offering tips on how to improve it next time.
If you'd like to join the brewer's guild, it's as simple as making the brew of your choice and bringing it to the competition. For information on how to get started, you can go to www.greydragon.org/ikbg. Or contact master brewer Rhys Terafan Greydragon at terafan@greydragon.org.
Just remember, the reasons for these events are to help each other to become better brewers, to spend time with good friends, and to drink finer and finer brews.

PEACE Has Broken Out!

By DonalBane of Blakmers
Battlefield Reporter,
Pennsic Independent

The populace of the Known World assembled in front of the Fort Sunday to officially open the Pennsic War, but a twist at the end of the Opening Ceremony has put a whole new spin on Pennsic XXXVII.
The Kingdom of AEthelmearc and the Great Dark Horde were first on the scene on a beautiful morning. The host kingdom took their accustomed place on the dais about 20 minutes before the belligerent nations arrived.
When the East and the Midrealm arrived, HRM Khalek told his subjects to welcome their guests in song. "AEthelmearc, AEthelmearc" rang out as the Tiger and Dragon marched to the dais, followed by representatives from every kingdom in the Known World.
When the populace had assembled, HRM Khalek addressed the crowd.
"We greet you and thank you for coming to our lands," HRM Khalek. "The skies are pleased and they have given us a glorious day."
HRM Khalek then said he had heard rumor that "an aggressive army" had come to his land. HRM Konrad of the East replied he had heard the same rumor and brought the Eastern forces with him for that reason.
"I seek to come here and aid you," HRM Konrad said.
HRM Khalek accepted the offer, but was quick to note the East had brought its army to AEthelmearc "without permission."
HRM Lutr of the Midrealm then made the same offer of protection.
"There is an aggressive army here," HRM Lutr said. "I believe AEthelmearc has earned the right to remain an independent nation and will help fight to maintain that."
HRM Khalek accepted Lutr's offer, noting the Midrealm did have permission to bring its army.
"I think there is to be a contest here," HRM Khalek said.
"I look forward to a contest between warriors on this field," HRM Konrad said.
The three kings then called for the War Arrow and broke it together, setting off cheers from the crowd and cannons in the background.
The Dragon and Brigantia Heralds then took turns calling off the roll of Kingdoms.
HRM Khalek confirmed the host nation would fight with the Midrealm. The kingdoms of the West, Caid, Ansteorra, Trimaris, Lochac and Ealdormere also declared for the Midrealm. Calontir declared themselves to follow their allies in Ansteorra and Outlands declared with Calontir, so both kingdoms will fight with the Dragon.
HRM Sinclair of Atlantia boldly declared for the East saying, "Much like Beowulf, I have brought the army of Atlantia to slay a dragon!"
Atenveldt, An Tir, Artemisia, Drachenwald and Gleann Abhann all declared for the East, as did Northshield, HRM Lars noted he would have never made it through many a Pennsic without HRM Konrad, who was his squire brother. King Richard from the Holy Kingdom of Acre also declared for the East.
The Great Dark Horde then came forth, with Khan Omar at the head. Omar pleaded with Their Majesties to resolve their differences via diplomacy or single combat. When those pleas failed, Omar summoned the host of Horde to the dais. He then offered an arrow to both Lutr and Konrad, declaring his field forces and siege engines would fight for the Midrealm, while his target arrow archers would shoot for the East.
With all declared, the Darkyard Legion brought forth the Pennsic war horn, which was picked up by HRM Konrad.
"This horn is a beautiful work of art," Konrad said. "I would not dishonor it by not blowing it properly."
HRM Lutr then suggested Master Rocco Barbarossa of Darkyard as a proper man to blow the horn. Rocco ascended to the dais and gave a long, high blast.
HRM Khalek then addressed the populace.
"The words have been spoken; the horn has been blown; here we have war!" Khalek said, before telling the populace to prepare itself.
However, HRM Konrad then said he had one more thing to say. He noted since AEthelmearc would not accept his help, he would feel aggrieved to fight against them.
Therefore, Konrad offered to concede all 37 War Points to the Midrealm, declaring, "I do not wish to shed the blood of people I hold in such high esteem."
After a moment HRM Lutr accepted Konrad's offer.
"I guess we have--no war!" Lutr said, to the laughter of the crowd. "We will be able to enjoy all that is offered here on this field."
TRMs Konrad and Khalek then embraced before the sovereigns of the Known World left the dais.

Sunday Battlefield Report

By DonalBane of Blakmers
Battlefield Reporter, Pennsic Independent

Combat of the Thirty
After the completion of Opening Ceremonies, about 50 gentles assembled on the green list field for the fourth annual Combat of the Thirty. The combat is meant recreate the original Combat of the Thirty, fought between 30 English knights and 30 French Knights during the Hundred Years' War.
Each combatant had to offer a ransom to be eligible to come back for next year's fight. The combat was held to period conditions, meaning three solid blows to the head stunned a combatant, allowing him to be captured. Thrusts to an open-face helm or a vulnerable or unarmored area registered as kills.
Sir Nigel MacFarland of Ealdormere captained the French, while Sir Johannes von Bruckenheim of Atenveldt captained the English.
Amid cries of "St. George!" the English rolled to victory in two straight fights, reversing the historical outcome of the battle for the first time.
After the fight, the combatants declared themselves so pleased with the combat that Sir Nigel and Sir Johannes will serve as captains for the next two years.

Ealdormere 10-Man Unbelted
Champions Tournament
Ealdormere hosted one the most rollicking tournaments of the first weekend of war, its annual 10-Man Unbelted Champions Tournament, on the main battlefield Sunday.
Seven kingdoms brought forward teams for the round-robin rumble. The scores after the round robin were: AEthelmearc 5-1, Atlantia 5-1, Midrealm 4-2, Northshield 3-3, Calontir 3-3, Ealdormere 1-5 and Atenvedlt 0-6.
With AEthelmearc and Atlantia tied for the lead after the round robin, the two kingdoms' teams met one last time to settle the title. In a quick fight, AEthelmearc's forces were able to maintain their cohesion and roll over Atlantia for the win.

Known World Novice Tournament
(Editor's note: This tournament was completed after deadline on Saturday.)
The Chivalry of the Known World hosted the Known World Novice Tournament Saturday. The event attracted 53 fighters with less than two years of experience in SCA adult and/or youth fighting.
The tournament format was a shark pool.
The two finalists were Joseph of Serpentius from the East and Lucas from Atlantia. Lucas won the final in a best-two-of-three format.


Mountain Confederation's Annual Gagpipper's competition to be held in Confed Camp. Tuesday night o'dark thirty. Come test your skill or just to listen. E-12

Events Open to All
Christian prayer group non-denominational. All are welcome 8PM Battlefield. Look for the Banner.
The War Horn is on display in the merchant area, market street behind the barn, Mon-Fri, 1pm-5pm weather permitting. Guarded by House Darkyard. Come take a look at SCA History!

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A definite sign of the apocalypse-Kibitz has vanished! Griz is trying his best but is just not as follicly endowed and won't wear those goofy pants. We miss you and hope all goes better. The PI Staff.
** Archery Champions ** To the archery champions' team for the Middle Kingdom and their Allies does Demetrious the Undecided send greetings and congratulations. I wish you all good shooting and good fun. Wishing I could be there with you, enjoy.
Farasha & Suad #60 rave "now to the sky" by Tribe O
Ladies of Pennsic, Lord Valdis of Gotland had a birthday on July 26th. I ask you to wish him well, gift him with a kiss or punish him with a spanking, as you deem appropriate.
Single Pagan male looking for Pagan matchmaker to find single Pagan female see Kirk N9 Sunderroak.
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House Fallenstar (N12) Aquarium going well. Today we need sharks. Large and toothy. Think Jaws. Ask for Pan Wilhelm Michalik.