Gates of Rome

By DonalBane of Blakmers
Battlefield Reporter,
The Pennsic Independent

Official War Points: Midrealm Dragons 37, East Tygers 0
(DonalBane’s unofficial War Points: East Tygers 5, Midrealm Dragons 2 (one draw))

There may be peace at Pennsic, but there was battle on a bright Monday morning as the two Grand Armies met for the first time at the Gates of Rome Battle.
The battle was a one-hour, unlimited resurrection battle fought over five gates of the “Aurelian Wall” that snaked from north to south on the battlefield. Possession of an individual gate was worth one War Point.
The Midrealm lined up with its forces on the east side of the field. The Dragon deployed Ealdormere, Calontir, Ansteorra, its western allies, and the Tuchux to the north; Æthelmearc, the Great Dark Horde, and the Huskarls (Houses Darkmoon, Stahlgeist and Ironwolf) were sent to the center; and Caid, Trimaris, Northern Oaken, the Bog Alliance, and the Darkyard Legion were sent south.
As a gesture of friendship, HRM Lutr sent the Constellation and South Oaken armies –Lutr’s home region—after HRM Konrad asked for men.
The East’s forces were deployed on the west side of the field. The Tyger sent Black Talon, House Serpentius and members of the Northern Army to the north; the Ulsterblichen, Northshield, House Clovenshield, Duchy von Drachenklaue, and the East’s new Midrealm allies were sent to the center; and Ironlance and Atlantia were sent south.
Upwards of 1,500 fighters rushed into battle at the sound of the cannon. All five gates were under heavy assault for the entire battle, leaving all five in dispute.
The north gate was enveloped by a horde of Tuchux and Huskarls, giving the Midrealm the gate. To the south, the Atlantian army held firm, despite several late charges.
The south-central gate was declared a draw by Their Majesties as Darkyard and VDK went at it.
Northshield took the north-central gate. Finally, a conglomerate of East forces and their new Midrealm allies took the central gate.
HRM Konrad praised his Midrealm forces for playing a major role in taking the central gates, noting he was “stunned” his forces took those two gates.
“Go with my thanks because you all fought hard and as warriors,” Konrad told South Oaken and Constellation.
HRM Konrad also said he would like to see some of “the East’s marquee units” fight with the Dragon sometime later this war.
“I think everybody fought really hard, but what I heard most was how much good feeling there was on the field today,” Konrad said. “People were very relaxed.”

Tuesday’s Big Battle: The Woods Battle
The battle that dates back to Pennsic I returns today. This year’s fight will be a two-hour resurrection brawl over five banners, with each banner earning a War Point.
What to watch for: Not much. Non-combatants are still not allowed in the woods, though water-bearing help at resurrection points is appreciated.