PI Wednesday August 6, 2008

A Few Moments With His Majesty of the East

By Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton
Editor-in-Chief, Pennsic Independent

It’s the question everyone has been asking. Why peace?
I spent nearly an hour talking with HRM Konrad of the East about his decision to concede all 37 war points to the Middle Kingdom. His Majesty was very open and candid about his reasons. “It was not a quick decision,” said HRM Konrad. He and HRM Lutr had spent many months preparing for Pennsic and working to gain allies, a process His Majesty describes as “very political,” since allied kingdoms’ alliances at other wars are often involved. About six weeks ahead of Pennsic, after Meridies and the Tuchux declared for the Middle, he realized the East could be outnumbered by as many as 250 fighters—an unwinnable situation. He and HRM Lutr discussed the possibility of evening up the sides, but nothing was resolved as the actual numbers were not known. HRM Konrad’s greatest fear was the impact on fun and sportsmanship. “I remember kings of the East doing terrible things—not letting their allies go” in the past when the advantage was on their side. He added that he had never agreed with that approach. “There’s no joy in winning against an opponent with no chance. And it has an impact on young fighters, and becomes a vicious cycle—for both sides. I want people to feel it was worth it after driving that far—rather than either getting run over or not even getting a chance to fight
His Majesty offered a few personal reasons as well. “To me, Pennsic is about challenging ourselves. It does not make sense to play a game of chess without the same number of pieces. I have waited 16 years to be king. With the numbers as they were, I might have won a couple of points here or there, but it would not have been a true test of skill.”
Why such a bold move? “I wanted to make a point—to fix the process. I hope the drasticness of it makes people think.” His Majesty stated that the reactions have covered a whole spectrum, from incredibly appreciative and “I can’t thank you enough” to “I’ve never been more disappointed in a king and a knight.” He added that he felt bad about how it might go over with HRM Lutr. “We had a great time with TRM of the Middle at events we attended together and offered our full support when their reign was invalidated. They were wonderful to work with.” But His Majesty is willing to accept the judgement of history for standing on his principles. “Ten years from now, people may read ‘37-0’ in the records and assume that’s the year the Middle slaughtered the East. But it was important to me that it be seen as more than just lip service.”
How have things gone since Sunday? “Today (Monday), HRM Lutr gave me 50 fighters. They fought hard, and I was honored to have them. We had a great time, and people cared even without the points at stake.” He added he hopes this can continue. “I respect HRM Lutr’s negotiations, but I’d like to make sure we keep at a competitive level. I’d like to send some of our marquee households to fight with the Middle as well. Duke Lucan has offered his household if this can be arranged.” He hopes this might improve relations between the two kingdoms, bringing them closer “I know some in the Middle feel that some of our Royal Peers are Satan—I’d like them to get a chance to fight together on the same side.” He mentioned that the King of the West had told him this is more common there, where it’s considered an honor to be asked by the King to cross the field to even out sides.
His Majesty also hopes his actions will have a longer-term effect. “Maybe in the future we can take the ultimate win/lose less seriously.” He described the process of Pennsic negotiation as it exists today as long and exhausting (sounding to me more like corporate lawyers negotiating a contract, complete with board rooms in hotels and conference calls, rather than any approximation of medieval society.) “There is a great deal of pressure on kings to win. The fun is lost.” He added that perhaps future kings might consider scenarios such as one king picking two teams, with the other king given first choice of the two.
He also understands why people may be upset, and hopes that as the week progresses, everything will work out as they realize that there are still many opportunities for honor, camaraderie, and fun. Although these have been a challenging few days, he is continuing in that spirit, stating “I think my sense of humor is abundantly intact.”

Note to readers: The interview with HRM Konrad was recorded in its entirety and is available at www.pennsicindependent.com under podcasts. Look for #4.

A&S: From the Sublimely Beautiful to the Immensely Practical

By Mary of Montevale
Reporter, Pennsic Independent

Beneath the high wooden beams of the Barn, to the rising crescendo of multiple conversations, a crowd of visitors moved with snail-like speed past four long rows of tables. This was the eleventh anniversary of the Arts and Sciences Display at Pennsic.
Garb, embroidery, calligraphy and illuminations, furniture, maps drawn in ancient styles, tablet-woven trim, metal castings, French hoods, furniture, even axes and knives…it was an overwhelming demonstration of talent, time, and love.
Many of the artisans waited beside their displays, graciously responding time and again to the same comments or questions. “How long did it take you to make this?” “That’s beautiful work, milady (or milord).” Perhaps the most effective, a simple and spontaneous, “Oh…my…God!”
“We have so many wonderful artisans, and they can’t all come to Pennsic.”
The West Kingdom’s Arts Minister, Duchess Eliana Fraser advertised in the kingdom monthly newsletter and at events for items to bring with her for a second year in a row. Duchess Kaaren Harkendottir contributed four embroidered items including a pair of West Kingdom cloaks, a gown which was gifted to Duchess Eliana, and a Princess Pouch. This is a tradition in the West, Her Excellency explained to me. All queens and princesses stepping down from their reigns receive a rose pouch. The dark blue pouch with a shades-of-white appliquéd and couch-worked rose was a gift to The Mad Duchess Cyneswith at the conclusion of her most recent reign as Princess of the Mists.
“Oh, and I’m also the Khan of the Great Dark Horde.”
This was just an afterthought from the only resident of the Outlands to bring an A&S project to the day’s display. Actually, he had two projects, both examples of hand weaving, and he had set them out side by side to show how much his work had improved from his third piece of work (a set of variegated-blue hand towels) to his eighth, a top band for a ger, which will adorn the guard ger of the Great Dark Horde at Pennsic 38.
“It fits in our dining room next to the china cabinet. I told [my husband] if we didn’t have a place to put it the other 11 months, we weren’t even going to start it.”
Baroness Ardis Bluemantle and Langdon Greymorne of Æthelmearc displayed a hand washing station that looked to be nearly 7 feet tall. Langdon built the orange-colored painted piece after being inspired by an extant 15th c. German alpine carved wood cabinet. The Baroness painted the trim, acanthus leaves from the Mary of Burgundy Hours, c. 1500. You may be seeing it again next year; they intend to plumb the cabinet so that it will have gravity-powered running water.
“It’s uncomfortable sitting on the beading.”
That’s only one of the reasons Anna Bella Di Cherubino of the East placed real pearls all over the bodice and sleeves, but only on the front panel and around the hem of the Elizabethan gown she will be wearing tonight at the Pennsic Masked Ball. The other reason is that the stunning gown weighs about 70 pounds. Creation of the gown began with inspiration from the fabric itself, a welted brocade. Contributing to the overall weight besides the pearls were sequins, gold trim, glass beads, and gold lace. “The gold lace,” the seamstress told me, “weighs a couple of pounds just by itself.” A couple of hidden secrets help to keep such a gown from being an overwhelming burden for the woman wearing it: a real “wheel” of cane in the hoop skirt beneath it supports the weight of the skirt; and an arrangement of cords runs through the hoop and the skirt into the garment’s bodice for lacing. The gown is not making its debut at the masked ball tonight; it has previously been worn at Birka, a well-known Eastern event.
Pewter melts at 480º Fahrenheit
THL Etienne le Couteau des Roches of the Middle is the metal caster who created the tokens that teachers in the Pennsic University received when they signed in at A&S point. Etienne, who had been casting hot metal for about eight years, uses soapstone for carving molds and Bondo (an auto body filler) for making mold a from extant objects such as coins. On display this day were some Society officer tokens, Middle Kingdom award tokens, replica coins cast for a gaming-themed event, and a period Lord Mayor’s chain which had been used by Etienne’s local group. Making…ahem, “copies” of authentic coins can be documented as far back as Roman Britain. Soldiers would take a coin from their pay, mold clay around it, fire the clay, and then had a usable mold into which molten local, cheaper copper could be poured. If you are interested in doing pewter casting, Etienne said, the materials are available from merchants at Pennsic.
“I just can’t sit with empty hands.”
Trimaris was the other kingdom with only one artisan at the exhibition. Mistress Ekaterina Zvyozdosamtseva (called “Koshka”) was “her own walking canvas,” as one lady who stopped to admire her embroidery remarked. The embroidery style on Koshka’s head cloth, her gown, a 13th-14th c. Tiraz towel laid on the display table, and a work-in-progress still in her hands as she talked, is a double running stitch, which is a precursor to blackwork. The head cloth, the smallest piece of the lot, took eight months to complete. The motifs, stitched primarily in blue, and less often in the other two primary colors as well, have been used in Egyptian textiles since at least the Coptic weavings of the 4th-5th centuries. The back of each piece is as fine as the front. Two women listened, fascinated, as Koshka described the special frame her lord made so she could work in their van during long road trips. When in use, the frame rests against the dashboard of the vehicle.
“I pray to Odin every time I dye with madder because he is the Jokester. I figure it can’t hurt.”
In the plethora of marvelous projects on display, this reporter’s eye was drawn almost immediately to a rainbow “mosaic” of hand-dyed hanks of wool. THL Odette de Saint Remy of Ealdormere, wearing a gown of handspun wool, stood on the other side of the table on which lay her project: an “Anglo-Scandanavian Dye Study,” whose purpose was to show the possible colors available to people in Northern Europe in the 9th-11th centuries. All the plants she used have been documented to the British Isles or Scandanavia, and sixteen of them were raised in Odette’s garden. Nine plants were harvested wild, some to add to the variety, others to supplement a type she had raised. Madder is apparently difficult to work with, maybe even notoriously difficult, if I judge from comments made by others viewing Odette’s work. She explained to me that the color you achieve can depend on the pH balance and the plant’s condition, although the color will usually range from coral to red to fuchsia pink.
For this project, she used no edible plants except sorrel whose roots yield brown to rust colors, leaves result in pale green shades, and seeds give warm orangey to copper colors. The sample wool hanks dyed with Queen Anne’s Lace ranged from chartreuse to darker woodsy greens. Odette said a friend got a bright yellow shade from the same kind of plant, and the difference may have been due to the water used during the dying process. She also raised woad and dyed with it for this project. The resulting color was no surprise at all.
“Next I may take some from here and some from there to create a new design.”
The reproduction of a portion of the Bayeux Tapestry done in naturally dyed lambs’ wool on linen by Iofa merch Macsen of Meridies is still a work-in-progress. Having seen the original in situ in its museum in Bayeux, France a couple of times, even I could tell that Iofa has reproduced the exact style of stitches in the exact colors. The panel on display was from a section of the Tapestry right before the Norman horses begin their charge. In addition to her work on display today, Iofa has researched documented evidence of early dates for embroidery in the British Isles and is working on writing up the results of her research. Will she be reproducing any other panels of the Bayeux Tapestry? She is not yet certain; the section displayed today will become a pillow when it is finished.
This year’s adult A&S display mixed the breathtakingly beautiful with flashes of down-to-earth practicality, and more often than not, within a single piece of work.

Midrealm Edges to Victory in the Wood

By DonalBane of Blakmers
Battlefield Reporter, Pennsic Independent

DonalBane’s Unofficial War Points: East Tygers 7, Midrealm Dragons 5 (one tie)

The Grand Armies of the East and Midrealm met again Tuesday in a Pennsic original: the Woods Battle. This year, the East came in from the north side of the woods, while the Midrealm’s forces entered from the south.
At the sound of the cannon more than 1,000 gentles entered the woods. According to reports from the front, the Midrealm’s forces surged forward all the way to the East’s resurrection point at one time, but the East rallied to put heavy pressure on the Midrealm lines.
In the end, the East was able to hold the banner closest to its resurrection point and took the “Christmas tree” banner in the center after a heavy brawl. Meanwhile, the Midrealm held the banner near its resurrection point and its banner to the northwest. It was the East’s banner in the southeast that proved the decisive fight, as the Midrealm held the banner despite a tornado of charges from the East.
Sir Theodric, General of the Midrealm Army, marched out of the woods with the final banner and presented it to HRM Lutr, who then addressed his troops before the heavens opened with rain.
“I am happy to report, with our entire army present and with our allies in the field, we were able to score a 3-2 win,” he said.

Pas of Gilded Bee
The Champions of the Gilded Bee took to the field Tuesday to entertain an assembled group of ladies in a traditional deed of arms.
Under the eyes of Duke Edmund of Hertford and Master Gallaran de Crecy, the Vennens — Dame Lianna, Master Michael of Bracken and Lord Edrick — challenged the Tennens — Baron Connel O’Hairt, Baron Edward Brackenbury, Baron Robert Downey and Johan de Fuse — to single and melee combat.
All the ladies in attendance were pleased by the combat.
Wednesday’s Big Battles: Town Battle and Mountain Pass Battle
That’s right folks: two War Point battles in one day.
The Town Battle will be a 90-minute resurrection affair fought over five flags. Possession of the flags will be checked every 15 minutes. Majority control of each banner will earn one War point.
What to watch for: shifting units and movement. This one has tactical battle written all over it.
After the town battle, the two armies will reform for the mountain pass battle. This 60-minute resurrection fight will be fought over three banners and possession of each at the end of the battle earns one War point. This is the battle where combat archers and siege engineers most often come out to play.
What to watch for: Incoming!! Arrows, ballista bolts, and trebuchet rocks do not care if their target is armored or not, so be aware. Also, be aware that the marshals ask that no one watch any battles from inside the Fort when siege engines are involved.
One additional scheduling note: The annual Tuchux Charity Tournament is set to return to Pennsic Thursday at 2 p.m. on the east side of the main battlefield. This is a random weapons tournament. All participants are asked to bring a $5 entry fee to the tournament with all proceeds benefiting the Susan G. Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer Research. Additional donations are welcomed.


Mountain Confederation’s Annual Bagpipper’s competition to be held in Confed Camp. Tuesday night o’dark thirty. Come test your skill or just to listen. E-12

Contest Results
Known World petanque tournament result: Chalkman/Lusty Wenches 15 Rieur Sanglier 13 Great one Mym & Henessy! Thanks for showing up every ones! See you all next year! The Rieur Sanglier

Events Open to All
Christian prayer group non-demimational . All are welcome 8PM Battlefield. Look for the Banner.
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Squirty is disqualified, but that was a mighty tasty bagpipe player. Up next the Kraken roll. And there’s the target, stumbling out of the swamp...
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Storytelling by Gabrielle d’Auvergne Family friendly 7-9PM Minerva’s Spindle space 158 Friday August 8
The Baron and Baroness of Bhakail invite all Bhakailis and friends to join them for their court (and refreshments) on Weds. at 5pm., N11
THREAD COUNTERS, 8x-10x metal & glass booth #25
TO THE 2 WOMEN who came to my shop on Thursday and bought 12 yds of purple silk - I found the tag. Please come back for the money I owe you! Dragon’s Magic
To the person who photographed a female lampmate in the shower, House 3 Skulls hopes public safety finds you first.
To the woman (Natalie’s camp auntie) who bought butterflies at The Bead Lady #146 Battle Rd. on Sun, Aug 3rd between 1 and 2pm. Please return so I may correct a credit card error.
Who’s in charge of the war? Who do kings answer to?
Who do Kings answer to? Their Queens!
Wurm- 3 more days of Pennsic- a lifetime more w you
Yes, I’m Still Here! And my brick-and-mortar fabric store is still in Tunkhannock, PA. The housing market decided to get weird right after War last year so I couldn’t make the move I wanted to make. I’ve consoled myself by buying more luscious wool, linen, and silk...which, of course, I brought for your shopping pleasure, along with corset stays, needles, pins, cheese cloth, etc. (Space 25)

Help Wanted
Spent too much? Need gas money? Willing to work? 2 ladies need help packing up Fri. eve & Sat morn. Few hours each day. Inquire at Merchant #6, across from Midrealm Royal, by Thurs. noon. CG Creations.
Spent too much? Need gas money? Willing to work? 2 tired ladies need help packing up few hours Fri. night & few hours Sat. morn. Inquire by Th. noon, Merchant #6, across from Midrealm Royal camp.

Lost & Found
Found set of arrows by bath house next to barn see Greybarr Traditional Archery space 89 to recover
Lost 2 rings in woman’s shower near Cooper Store on Sat AM . Huge sentimental value-Eye ring is a good luck charm and may bring bad luck to finder. Please call cell 585-507-3938 to claim reward and return rings. I’m camped in disability camping, big white wall tent near orange fence on right side, ask for Sue
Theo! Missed you after the battle Mon. Find me at W03- Outlands really would like to see you again!!
Wanted Park-o-meter lost last year walked away from r/s reward talk to Og.

A celebration wake in honor of fallen brothers of The Great Dark Horde will follow court of the Great Khan at 7:00 PM on Thursday - including Yang the Nauseating, Irina, and Sir Starhelm. Horde Hill E10
THE TRIBUTE SHIP WILL SAIL! Thanks to Horde Moritu the tribute ship will burn Friday evening at the corner between W21 and E24. If you wish to paint a shield for the ship see Frederick at Lochac camp (X01) before Friday.

The long ship sails again! As per tradition, the viking longship will burn on teh lake on thursday, Aug. 7th at o-dark thirty location is the same as always, on the Dike Road around the corner from teh flushies. Shields may be painted at the shop of Tancred’s Tanglewood. A donation of $200 is suggested.

Open party Thursday camp Blue Rose gate fee bring a stone the size of your head or a joke or riddle to please the gate keeper. Chocolate is a good bribe
Red Hat Society Tea at the House Delondres. Wednesday 7PM-10PM. Ladies - stop by and see us as you shop

A definite sign of the apocalypse-Kibitz has vanished! Griz is trying his best but is just not as follicly endowed and won’t wear those goofy pants. We miss you and hope all goes better. The PI Staff.
Adrielle! Why are you never home? ` The lost bears of your household
Darren- happy 3yr handfasting anniversary! I still love you more than you’ll ever know! Love, Michelle
Farasha & Suad #60 rave “now to the sky” by Tribe O
Gas $ for ride. Pit airport. Sat.Anytime before 4pm. No armor. Just 2 bags. Craig at Booth 175. Cal(l 781) 864-0359
Hugo! Where are you?! - Magdalena in Carillion
Midrealm chroniclers! Ice cream social @7PM Friday, food court ice cream tent. Meet the new MK chron. First scoop my treat! See you there! Kat Peregrine, MK Chronicler.
Need something built? He’s your guy. “I’ll help” is his rally cry. But as ladies will tell you, he’s one well-built fella. With his trusty drill hoisted on high.
Single Pagan male looking for Pagan matchmaker to find single Pagan female see Kirk N9 Sunderroak.
Thank you to the kind gentle who found and returned my pouch on Sat. night Thank you Thank you
“Circumordicate” Probable pronunciation “sir-cuh-more-dih-kate.” “To eat around the edges of a food, with fastidious attention.…” Often done with cookies
Ursula, you are mad, bad and dangerous to know. Thank you!!!
Valdis, Hope War is everything you wanted. Can’t wait to hear the stories!
Yvonne: my dearest love, thank you for saying YES. Long may we fight side by side. -- Gideon

Wanted to Buy
House Fallenstar (N12) Aquarium food needed. Shark and whale requesting flamingos. Bluff Flamingos?