Midrealm Edges to Victory in the Wood

By DonalBane of Blakmers
Battlefield Reporter, Pennsic Independent

DonalBane’s Unofficial War Points: East Tygers 7, Midrealm Dragons 5 (one tie)

The Grand Armies of the East and Midrealm met again Tuesday in a Pennsic original: the Woods Battle. This year, the East came in from the north side of the woods, while the Midrealm’s forces entered from the south.
At the sound of the cannon more than 1,000 gentles entered the woods. According to reports from the front, the Midrealm’s forces surged forward all the way to the East’s resurrection point at one time, but the East rallied to put heavy pressure on the Midrealm lines.
In the end, the East was able to hold the banner closest to its resurrection point and took the “Christmas tree” banner in the center after a heavy brawl. Meanwhile, the Midrealm held the banner near its resurrection point and its banner to the northwest. It was the East’s banner in the southeast that proved the decisive fight, as the Midrealm held the banner despite a tornado of charges from the East.
Sir Theodric, General of the Midrealm Army, marched out of the woods with the final banner and presented it to HRM Lutr, who then addressed his troops before the heavens opened with rain.
“I am happy to report, with our entire army present and with our allies in the field, we were able to score a 3-2 win,” he said.

Pas of Gilded Bee
The Champions of the Gilded Bee took to the field Tuesday to entertain an assembled group of ladies in a traditional deed of arms.
Under the eyes of Duke Edmund of Hertford and Master Gallaran de Crecy, the Vennens — Dame Lianna, Master Michael of Bracken and Lord Edrick — challenged the Tennens — Baron Connel O’Hairt, Baron Edward Brackenbury, Baron Robert Downey and Johan de Fuse — to single and melee combat.
All the ladies in attendance were pleased by the combat.
Wednesday’s Big Battles: Town Battle and Mountain Pass Battle
That’s right folks: two War Point battles in one day.
The Town Battle will be a 90-minute resurrection affair fought over five flags. Possession of the flags will be checked every 15 minutes. Majority control of each banner will earn one War point.
What to watch for: shifting units and movement. This one has tactical battle written all over it.
After the town battle, the two armies will reform for the mountain pass battle. This 60-minute resurrection fight will be fought over three banners and possession of each at the end of the battle earns one War point. This is the battle where combat archers and siege engineers most often come out to play.
What to watch for: Incoming!! Arrows, ballista bolts, and trebuchet rocks do not care if their target is armored or not, so be aware. Also, be aware that the marshals ask that no one watch any battles from inside the Fort when siege engines are involved.
One additional scheduling note: The annual Tuchux Charity Tournament is set to return to Pennsic Thursday at 2 p.m. on the east side of the main battlefield. This is a random weapons tournament. All participants are asked to bring a $5 entry fee to the tournament with all proceeds benefiting the Susan G. Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer Research. Additional donations are welcomed.