Wednesday August 5 2009

Juggling Babies at Pennsic

By Dame TSivia bas Tamara v’Amberview
Features Reporter – Pennsic Independent

One baby at War can be a challenge, two can be a handful-plus. However, how do you handle FOUR children under four years of age? That is the question asked of Lori and Dave, Atlantia’s own Bee People. Behind their delightful booth full of beeswax, honey, and other goodies, is a playpen filled with Arthur, Brannon, and Charles, three identical one-year old baby boys. Their 3 1/2 year old daughter Rowan can be found holding onto Grandma Billie or Grandpa Chuck’s hand.

Mother Lori has been keeping bees for thirteen years, originally as part of way to supplement the family food bill while she was a graduate student. Her garden did not flourish until she realized that the flowers were not being pollinated. That meant putting in some bees. Bees became a hobby, and ultimately her full-time business since 2006.

But how do you get anything done with a swarm of babies at hand? Apparently this is quite a skill set, one which mom Lori is still polishing. Despite her best intentions, it takes approximately six hours to ready her triplets, Rowan, mom, and dad, to get to their sales booth daily. There are bottles to be given, diaper bags to be readied, breakfast for the older family members, and so forth. Lori is quite insistent that none of this could be accomplished without the support of her parents (who have moved in with the couple) and their squad of highly qualified and dedicated staff at the Bee Folks booth.

Lori says that Pennsic is a “different experience than I thought it would be”, but that she is enjoying the quality time with the boys that Pennsic offers her. At home she works up to 14 hours a day in her office on her bee business. Passersby comment “you’re much braver than I am”, or offer her ”condolences” on wrangling three identical little boys at once. She was also given an “authorization card” indicating that the triple stroller is an authorized War-weapon.

One of the most fun things about the boys is when they all peer out of a tent at once, reminiscent of a pint-size Monty Python and the Holy Grail moment. Although the couple do not have much garb for the babies, people have been bringing donations of baby tunics and such for them. Other than for shock value or for photos, Lori says they prefer to not dress the babies identically.

Thankfully big sister Rowan interacts well with her baby brothers. She is not fond of having her picture taken with the boys, but does like to play with them.

As mom Lori points out, naturally-occurring triplets (not via IVF) happen in approximately 1 in 200 million pregnancies, so if you see the family and its über-stroller out and about, say hello to one of the rarest sights at Pennsic.


I’m Guilty. I’m Sorry. I, like many, see a huge Neanderthal armor up and walk onto a field and I say, "Wow.” I see a skinny five foot nothing enter the field with two sticks and I go " - "
I am a fool. The Neanderthal is a nothing and dies soon. The five footer has been fighting and winning tourneys for decades.
Like I said, I am a fool. No big surprise there. Life in the middle ages, as we all know, was hard and cruel. For a dwarf…I use the term for it that they did…it was ten times worse. They were kept by royals as almost pets, toys, entertainment. They were collected and traded. They became fools and jesters, pimps and food tasters. They were used as pages and messengers.
Most were not handicapped or mentally disabled in any way and soon became advisers, counselors, ambassadors and even spies. A few were knighted and at least one was a duelist.
Away from the royals, life was still not easy. But there were still short businessmen, farmers, even clergy plying their trades . Records show some ran ale houses and inns, often teaming up with a giant, an odd couple to say the least.
Lords and Ladies!
Charge your glasses and raise them high!
To those giants around us who are short of stature, men or women, we are still forced to look up to you.
Drink well
Drink Often
Drink with


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N40 59.066 W80 .246
Onfr bs gur cvar gerr

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The memorial ship will sail again Thursday at dark thirty. To paint a shield or place a memento see Unnr in Enchanted Ground W09.
A memorial service was held for Baroness Mistress Margaret von dem Schwartzwald (aka Gretchen or Andrea); former Baroness Middle Marches. Everyone is invited and encouraged to drop by Midrealm Royal Camp to write a note in a memory book to be given to her husband, Syr Thomas ap Llewylen, and daughter, Katey.

Rebecca Cartmell of Farmland, please see Duchess Simone at Silverdragon Company #11 Bow St. Urgent!
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THL Margaret of HighBridge
Tis raining, tis pouring
The chateau is imploring
O Amon-Ra or Goddess
Save us from this swampyness
Miss U-Chateau ÔMud-ChevalÓ
Erin Don't drink it if it's blue! :> J&A
Happy Birthday to Ilya & Jason Love Sean & Robert
MISTRESS MEGAN NI LAINE, O.L., having lately observed the improved qualities of his comportment and the increasing diligence of his scholarship as an Alchemist and Natural Philosopher, is well pleased to take as her apprentice Lord Aleksandr The Traveller. Vivat Encausto!
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Please contact Iron Bog in N20 or 856-343-7292

Venerating Obscure Saints at Pennsic

Dame TSivia bas Tamara v’Amberview
Features Reporter – Pennsic Independent

Sunday near the barn, passers-by were treated to a scene of revelers celebrating two most obscure saints, courtesy Baron Foote and Baroness Grainne of Feat of Clay potters. According to Baron Foote, the Saints Marg and Rita were apparently totally unknown until someone found an obscure reference to them in the Winchester Chronicles. The good Baron reports that there was a mini-heat wave in the south of what is now England somewhere around 95,000 B.C., and early Christian nuns who came from the south of France to the shores around Land’s End brought with them crops including both grapes and cacti (which were only viable due to said heat wave).
Foote reports that no one appears sure why the cacti were raised, but the chronicles indicate a great storm swept across the south coast, which ruined the crop with horrific tidal waves. Folklore indicates that two identical twin sisters who were from that nunnery, Marg and Rita, died trying to defend the cacti plantation, and were never seen again.
It was at that time that the miracle of Saints Marg and Rita occurred, for after the storm had buffeted the crop to a pulp, the nuns discovered a green liquid in low-lying areas with salt encrusted from the ocean’s attack. The liquid was found to be fine and delectable, and the salt merely improved its savor. And so the sacred liquor from this miraculous disaster became the sacrament ingested by true believers to honor the memory of holy twins Marg ‘n Rita.
Foote and Grainne have held the festival of Saints Marg ‘n Rita for nine years now, with “stagger posts” supplied by Rod, Pole and Perch, the Royal Surveyors. With highly skilled devotees such as their wench squad (Spanner, Wrench, Adjustable, and Crescent), the festivities helped put a smile on the face of commoner and Royal alike. Many quaked in fear at their sacred “Dickie Bird”, a huge carved wood bird with a tongue that moves in and out. The Dickie Bird is apparently an Anglo-Saxon raven, whose tongue is meant to remove any excess salt on worshippers’ faces, should they have walked too close to the sea.
How did all this prayerful play start? Apparently Foote and Grainne were sitting one night looking at the lovely Pennsic sunset and thought it would be a perfect time and place for a Margarita. Before long their “Anglo-Saxon patio” had become the venue for prayerful worship at Pennsics.
Long may the miracle of Saints Marg and Rita continue to grace the Anglo-Saxon patio!