PI Friday August 6 2010

Friday's Unclassifieds

Bard’s Haven is open for business! Also, Celtic Bardic is Tues at 7p.m. in our camp on Willow Point.
Bardic Bounty on Bad Garb. Shame a lame out of their mundanes! Bounty is redeemed at Bard’s Haven.

Events Open to All
Aethelmerk will cost you again. Free Aethl. classes cancelled by Med. Order stop by Megan’s Guild of Limners 11a.m. - 3p.m. Monday to talk pigment w/Aleksandr or stop & visit Megan anytime.
Classes in engraving and repoussée from 10 am on. Limit 6 per class. Class fee $5.00. Livonia Smithery, Booth Space 170, Fleet Street.
Looking for OBOD Members. Lets meet Monday 8/9 @ Info Point @ 3p.m.
The Ladies of the Rose Tourney will be held on Monday at noon. A lady of the rose may sponsor one unbelted fighter. The tourney will be a single elim, that rolls into a bear pit tourney. Ladies of the Rose are encouraged to give their tokens to all worthy fighters.

For Sale
Yurts 4 Sale! Many sizes. Contant Pente/Wookie. Camp Infinity E01 EASY TO SET UP! 919-360-0048. Possible Trade for Enclosed Trailer. Must Sell.
10’ Regent + fly, blk + red w/full setup $750 OBO Contact Hector 330-472-0398. Pickup Fri Aug 13.
Agate Burnishers - bone ivory & horn handles - hand carved - also dog tooth and carnelian. Guild of Limners #26.
20’ Mongolian yurt(Ger): used for one week @ Pennsic 37, it is too much for me and I have downgraded. Has been in temp. controlled storage. Asking $5,000 O.B.O. Call 914-841-7146 or stop by Clan of the Northern Lynx E28 at Pennsic ask for Caroline or Bamm.
ATTENTION WOAD WARRIORS! Feeling a little blue? I have the real thing! Genuine woad imported from Scotland. $4 Limited supply, buy early. Guild of Limners #26.
New 750ml Bottles $10/case. See Wren, Merchant 185.
BAD GARB I and BAD GARB II - Now AVAILABLE From Claus the Toymaker- How do you know you are not in them unless you read them?
FOR SALE- Tentsmith 9x12 Marquee Slant wall w/fly-complete set up package; contact Sir William @ N31 Mountains Keep Camp to see tent-$645
Benefit the Chirugeons--buy an original Pennsic XXXIX T-shirt. $10. Available from Claus of Burzee, #26 Merchants Row.
Older 16x13 pavillion burgundy & White, black dags, roof vent, awning, everything included $375. Can be seen at Camp Killkinny; see Wren at Merchant 185.
Blank Books - hand bound in leather, handmade paper, thick & chunky. Fair trade products. $10 - $32 limited supply - Guild of Limners. #26.
Early Lacemaking Workbook (R.Shepherd) Limited # in stock, or order for Sept delivery. Free Postage! Poison Pen Press #63
Falcon mew catnip topys and stuffed animals #171.
For Sale 12x16 Marque 6’ Walls 5’ Awning includes canvas floor, ropes & poles tall yellow & Green Tent on Kurdson Way N03 good condition $500 available Sunday a.m. Aug.15.
For Sale - Bad garb, bad garb, What’cha gonna do? What’ca gonna do when the punchline’s you?- Claus the Toymaker.
For Sale - Glass muller & burnishers from England, also Mitchell nibs, vellum, parchment, and hand bound leather books- The Guild of Limners, #26.
For Sale Ink-Oakgall, walnut hull, also gallo-tannic ink, absolutely perfectly opaque. $4 per bottle Guild of Limners #26.
For Sale SCA Road Signs- “Fighter Practice Area”, “Danger Viking Territory” and many others, some new and very silly $5 each. Claus the Toymaker, #26.
For Sale THE GUILD OF LIMNERS in the little white house on Mechants Row sells ink, quill pens, books, pigments, various colors, madder, woad, all kinds of paint and tools necessary for scribes and artists.
For Sale Vellum - - opaline vellum (sheepskin) direct from England. Finest Quality sale price $25 per sheet. Lovely Dutch sheepskin parchment whole skins $125 can be cut smaller. The Guild of Limners #26, across from the barn.
Good garb - Bad Garb PAPER DOLLS - even more humorous than the works of Beaumont & Fletcher! Form Claus the Toymaker.
Hair sticks wooden & semi-precious. Mention this ad and get 10% off Booth 171.
NEW THIS YEAR: Decorate your child’s walls with medieval images - Knights, dragons, ladies - more. Let the mundanes put up Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck! - at Claus the Toymaker #26.
“Pennsic for Dummies” by Claus the Toymaker - scurrilous, tongue-in-cheek fun, everything you need to know to complete your Pennsic experience.
“Pennsic in a Box” new royalty expansion set this year, limited supply. From Claus the Toymaker #26.
Real Gold Thread - Kamibari was $40 now $30 a Skien Terra Incognita # 171.
Weld, Woad, Madder, Cochineal, Brazilwood, Longwood-dyes to die for. Guild of Limners #26.
12 Step Meeting daily 4:00 pm E07 off Great Eastern Highway Denys the Decadent’s Camp AA NA OA SA all welcome.
Battery charging available at Mystic Mail. Free for Internet Customers. SD memory cards for sale.
For Sale Good Gentles......How much have you spent on your armor? How much have you spent on your garb? How much have you spent on your children? This has been a public service announcemnt from Claus of Burzee Toymaker.
Knives sharpened, repairs, sheaths made. CLOAK & DAGGER #13.
Machine mending of garb Dau (Barn) 412-874-4314
Notice to Mariners. Sea Monsters have been seen in the waters offf Port Tortuga/B09 The harbor master will provide a prize for the first to name all four monsters and their movies.
Pennsic is here: Be sure to activate early and often!
SF author Michael Z. Williamson signing copies of his books. CLOAK & DAGGER #13.
TENT FOR SALE, Panther 12’ Regent, ropes, stakes, floor, awning, ready to go. $500. CLOAK & DAGGER #13

Help Wanted
WANTED CHILD CARE FOR 3 GIRLS: 12, 10, 7 1/2 afternoons. If interested contact Jamie Blackrose Merch. # 143.

Baroness Judith Have a Great War!
Many Thanks to the Kingdom of Caid for supplying the popcorn for the infamous Lars Dance last year! Barony of Carillion.
Sir Crispin Bucher to Ian - Your table is at By My Hand Designs #143 on Battle Rd.
Something Wrong? Blame Angus.

Wanted to Buy
Need center-grip round sheild aprox. 30” with center cut out. Contact Kjyl at Gabriel’s Landing E17.

Water Battle Rescued

By Pennsic Independent Staff

Herein may all good gentles read the Valiant, Heartwarming Tale of How the Children’s Water Battle was Rescued--
Less than two weeks before Land Grab for this year’s Pennsic, a heartbroken message was posted on various email lists and boards in the Midrealm and East from the Shadowclans. It appeared that the much loved Children’s Water Battle at the Fort would have to be cancelled for Pennsic XXXIX.
In the past, Shadowclans had been able to provide most of the staff and the approximately $700-$900 for the activity. But this year very few Shadowclans members are able to attend the War, due almost entirely to economic conditions. Shadowclans is based in the Pentamere Region of the Middle Kingdom (Michigan), which has been particularly hard hit by the modern recession. Master Johann, the mastermind behind the Children’s Water Battle, is unable to attend Pennsic this year, nor is his wife who is 8 months pregnant.
As Lord Taranach McLeod of Shadowclans explained at the time, “Unless we can muster a Herculean effort to get volunteers and get together some kind of treasure for the kids, I am afraid it would be better to wait until next year when it can be done right.”
Enter the Herculean effort as Her Majesty of Æthelmearc, Tessa, went into action, calling for all who might come to her aid to ensure that the Water Battle would go on. Many replied almost immediately .
A sufficient start on volunteers and donations of materials and money took place quickly enough that the Children’s Water Battle was able to be rescheduled for Thursday, August 12, from noon to 2 pm. [Note that the information in the Pennsic Book is no longer correct; the battle does NOT take after Opening Ceremonies on Sunday.]
Coordination of volunteers and donations has been carried out by Lord Tarnach (volunteers), Lady Ameris (donations and treasure), and Lady Gwynnyd (marshals).
If you would like to contribute your time, items, or money at this point, please check with Lord Tarnach or Lady Ameris at the Shadowclans encampment in N33.
Donations of candy (NO CHOCOLATE) should be in sets of 300 with each item individually wrapped. Toys are being purchased from donated funds so there can be consistency in the “booty” awarded to the nearly 300 children who usually take part in the battle.
Donations of usable super soakers and similar implements of “destruction” were also being sought, as were replacements for worn 3/4-inch water hoses.
Volunteers are needed for tasks such as: stuffing the treasure bags, moving equipment from a storage trailer to the Shadowclans camp the day before the battle, moving materials to the Fort area starting around 7:30 on Thursday the 12th (the day of the battle), filling and moving buckets of water, and “filling the weapons.” Other volunteers for duties such as manning the walls and assisting the children should show up at the Fort by 11 a.m. and no later than 11:30.
Again, please check at the Shadowclans camp in N33 to find out exactly what they still need before making any purchases on your own of specific items.
Many, many thanks to all those who gladly and quickly stepped up to the task when Her Majesty of Æthelmearc and others asked it of them. You make the SCA what it is. Vivat to all of you!

Welcome to Pennsic XXXIX

Sometimes, the only constant at Pennsic War is change.
As people arrive at this year’s war, they will see a variety of changes in everything from where Herald’s Point is to where the archery range is, to where to go to eat and shop.
The fact that you are reading the first issue of the Pennsic Independent on the Friday of Land Grab Week instead of the middle Saturday is just one indication of the changes this year.
The Heralds have moved from the A&S area to a location next to the playground near Information Point. The Heralds are also computer-printing submissions this year and have made other changes to streamline the process.
The archery range is now out beyond the B-Blocks and is on a bus route. Transportation has promised that starting Saturday, bus service will be increased to the archery range so there will always be 30 minutes or less between buses.
The Woods Battle on Tuesday will take place on a different stretch of terrain located “behind” Mount Eislinn. [For other changes to martial activities, see the reports by our battlefield and martial reporters elsewhere in today’s edition of the paper.]
A&S Point is in the A&S area, where there are colorful new banners to mark the classroom tents, and the Games Tent is in the Service Area.
Security has been merged with other departments, is doing Disability Transportation, and is called The Watch.
“As far as I can see, all the changes are working smoothly,” said Master John von der Velde, the Mayor of Pennsic. “So far, everything I have heard has been good.”
After an interim change, new adjustments have been made for minors attending A&S classes, but the move is minor. The Pennsic Ambassadors, who are adult volunteers, will be monitoring the A&S area to make sure SCA rules involving supervision of minors are maintained.
The Fruity Cobbler did not return this year because of concerns with the health of one of the owners. It has been replaced by Medieval Munchies, which has similar food and is run by the same family that runs Beast & Boar. The former Cock & Bull is now Cornucopia Utopia.
Wolgemut, whose music has become a familiar sound for shoppers near the bottom of Gold and Market Streets, is not at Pennsic this year.
The Marketplace opened on Monday of Land Grab Week this year, and will be closing at 11:00 pm on Friday of War Week. Those who are used to doing their last minute shopping on Saturday should remember to shop on Friday instead (and watch for the Last Minute Shopping Guide in the Pennsic Independent).
Cindy Cooper, the Pennsic Merchant Liaison, stated that the Marketplace change is a reflection of the general Pennsic schedule. “Official Pennsic activities are over on Friday,” Cindy said. “It just makes sense to close the Marketplace at the same time.”
Food merchants have the option to remain open on Saturday, but some may not take that option. Those who are planning to be open include Nobleman’s, DeRose’s Bread Boule & Coffees, Beast & Boar, Medieval Munchies, Cooper’s annex (ice cream, beverages, and market), and Odyssey Coffee. [A complete list of food vendors open and their hours on Saturday will be in the August 13 issue of the newspaper.]

Woods Battle Finds New Home

By DonalBane of Blakmers
Battlefield Reporter, Pennsic Independent
The Woods Battle is a true Pennsic original. It is a battle that can trace its origin back to the very first Pennsic some 39 years ago.
For the past 15 years or so, the Woods Battle’s home has been located north of Dagan’s Dell, but beginning this year the Woods Battle has found a new home.
According to Master Padraig Dubh MacEanruig, East Kingdom Earl Marshal and marshal-in-charge at Pennsic XXXIX, the reasons for switching to the new location were many.
“We’re not going to have to block off Currie Road this year,” Master Padraig said. “I think we had outgrown the old woods. Every year, we would tromp around in there and nothing would grow back.”
HRM Edward the Grey of the East also indicated the move was “fundamentally a Cooper thing” and that the new battle will be staged on land that is owned by Cooper’s Lake.
“I certainly embrace trying something new,” HRM Edward said.
The new woods site is situated north of the “B” camping blocks and is four times the size of the old woods. The terrain varies greatly inside and includes several crossing roads. Thick brush and heavy terrain are characteristic of most of the woods.
All of this has forced the marshals to adjust. According to Master Padraig, the woods will be split into four separate zones to help speed response to any issues or injuries.
Master Padraig also notes the sheer size of the new woods is going to present a major challenge to army commanders.
“No one can take their entire army and set up a static, diagonal line,” Master Padraig said. “It simply can’t be done. “
As for entry points into the new woods, His Majesty of the East said he and HRM Radagaisus of the Midrealm have yet to finalize the exact entry points.
However, the muster area for the southern entrance will be atop Mount Eislinn, while the muster point for the northern entrance will be just north of the Zion Baptist Church on Currie Road, according to Master Padraig.
The Woods Battle is scheduled for Tuesday at 10 a.m. It will be a two-hour long, unlimited resurrection affair.
The winning side from Monday’s Break the Siege battle will be allowed to choose the side from which it will enter the woods. The losing side will have the chance to move the mobile banner inside the woods.
The battle’s rules remain similar to years past. The two Great Armies will fight over three banners within the woods. Possession of each banner will be checked at 45 minutes, 90 minutes and at the end of the battle at two hours. Any side which earns at least three “possession points” during the course of the battle will earn one War Point. The side with a majority of possession points will earn an additional war point.
Those who prefer rapier combat to armored combat also will have a chance to play, as the Rapier Woods Battle is scheduled for 2 p.m. Tuesday.
“I think it’s going to be a good addition,” Master Padraig said. “A lot of old timers say they think this going to be like the old woods battles (when Pennsic first moved to Cooper’s Lake).”
“The East certainly loves the woods,” HRM Edward the Grey said. “We have fighters who come to Pennsic specifically for the Woods Battle. At the same time, I know better than to underestimate our opponent.”