PI Sunday August 8, 2010

Auntie Arwen's thunderbolt

by Ursula the Widow
Reviews Editor, Pennsic Independent

J. T. Sibley, aka spice merchant and beloved dinosaur Auntie Arwen, says her new book The Divine Thunderstorm: Missiles of the Gods is about the folklore surrounding the phenomena of thunder and lightning. That's not so much an outright lie as it is a drastic understatement.
The book, based on Sibley's dissertation but greatly expanded, does indeed address folk belief and myth surrounding thunderbolts, from the Ice Age to the 20th century and from Persia to America. However, like Sir James Frazier in The Golden Bough, Sibley treats her core myth as a point of departure and exploration.
The Divine Thunderbolt has the same relationship to Sibley's recent magico-historical novel, Hammer of the Smith, that the King James Bible has to the Chronicles of Narnia. For those who like their history straight up, here is the one-hundred-proof undiluted stuff.
Sibley investigates specifically and in detail thunderbolt beliefs and associated artwork, mythmaking and tales for a long list of Indo-European cultures. If you ever wondered what your persona thought about thunder, it's in here. While individual cultural beliefs are addressed, the connections between them are also made plain. The reader's sense of widespread shared understandings gradually grows until he or she can virtually see our ancestors, thousands of miles apart but all gazing with the same awe at the same sky.
The value of this work to SCA members, however, will not be limited to pure theory or persona development. The many figures and drawing that illustrate Sibley's intensive research will furnish a rich source imagery for the embroiderer, the goldsmith, and the scribe, while the substance of the volume could keep a clan of storytellers well fed for a lifetime. Linguists will enjoy her excursions into etymology; archers will speculate about the real wood of the arrow that slew Baldur.
Although writing here as a scholar rather than a storyteller, Sibley never drones or obfuscates. She simply tells it like it was in a refreshingly plain style.
Auntie Arwen's books are available at her spice shop, Booth XXX.

La Rochelle Turns 10 in Style

By DonalBane of Blakmers
Battlefield Reporter, Pennsic Independent

The rapier combatants of the Known World got melee season officially underway Saturday morning with the 10th annual Storming of La Rochelle.
About 200 rapier warriors from across the Known World assembled at the Pennsic fort on a perfect summer morning. These forces were split into those with orange tape (“The Dutch”) and those without.
Under the watchful eye of head marshal Uadhalrich von Sassmanchausen, the two forces were each given a chance to defend the fort with the defenders given one resurrection and the attackers having unlimited resurrection. Whichever side held out the longest would claim victory.
Rubber band guns were in full force during the melee and a petard was used to “blow the gates” by both squads.
The Dutch army defended the fort first and put up a determined wall of fire with its rubber band guns. The defending snipers on the battlements proved so effective that the attacking armies needed three attempts to place its petard.
Eventually, an earth-shattering kaboom blew the gates open, but the Dutch resistance inside proved stubborn. A kill pocket at the main gate, manned by forces from Atlantia, Pentamere and the Southern Watch, held the attacking forces at bay for more than 10 minutes, despite repeated charges from Brendoken, Wednesday Company and the Thieves of Hearts.
Meanwhile, defenders from the East and attackers from Æthelmearc battled over the western gate ferociously.
It took heavy fighting, but the attackers finally overwhelmed the Dutch. The Dutch army held out for 13:51.
After the two armies changed sides, the Dutch threw everything they had at the main gate – including one fighter who spider-crawled his way under a shield wall to set the petard.
With a second earth-shattering kaboom achieved, the Dutch army began an efficient assault on their foes, with Midrealm and Atlantian fighters keeping constant pressure on the kill pocket.
Within minutes the kill pocket was perforated, and Dutch forces spread out to sweep the fort. Last stands were made by forces from Brendoken in the two towers, but the Dutch forces cleared the fort in 8:50, claiming the win.
A third battle ensued with Warders, White Scarves and members of other top rapier orders taking on the remaining rapier fighters.
Despite being outnumbered by what appeared to a 5-to-1 ratio, the warders used careful placement and superior skill to hold off and then seize the battle.
The end came when the warders in the east tower broke out and encircled the forces assaulting the western tower. Wednesday Company was the last force to fall with Vindis the Sigtnygson being the last man to fall before the warders’ blades.

Front page rapier.JPG

Saturday Battlefield Report

By Lord DonalBane of Blakmers
Battlefield Reporter, Pennsic Independent

Dwarves vs. Giants Tourney
Duke Cariadoc of the Bow hosted this annual fun tournament, pitting gentles 5-foot-6 and under (dwarves) against those 6-foot-3 and taller (giants). This year, the dwarves were not only short on stature, but also on numbers as seven giants competed against six dwarves.
Despite the brief defection of Duke Edmund of Hertford, the dwarves were overwhelmed 3-0 in melees. Numerous thrown insults led to single combats and much fun was had by all.

Second Generation Tournament
The Kingdom of Lochac hosted the inaugural Second Generation Tournament early Saturday afternoon. Six second-generation fighters took part in this round-robin affair, which was watched over by their parents and TRM Edmund and Lenore of Lochac.
In the finals, Vidarr Einarsson of the Midrealm scored two straight wins over Erik de Tyr to claim the title.

Left-Handed Tournament
Things got sinister on the Pennsic battlefield Saturday as the third Left-Handed Tournament took place, sponsored by House Aedis Vesperis. A total of 16 gentles participated in a rotating round-robin tournament, including two right-handed fighters who switched hands for the afternoon.
One of those right-handers-gone-sinister was Duke Edmund of Hertford, who won 13 bouts to take the tournament title.

Tarl’s Little Polearm Tournament
This well-attended tournament, hosted by the Shire of Hunter’s Home, drew more than 50 gentles Saturday. All fighters fought in a bear-pit style tournament with polearms, which is the favored weapon of THL Tarl Shadowraven. Each fighter earned two points for a win and one point for a loss in the bear pits.
The tournament finished with its first repeat winner as Duke Maynard von dem Steine won the tournament with 124 points. Duke Maynard then bested Tarl 3-1 in a best-of-five bout fight to claim the overall title.

Say “Wire” to Me

By Lady Mary of Montevale
Features Reporter, Pennsic Independent

Baroness Betha, an instructor at Viking Wire Weaving Day in Artisan’s Row, first got into the craft when a friend visited a reconstructed Viking village in Denmark, saw samples of wire weaving and picked her up a set of directions (in Danish). The directions were delivered with this accompanying remark, “Here, I think this is up your alley.”
Twenty years later…
Her Excellency has written a book on wire weaving (see her web page at ancientwire.com), teaches frequent classes at Pennsic, and was prepared on Saturday to spend all day teaching at Artisan’s Row because, in her own words, “Say ‘wire’ to me and I don’t stop.”
Archibald of Stoke-on-Trent (Æthelmearc) knew when he read about the Artisan’s Row that he had to come to the Viking Wire Weaving Day because he could “stay here all day until I get it right.” (His last attempt at wire weaving was at Pennsic about ten years ago.) He loves the format of the Artisan’s Row.
So did about a dozen other gentles, ranging in age from 9 to 63, as they worked with #2 pencils and 24-gauge copper wire (available at any craft store) in their initial attempts to wind the wire in a spiral around the pencil (a dowel could also be used) and then threading the wire through all the spirals to keep them connected. The trick is not to lose your place in the threading and not miss any of the spirals.
Sabine Eastwind (East), who’d never tried wire weaving before, admitted that while starting was a little tricky, once she got the idea, it was pretty easy…definitely fun!
After threading the wire through all the loops, you remove the piece from the pencil and pull it through a special draw plate to compress and stretch everything. As Archibald pointed out with a smile, “After that you won’t see your imperfections and joinings of wire.”
The draw plate can be made of wood or bone. The wooden one looks like a paddle with neat rows of drilled holes in successively smaller sizes. The more often the wire “chain” is drawn through a series of smaller holes, the more its appearance will change.

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