PI Tuesday August 10, 2010

Dragon Breaks the Siege to Open the War

By Lord DonalBane of Blakmers
Battlefield Reporter


After five War Points: Midrealm Dragons 2, East Tygers 3

The Grand Armies of the East and Middle Kingdoms met for the first time at Pennsic XXXIX in a new concept battle. The Break the Siege Battle took place Monday morning.
For the first time, the object of the battle was not to fight into the fort but out of it.
Each army was given 45 minutes to drive their enemy out of the fort, retake three houses in a “village” and finally claim a banner in the mountain pass.
The armies attacked out of the fort were given unlimited resurrections, while the defending armies were given one resurrection in the village zone and one resurrection in the mountain pass.
Claiming the banner before the 45-minute time period was worth 1 War Point. The side that claimed the banner faster would claim an additional War Point.
The East was given the opportunity to break out first. HRM Edward arrayed his forces inside the fort. The Western Coalition and elements of the Southern army attacked the west gate; the Ulsterblichen and Atlantia surged out of the main gate, while the Northern Army and the Tuchux attacked the east gate.
The Midrealm had a slight numerical advantage as it defended first. The Æthelmearc army held the west gate, while forces from North Oaken, Calontir, Ealdormere and Northshield formed a gauntlet on the causeway. South Oaken, House Darkyard and Trimaris manned the east gate.
At the sound of the cannon, a massive meat grinder erupted at all three gates. On the east gate in particular, the front lines became living masses of fighters in a desperate push for territory.
Midrealm forces on the causeway held up relatively well, but a well-timed charge led by House Serpentia helped open the west gate. The Ulsterblichen then worked a flanking maneuver, which drove the Midrealm’s forces to west back through the village.
To the East, the fight remained a jihad all through the village, but the East’s superior numbers eventually pushed the Midrealm back.
After a hold, the jaws of the East’s forces slowly closed around the Midrealm’s forces guarding the banner. The final fight remained a brutal affair but Master Rouslon of the East claimed the banner at the 35-minute mark to end the first fight.
The second fight began about 30 minutes after the first, but the intensity did not wane in the slightest.
The fight on the east gate pitted the Northern Army and the Tuchux in a maelstrom against Ealdormere, Calontir and the Free Company of Ironlance. The fighting was nothing short of breathtaking, but the Midrealm’s allies eventually pushed their way into the village. The combined Oaken armies pushed their way out of the west gate despite determined resistance from Atlantia, while the center gate saw Æthelmearc, the Midlands army and others rush headlong into the Ultsterblichen and Western Coalition.
The battle flowed in much the same as the first, with Eastern forces putting up a determined resistance. However, a thrust led by Ealdormere between two of the houses spelled the beginning of the end.
A small banner guard of East warriors was surrounded by a wave of Midrealm fighters. Count Sir Stephen Dubois of Northshield claimed the banner at 31:50, giving the Midrealm victory and the Extra War Point.
“What a way to start a War!” HRM Radagaisus of the Midrealm said to his troops after the battle.
HRM Edward of the East was also pleased with his forces.
“I think they fought with all their heart and all their honor,” HRM Edward said.
HRM Radagaisus was also happy with how the battle flowed, as he was one of the battle’s designers. He also expressed great joy for the efforts of his Allies and expects a good war for his troops.
“The Midrealm army always does well when we start strong,” HRM Radagaisus.

Tomorrow’s Big Battle: The Woods Battle
The new woods north of Mount Eislinn will be christened today with a two-hour, unlimited resurrection battle fought over three banners. Because the Midrealm won the siege battle, the East will have a chance to place the mobile banner first. The Midrealm will muster on the north side of the woods, while the East will muster on the south side.

Love’s Labours Found

by Lady Mary of Montevale
Features Reporter, Pennsic Independent

Virtually every single item on display in Monday’s annual A&S Exhibit in the Barn was a labor of love.
Of love and persistence, and perhaps in some instances, a moment or two spent wondering “Why did I ever start this?”—which has long since been replaced by pride in one’s workmanship and artistry. Even a project which is a few hours short of completion merits display, as evidenced by the pieces of baronial regalia for the Barony of the Flame exhibited by Baroness Camilla de la Reynaude (Middle).
One red glove, its cuff banded with several repetitions of the baronial device, was finished. Her Excellency modeled it for me. The second glove is yet a few fingers shy of complete “glovedom,” but the set will be ready in time for Midrealm court on Thursday. Fellow knitters will appreciate the work that went into the gloves even more when they learn the gauge for the yarn is 17.5 stitches to the inch, and that the gloves were knit using five size 0000 (1mm) double point needles.
Another item for which the details of production boggle the mind is the Byzantine set of headdress, collar, and pallium which Lord Corwyn MacCamie (Calontir) is quick to tell the inquisitive took him six years to complete because of all the semi-precious stones which form the decorative patterns on the three pieces had to be sewn on by hand.
How many pieces?
On the headdress there are 3,000 pearls. On the collar: 4,700 2mm semi-precious stones of 27 different kinds. On the pallium: 7,655 pearls and 6,730 of the 2mm stone. Do the arithmetic. Sewn on one at a time. Six years. Think about it.
Stopping to examine each individual exhibit and speak to each exhibitor in the Barn might take as long as Lord Corwyn’s project. Thus what follows is only a small sample of what could be seen on Monday.
Ose Silverhair (East) has been in the SCA for only eighteen months. She displayed her experiments in nalbinding in which she tried out various stitches with a variety of weights of yarn. A 3-section display board showed clear explanations for each of the stitches as well as two or three samples apiece from various kinds of yarn.
Baroness Maigret of Carrigart, OP (East) only knits in the evenings, so she was able to progress at a rate of about an inch per hour on two pairs of stockings in the manner of Eleanora of Toledo’s grave stockings. The red pair on display were knit of silk, the white pair of wool. It took about 30 hours to complete a single stocking. She followed a set of instructions written by Baroness Camilla de le Reynaude (of the baronial gloves described above) that has been published worldwide. Just do a search on “Eleanora of Toledo’s stockings.”
The current Baroness of Storvik (Atlantia), Janina Krakowska, displayed the baronial heraldic cloak which she wore at Sunday’s opening ceremonies on which she had embroidered a scene depicting the founding of Storvik about 35 years ago. She also displayed what she called a humor piece: a muslin bottle carrier, lined with insulating wool, in which one could carry (back in the day) a bottle of Pennsic chocolate milk. The outside was embroidered in the style of the Bayeux Tapestry with an image of Cooper’s Store and a young Norman departing, carrying his bottle of chocolate milk and his bag of ice.
A very eye-catching and beautiful gown was made of white and black wool by Lady Odile de Brienne (Middle). Lined with silk, the gown is based on the blue gown in the April illustration in the Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry.
Also inspired by medieval sources was an oil painting on board by Lambert (Middle), done in the styles of Hieronymus Bosch and Pieter Bruegel. Using a favorite theme of medieval iconography, “Cynnabar’s Fighters” shows the Baron and Baroness of Cynnabar and several other baronial worthies in a large cauldron set over a blazing fire.
Lady Elsa de Lyon (East) used French sources to create the illumination on a Pelican scroll. The general design was based on a French book of hours from Rouen (1500), while the fencers portrayed on the scroll were from The Art of Fencing (1595) and the archers came from Froissart’s Chronicles (15th c.).
Baroness Sfandra Dmetrieva Chernigova (East)’s persona served as motivation when she created a married woman’s headgear in 14th c. Novgorod style. The fabric used, cotton upholstery velvet, was the closest in appearance to period silk velvet because of its short, dense pile. Lined with linen, the headgear has 12 oz. leather as stiffening because of the weight of the many pearls used in the ornamental decoration.
Mistress Maudelyn Godelinva Taillour (Meridies) found herself beginning to work with fiber as an offshoot of the costuming work for which she received her Laurel when she needed accurate accessory pieces for her Anglo-Saxon garb. On Monday she displayed completed items made using sprang: an Arden Mose woman’s cap and a reproduction Skrydstrup cap, a 14th c. grave find which might have been worn by a man. During the exhibit she worked on another Arden Mose cap, this one of blue finger-weight wool, using a frame also based on late Viking archeological finds.
Popular with many visitors to Monday’s exhibit was the display of “Pigment Mythbusters” by Atlantian scribe Lady Lavia Zanna. All of the supposed facts displayed were things people have told her about period scribal supplies which she believes are not true. For example, she is 90% certain that the pigment Indian Yellow was not obtained by feeding certain animals a diet consisting only of mangoes.
Lord Corwyn Ravenwing (East) began painting pottery reproductions about a year ago. He does not throw the pots; he only paints them. On display in the Barn were an Aramaic incantation bowl (4th to 7th c.), an Iranian painted bowl, (10th c.), and a piece of Teano ware from the 4th c. BC.
Every year, the A&S exhibit serves as a delight for the eye and a source of inspiration for newcomers and SCA veterans alike who want to return home from Pennsic to begin A&S projects of their own.

Rapier Town Battle

By Lord Dominic Seamor
Martial Reporter, Pennsic Independent

Swift blades flashed in the warm sunshine Monday afternoon as an estimated 400 rapier fighters struggled for a War Point in the Town Battle. The two armies were attempting to control five strategically placed banners (one to the north, one in the center building, one in the east, one to the west and one in the southern pass) in and around a straw-bale town. The placement of the buildings produced four main east-west alleys that served to focus much of the action, while numerous side streets allowed for tactical maneuvers. The battle was an hour long, with (initially) unlimited resurrections. Don Ogedei commanded the forces of the East and its allies who entered from the western edge of the field, while Warder Anton led forth the legions of the Midrealm and its numerous friends from the eastern edge. Both armies fought under the eyes of their respective Royals, with the banners of many other lands also flying in the wind.
Throughout the battle the main action centered on the northern and central banners. The east and west banners were never in serious contention. The Eastern forces took possession of the southern banner soon after the starting guns blasted and held that banner for the entire engagement with a wall of steel blades. But such was not the case in the center and the north. While the East initially took both these positions, they soon lost the northern banner to a superb flanking maneuver from Midrealm troops advancing up the north-central main alley who first pushed back the Eastern defenders and then turned the corner and trapped the guard of the northern banner between themselves and the main Midrealm force advancing on the northernmost alley. That was the first time the northern banner changed hands on that day. It was not the last. The northern banner changed hands approximately eight times during the battle, making it the most contested piece of the entire struggle.
The fighting was just as hot in the center, where the banner was located inside a building, which made the doorways into that building the focal points of the fight. The Eastern army did not hold the center banner for long, being pushed out in the first ten minutes of fighting. The Dragon army set up a strong defense of the central banner that withstood attack after attack. The flow of casualties to resurrection seemed endless. At the halfway point of the battle the Eastern commanders gathered a host of the resurrected and finally gained access to the center building. There was little tactical maneuver possible at the doorways, just a battle of attrition where the superior numbers of Eastern fighters told. The East regained the central position and never lost it again.
At the second planned scoring hold, while the blessed waterbearers delivered their gifts to the thirsty soldiers, it was announced that the combination of heat and humidity made it necessary to change the last part of the battle to a no-resurrection format. To a man and woman, the tired, sweaty fighters expressed their willingness to continue under the original rules of engagement but the chiurgeons, marshals and Royals remained adamant.
When the fighters resumed their struggle, the lack of more lives to lose did not make the hosts of the Midrealm shy of their foes. Warder Anton knew that he must gain two of the banners to have any hope of victory, and he personally led his fighters forward into the battle. All along the line the Midrealm pushed hard against the enemy. Warder Anton fell leading a charge but the loss of their captain only put more fire into the fighters following him.
Sadly, it was not enough. Though the Middle Kingdom army came close enough to the southern and central banners to almost touch them, Don Ogedei and his Eastern fighters slew any foe who came in reach, and the last Midrealm warrior fought and fell in honorable single combat, leaving the East in possession of all three banners, and a final score of 6 to 0, giving the War Point to the East and its valiant host.
Don Ogedei said that his allies deserved special thanks for the quality and quantity of their warriors, particularly naming the Atlantians and Ansteorrans as “absolutely fierce.” TRM Edward and Marguerite of the East also thanked their heroic allies, and then led their army in three hearty “Vivats!” for their honorable and hard-fighting Midrealm foe.

Tuesday Unclassifieds

Bard’s Haven is open for business! Also, Celtic Bardic is Tues at 7 pm in our camp on Willow Point.
Bardic Bounty on Bad Garb. Shame a lame out of their mundanes! Bounty is redeemed at Bard’s Haven.

Events Open To All
BAGPIPERS AND FANS NEEDED at the Mountain Confederation’s annual PIPERS COMPETITION Tues., E12 @ 8:30p.m. All ages welcome, ID needed to drink. Piper sign up starts @ 7:30p.m.
Middle KMOAS presents an A&S roundtable Wed 10-12 in Midrealm Royal. All are welcome.
Classes in engraving and repoussé from 10 a.m. on. Limit 6 per class. Class fee $5. Livonia Smithery, Booth Space 170, Fleet Street.
Correction: Caravanserai Bukhara 8-11 pm Tuesday! Middle Eastern Tent. Bring stories, music, dance, you!
Hey Harry Potter fans! Wizard Rock show featuring Efenwealt & Aenor as the Blibbering Humdingers. Thurs 9 p.m. behind Camelot Treasures booth 30. Enter from Servant’s Path. CDs available.
MEAD TASTINGS AT THE BEE FOLKS! Come join us Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights, 7-until-we-kick-you-out. Bring your own bottle and cup. #114.
Middle KMOAS open hours 2-4 Tues & Thurs Midrealm Royal.
Runvaldr classes evenings at 7 p.m. Holistic healing also good for other manifesting at Cabochons on 17 Bow St. Donations accepted to cover expenses.
TURKU in concert 8:30 p.m. Thursday August 12th. “The Turks are on the Walls” At the Fortress on the Main Battlefield.

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Lost & Found
Lost phone in brown case- dire need, father in hospital. Please return to P, at disability camp or Lost and Found.
Kimberly Ann Karn from California: Please return to Auntie Arwen’s Spices. You left something very important there!
MONKEY! We miss you. Small hand-sized stuffed monkey with magnetic hands and family who loves him. Please bring him to Mead Hovel at N37 on Fosse Way.

RIP Dunstyn & Evliquia McGroyne. Survived by Edmund & Sarah de Wight.
The Eleventh Memorial Ship will sail this Thursday, August 12th at about 9:30 pm from the base of the causeway, at the border of blocks W-12 and W-14. It can be seen at the Stave - Church Thursday afternoon. Procession @9:00 p.m. to the Runestone, and on to the lake. Shields may be painted during the week at Tancred’s Tangled Woods, or Thurdsday afternoon at the Stave- Church.

Clan Blue Feather Ball & Fashion Cotillion Tues. Aug.10 @9:00. Come celebrate our 20th anniversary by wearing your finest blue feather themed garb!
Clan Blue Feather encampment party Thurs. Aug. 12. Bad garb night! Come in your worst outfit.
Known Worlde Scribes Tea hosted by the Pleasure of Their Stellar Majesties at the Ansteorran Royal Pavilion. All are welcome. Date: August 10th, Tuesday. Time: 2-4 p.m. Location: Ansteorra Royal Block N06 on Kurdson Way, between Brewer’s Rd and Chandlers North of Pennsic A&S Univ. Scribes, pray bring your portfolios and works in progress. Refreshments provided, donations welcome.

Baroness Judith Drink water! Love Your Secret Pal
Crusher: You are such a Great Person: Your Secret Pal.
To the Lord who returned Lady Tatiana’s amethyst crystal she thanks you with all of her heart.
Expressions of affections are always in order - I Love You Joseph of the Red Griffin!- - B’ Rose.
Ladies Monday eve we were rendered speechless by your grace & beauty but could not find voice to request your pleasure after a long hard sweaty day of battle & bardic. Please stop by Trimaris W17 & ask for Tomas or Wulfric.
My Pennsic Virgins - Though I may not remember your names, I’ll always remember meeting you! - Zoe.
What countess has been seen wandering with werewolves at Twilight? - T.L.