First Mass Populace Archery War Point

By Lord Dominic Seamor
Martial Reporter, Pennsic Independent

“The support we’re gotten from the entire Pennsic staff has been wonderful, all the way up to the Mayor” said Pennsic 39 Archery Marshal-in-Chief Baron Master Mark Squirrelsbane. He credited this level of support with helping to create the greatly improved turnout for the first of two War Points to be earned in the Mass Populace Archery Shoot this year. Transportation has assigned additional buses to greatly reduce the wait for a ride out to the range and the Martial Activities staff has provided increased levels of support, making the Archery Range a comfortable (as comfortable as any place can be in the heat and humidity of this Pennsic) place to shoot.
The populace has responded to this encouragement by coming out to the Archery Range in greater numbers than the last War. All shooters faced three challenges: the Clout Shoot, the Soldier Shoot and the Castle Window Shoot. The Clout Shoot tested their ability to hit a distant target, while the Soldier Shoot gave the shooters images of charging warriors to hit. Both these shoots limited the archer to six arrows or bolts. The Castle Window shoot was a 30-second timed shoot where the archer could fire as many times as he or she could load, aim, and release. Points were totaled by kingdom for each of the three shoots, with the kingdom winning two of the three shoots taking the War Point.
Yesterday the archers of the East Kingdom took the War Point, winning the Clout Shoot with 1764 points versus 1575 points, and also taking the Soldier Shoot by a score of 2323 to 2091. The Castle Window Shoot was also won by the Eastern shooters by 1316 to 1056 points.
Everyone is reminded that there is still one more Archery War Point in contention, and you are invited to the Archery Range to add your contribution to the push for victory. Look for the white and red banner on the leftmost tower of the Battlefield Fort to know when the Archery Range is open, or you can go to Information Point and ask them to contact Archer One on the radio. The Archery Range is scheduled to be open for the second Mass Populace Archery Shoot from 10a.m. to 6p.m. on Thursday the 12th, and from 10a.m. to 4p.m. on Friday the 13th.


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