PI Friday August 13, 2010

Dirty Jobs of Pennsic

By Sir Guillaume “I  Shinbalds” de la Belgique, Guest Contributor

There are plenty of dirty jobs at Pennsic to go around, but on Wednesday evening, when the rain began to fall at midnight, the war became a dirty job for everyone. There were tents drenched, costumes soaked, and camps flooded in the wee hours of the morning. But one of the hallmarks of this war is that when something like that happens, everyone steps up: the War staff, the people of Cooper’s Lake, and all of us who’ve come for the week, to do the wet, muddy, dirty job of keeping the camp standing. What might have been a disaster became an opportunity for acquaintances made and friendships strengthened. It gave us all a tiny taste of the sort of dirty work that goes on all over Pennsic.
It has been my honor this week to get to know the folks who do some of the dirty jobs of Pennsic but I know I’ve only scratched the surface. In fact, my single regret is that we only had a week to profile these tasks and the people who do them. Pennsic’s “dirty jobbers” are far too numerous to name. The fact is, everyone who volunteers, from the folks who work for a few hours at the troll booth, right up to Mayor John von der Velde himself, is likely to be sweaty, filthy and tired at the end of their shift.
It’s easy to overlook just how much work goes into making Pennsic happen. By the most recent calculations, the official staff of the war—that is, the folks who were camping out here a week or more before the first attendee showed up for land grab—numbers 135 people. Those hard-working folks are supported by about 2,000 other volunteers, all of whom give up some or all of their summer vacation time so those of us who come to fight, learn, create, shop and party with friends can have a war to enjoy. And the most amazing thing is just how easy they make it look—because if there’s one thing I’ve learned in exploring Pennsic’s dirty jobs, it’s that making the war look “effortless” takes a lot of effort.
If you have the opportunity as you’re beginning your break-down in the next day or so, take a moment to acknowledge the hard-working Pennsic staff. Give a wave to the team of Dukes Michael, Valharic, Cuan, and their ducal deputies who maintain the watch and have given up a lot of sleep to keep the campground friendly and safe. Wish a good day to Baroness Anna and her staff who, in heat or rain, are waiting at Information Point to answer all of our questions, from how to navigate the campground to where you can find emergency dentistry services nearby. Give a shout-out to all the safety staff at Chirurgeon’s point, led by James “Hawk” Galloway (who, I suspect you’ll be glad to know, only had to break out his biohazard suit once during the war—really!). Shoot a smile at Lord Gregor “Tree” McLey and his gang in the technical services tent. They’ve been surveying, digging, plumbing, and wiring since early July, and they’ll be on site for almost another week after all the rest of us are safe (and cool!) at home with all of our garb washed and our armor polished.
And finally, raise a cup at your camp to toast the many, many people who go on working behind the scenes to get the war going and keep it running. It’s a phenomenal effort of volunteerism and personal sacrifice that, frankly, is almost unheard of in the modern world—and perhaps that’s part of what makes Pennsic so magical.
I’ve noticed one thing as I’ve explored the dirty jobs of Pennsic this week: Everyone who does this sort of work is reluctant (sometimes obsessively so) to be recognized for their efforts. “Please don’t write about me. There are other people who work a lot harder than I do,” is a statement I’ve heard from just about everyone I’ve interviewed, even people drenched with rain, dripping sweat, and covered with mud, grease and paint. But the truth is, our dirty jobs series has proved that while the work that’s done to make Pennsic happen can be messy and exhausting, the jobs themselves bring a great deal of reward. Everyone who works toward putting on the war has the satisfaction of seeing their efforts enjoyed by the thousands of attendees at the event, and the joy of making new friends in the process of getting all the work done. Viscount Edward said it best: “Pennsic and the SCA have become my family, and (doing these jobs) is a way to give something back to my family.”
So on behalf of everyone at Pennsic, let me conclude our series by simply saying “thank you” to the whole war staff. By doing the dirty jobs of Pennsic, you’ve made this a very beautiful week for us all.

Editing Guillaume’s writing might be considered a “dirty job” in itself, but he would like to thank the Pennsic’s media liaisons, THLs Jacquetta de Mehun and Bonita of Steltonwald, and the staff of the Pennsic Independent who worked with him and the SCA’s Office of Media Relations in the creation of this series. You can follow along with more of Guillaume’s SCA adventures in his books, We Are Not Amused, Sir Guillaume, and Here Comes The Reign, both available in Ceridwen’s Closet in merchant’s row, space 074, or through his website www.SirGuillaume.com.

Dragon Fends off Tyger on the Bridges

By DonalBane of Blakmers
Battlefield Reporter


After 17 War Points:
East Tygers 11, Midrealm Dragons 6

The two Great Armies of the East and Midrealm got back to business Thursday as the bridge battle returned to Pennsic.
This year’s bridge battle was fought over five bridges with no resurrections. Possession of a majority of bridges or sweeping the field earned victory. There were three fights, each worth one War Point, and combat archery and siege weapons were in play for the third fight.
Trailing but undaunted, the Midrealm deployed its forces on the east side of the field. There was some shifting in the lines, but the Dragon deployed Ealdormere, Calontir, Ironlance and Northshield to hold the northern bridges. In the center, Æthelmearc, North Oaken and Pentamere were deployed, while House Darkyard, Trimaris, House Darkmoon and House Ironwolf anchored the southern defenses. South Oaken was held in reserve.
Eager to press their advantage in the war, the East deployed its Northern and Southern Armies to the north. Atlantia anchored the defenses in the center. To the south, Black Talon, House Clovenshield, Meduseld and the Western Coalition manned the bridges. The Tuchux and the Ulsterblichen were held in reserve.
The first battle saw both sides eager to get into the fight, leading to see-sawing battle lines on nearly every bridge. The Midrealm forces on the northern bridges were able to maintain their lines and hold on throughout the battle.
Meanwhile, the southern bridge saw the most action. A determined charge anchored by South Oaken forces drove the East’s allies nearly off the bridge. However, the situation reversed when the Ulterblichen committed to the fight. House Bloodguard led a charge that pushed the Midrealm forces back the length of the bridge and allowed for a brief breakout. However, the cannon to end the battle sounded before the Ulsterblichen could roll the field.
There was a dispute on the southern bridge, as somehow Sir Elizabeth of House Darkmoon managed to slide back to the middle of the bridge after the East forces had rolled off of it. The marshals ruled the bridge was contested. It mattered not, however, as Midrealm forces held the other four bridges to claim the fight and the War Point.
In the second fight, the East switched to a counter-attacking strategy. The Tyger held huge reserves back off the bridges and allowed the Midrealm forces to assault them.
The strategy worked to perfection. After about 20 minutes of fighting, the Tuchux forced the Midrealm forces on the south central bridge to the breaking point. As the Midrealm committed their final reserves to plug the hole, Eastern forces began a huge push on each bridge.
It was the Ulsterblichen that broke the Midrealm lines, as they powered through the wavering defenses on the south central bridge, mopped up the remaining forces on the south bridge and turned north.
A tide of Eastern warriors swept north and the end came when a determined force from Ironlance, Northshield and Calontir was surrounded and destroyed. The East took the second fight and War Point.
The third fight saw neither side anxious to overcommit, which led to mass targets for the various combat archers and siege weapons. For the first 25 minutes, the battle was largely confined to skirmishes and warriors trying (and failing) to avoid arrows and ballista bolts.
This time, the East found most of its success on the northern bridge, which it held at the end of the battle. Midrealm forces held firm on the central and north central bridges.
The two southern bridges were in dispute at the final cannon, but both final fights went the way of the Midrealm. On the south central bridge, a force of Æthelmearcians rolled over an outnumbered force of Tuchux and House Clovenshield. The southern bridge saw the renewal of the ancient rivalry between the Bloodguard and Darkyard. Darkyard led a push that knocked the Bloodguard off the bridge, claiming the final bridge and the War Point for the Midrealm.
HRM Radagaisus of the Midrealm addressed his jubilant forces after the battle.
“The day is ours,” HRM Radagaisus. “We are well-pleased with our army. We know you dug deep for us this day and we thank you for it.”
HRM Edward of the East also was pleased afterwards.
“It’s been a well-fought war on both sides so far,” HRM Edward said. “It’s been a lot of fun.”

Friday’s Big Battle: The Field Battle

On the last day of fighting at Pennsic, it’s main event time. This year’s field battle will be three, last-man-standing, no resurrection fights. Combat archery and siege weapons will be allowed in the last fight. Their Majesties also are planning two friendship battles after the War Point battles.
Note: There will be no Pennsic Independent Saturday, but full reports from the field battle and a summary of the War will be available at www.pennsicindependent.com that day.
As always, VIVAT! HOOBAH! WASSAIL! and HUZZAH! to all the warriors of the Known World.

Economy in the Trenches! Former Society Seneschal Reduced to Selling Papers!

By Mistress Daphne of Colchester
Gulf Wars Advance Scout

While I have your attention, please read on. As Pennsic XXXIX comes to a close, thoughts may begin to turn to Gulfwars XX, taking place in March 2011. Something new at Gulfwars XX will be a daily newspaper. Yes, twenty years in the making! That is reason alone to attend Gulfwars. However, please feel free to enjoy the battles, the arts, the horses, hounds, and hawks—this list could go on endlessly. Ask anyone who has attended Gulfwars and they can tell you tales of valor, fun and, of course, bacon.
It is my hope that the newspaper will be informative, entertaining, and become a fixture at Gulfwars. To achieve that goal, I am asking for those who would like to volunteer to be part of this historic venture. I shall be needing volunteers to write articles (prior to and during Gulfwars), photograph events at the war, run the front desk, assist in sales, type in articles, draw cartoons, you name it—the paper needs it!
Have you thoughts or ideas of what you would like to see in a newspaper that is part of an SCA event? I welcome suggestions and input. Are you a merchant who would like to buy an ad in the paper? Then, I really welcome your input!
My undying gratitude goes to the staff of the Pennsic Independent. Despotissa Heirusalem and her hard working staff have allowed me to look over their shoulders, ask questions, and help out in some of the daily duties. I have treasured the opportunity to peek inside the inner workings of an established newspaper. Heirusalem, you and yours will always be welcome in my camp at Gulfwars.
I can be reached at Mdaphne@aol.com or (228) 832-7404.

SCA Census 2010

By Master Liam St. Liam
Features Reporter, Pennsic Independent

If you have ever wanted to express your opinion about any aspect of the SCA – from the non-member surcharge to an additional peerage to same-sex consorts – you now have your chance.
The SCA 2010 Census committee, working with the Board of Directors, has set up an open survey on the Internet that seeks answers to a wide variety of questions regarding people’s SCA experiences.
The survey, open to all, is linked on the main page of www.sca.org and the link has been distributed though many e-mail lists and blogs.
Connor MacGillivray, the chairman of the committee, said that smaller surveys of this type have been done in the past, but never reaching out so far and wide.
“The Board of Directors is reaching out to everyone in the SCA, whether members or not, on a society-wide level.”
Connor said the census, which will be open until Dec. 1, is just a first step.
“It’s important for people to know that the Board will not use this information to make any decisions right off the bat,” he said. “This is to get a feel for how people feel about the SCA now and what they want in the future.”
Connor said the census will collect both demographic data and survey data, and added that he has several committee members who are professionals in the field and will help him prepare a report for the Board of Directors.
“The information will be packaged for the Board, and they will also have access to the raw data,” he said. “Anyone will be able to see it. People will have access and can see what the data are.
“This is something that will take a while,” Connor said. “That information will be taken seriously.”
Connor added that he feels this census is a first step toward gathering more information from the populace for the board. “I see this as the first step. We’re setting the bar, and we’re setting it high. That’s how I conceive it. There will be more questions that will come up.”
The survey does not ask for an individual’s name, and those who take it do not have to be SCA members. It asks demographic information, including number of years in the SCA, reasons for joining and staying in, and it seeks to find out what areas of the SCA individuals are interested in. There is also a section for those who have dropped out of the SCA, seeking the reasons for that. For those who have left and returned, there is a section asking why.
The survey also seeks commentary on many widely discussed topics, such as those already mentioned, and asks whether they would prefer a central SCA corporation or individual state corporations. There is ample space for additional commentary.
If you would like to complete the survey today, there is a dedicated computer at Mystic Mail, that can be accessed for free to take the survey.

Second Friday Unclassifieds

Events Open to All
Classes in engraving and repoussé from 10 a.m. on. Limit 6 per class. Class fee $5. Livonia Smithery, Booth Space 170, Fleet Street.
MEAD TASTINGS AT THE BEE FOLKS! Come join us Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights, 7-until-we-kick-you-out. Bring your own bottle and cup. #114.
Runvaldr classes evenings at 7 p.m. Holistic healing also good for others manifesting at Cabochons on 17 Bow St. Donations accepted to cover expenses.

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HELP SHAPE THE FUTURE OF THE PAST. Participate in the SCA census. Available online for free at Mystic Mail 9-11a.m. and after 5p.m.
Intrigue, scandal + thwarted romance- the story develops as Pennsic progresses. Come see the diorama daily at Mediaeval Miscellanea, Space 28.
Our masterwork, having successfully aged 14 years, we wish Happy Birthday to our eldest son Piotr. Casimirski (of course we embarrassed you - your loving parents)
Pennsic is over! If you have not activated: Remember - There is no shame in self activation!
Pooker Snoodles, Love you lots + lots, Your Honey Bear
Reform Jewish services 6:30p.m. Friday behind Silver Dragon Co. Booth 9- Bow Street
Sandust Wanted. See Metilda of Lochleven/EK Royal.
See Auntie Arwen space 185 and ask if she is drinking WATER! <3 Fabric Dragon
SF author Michael Z. Williamson signing copies of his books. CLOAK & DAGGER #13.

Help Wanted
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I’m looking for Geneyoligest Kirk Owen 412-377-4322
TRAILER STORAGE NEEDED: Cash or a shower house paid Maison Rive Space #24.

Lost & Found
Book Production Spindling lost AS 13, return to Clan O’Choda and Ehanhs

Aett Kveldulf raises its horns to their fallen sister, Silkisif of Svanhill. Valhalla welcomes a courageous and tender heart, which our mead-hall is the poorer for the loss thereof. Charge your glass, who read this: to Silkisif!
Calvert died during production. Party at Summer’s End.
Lord Brendan O’Moran, a founding member of the Shire of Caer Adamant. Your fighting spirit will be remembered.
Lord Brendan O’Moran - Pennsic is not the same for me without you. With loving memory, your Lady, Alison
RIP Dunstyn & Evliquia McGroyne. Survived by Edmund & Sarah de Wight.

Japanese Incense Ceremony followed by a Japanese Poetry Party Friday @ Clan Yama Kaminari (E03) Incense Ceremony @ noon Poetry Party @ 1:00
Middle A+S Officers meeting Mid Royale 10-11 Fri.

Baroness Judith Have a Safe Trip Home! Love Your Secret Pal
Crusher: Safe Journey to your home: Your Secret Pal.
ELL Congratulations on finding a man - YEAH- OG grieves in his beer =YECK= salty beer.
Celebrate the moment as it turns into one more. Thanks to the PI staff for bringing back the fun. One little victory- and on to Pennsic XL. Dr. Nick.
Muscles Happy Birthday love Tracie.
Freeport boy looking for Lower Burrell girl.
Fuzzy Headed Snuzzler loves her Daddy and reminds him not to stay forever
Happy 21st Birthday Lord Tristan from Mom and Dad and all of your friends in Rising Waters
Happy Birthday, Rose. Meet me at the food court Friday nite at 6pm for dinner and presents for you and Micah.
Local residents thank Duke Logan of Ebonwolf for demonstrating how not to honor a code of chivalry and for creating a new parking lot in his camp. It is so much closer to camp than the normal parking lot we will all use it next year! HUZZA!
Muscles Happy Birthday lfrom your old brothers.
My Pennsic Virgins - Though I may not remember your names, I’ll always remember meeting you! - Zoe.
To the Coopers, Pennsic staff, merchants, and Pennsic populace: Thank you so much for allowing us to serve you year after year. It is our great honor and privilege (and a lot of fun!) to produce the Pennsic Independent. -The PI Staff
N XL˚ LVII.DCCLXXVIII, W ØLXXX˚ ØVIII.CDLVII. “Heath Saint Sicce.” Bring a Pen!
Thank you Phillipe and Julliana for taking care of me this Pennsic and helping to make it possible to be here. You are loved and appreciated always Petra...you too Konrad!
Thanks to all our honored guests who visited our camp again this year! - Bard’s Haven Camp
To the Lord who returned Lady Tatiana’s amethyst crystal she thanks you with all of her heart.
To the staff of the Pennsic Independent: you are so wonderful! Thank you all for making this work, and making it work better every year. I love you all so much. You are fired! See you next year. -Aitch
Wanted Hungamunga talk to Wolfgang in OGLAND.
Was he here? Was he just an illusion? No one knows. Those are the ways of trendy werewolves. Thanks for a great Pennsic to all my campmates. - T.L. in N08.
You are still a Pennsic Virgin if you haven’t read Lady Tudor Glitz! Available in Space 89-L3 Fabric Dragon.