PI Saturday August 14, 2010

East Takes Plateau Battle

By Dominic Seamor, Martial Reporter

In the last rapier War Point of this Pennsic, the Tyger fencers swept the plateau of every Midrealm warrior to claim the day. While exact numbers were not available, over 300 fencers took to the field. The battle was set as a flat “plateau” with two large hay-bale “boulders” providing some obstacles in the middle of the field.
The Midrealm and its allies entered from the east edge in a “classic Roman phalanx,” according to Warder Anton, the Midrealm commander, with most of their fighters massed in the center and light flanking elements to each side. The Eastern host seemed to be divided into several roughly equal blocks, under the overall command of Don Ogedei. There were no resurrections and the battle was to the last man or woman standing.
When the cannon sounded the massed warriors rushed onto the field. Don Ogedei said that this was the first rapier battle that didn’t go as he had expected, but his troops made things come out right for the East anyway. Both sides flanked their enemy to the left, resulting in the Middle Kingdom army facing north instead of west. Then unit cohesion broke down and bands of fighters ran this way and that, seeking enemies to slay. It became almost impossible for the assembled populace to track the action, but the fencers of both sides had no doubt where their enemies were and desperate small-unit actions reduced the numbers on both sides. It is not possible to say whether superior numbers, superior tactics, or just better fortune made the difference, but finally a last Midrealm fencer stood at bay, fighting to the end against several foes.
After the battle, both kings addressed their assembled armies. King Edward of the East gave the credit for this victory to the inspiration of his noble Queen, HRM Marguerite. King Radagaisus thanked his army commander, Commodore Warder Anton, for his valorous leadership by giving Warder Anton the Dragon’s Tooth. His Majesty also was greatly impressed with the skill and courage of M’lord Gabriel of the Barony of Brendoken who had been that last brave Midrealm warrior standing against the warriors of the East, and he also was awarded the Dragon’s Tooth in honor of his valiant stand.

Editor’s note: I would like to personally apologize to the rapier fighters and the Crown of the East that this story was omitted from the Friday edition in favour of a non-war-point rapier story, as this was the War Point that decided the War in favour of the East. The mistake was not intentional, but the hurt it caused is nonetheless very real. I am truly sorry for this mistake. Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton, Editor-in-Chief, Pennsic Independent

East Wins War! ….. But Dragon takes the Field

By DonalBane of Blakmers
Battlefield Reporter, Pennsic Independent


After 20 War Points: East Tygers 12, Midrealm Dragons 8

Although Pennsic XXXIX was decided Thursday on the rapier plateau, the Great Armies of the East and Midrealm met for the final time Friday for the Field Battle.
The Field Battle this year included three last-man-standing battles, each of which was worth one War Point. Combat archery and siege weapons were allowed for the third battle.
The East lined up its troops on the west side of the field. The Tuchux and Southern army took to the north side of the field. Black Talon, the Northern Army and Atlantia assembled in the center, while the Unsterblichen held the south.
The Midrealm’s forces lined up on the east side of the field. Calontir, Ealdormere and Ironlance took the north, Æthelmearc, Pentamere and House Darkmoon deployed in the center and House Ironwolf, and the Oaken armies deployed to the south.
The first fight saw a huge brawl erupt on the southern flank. South Oaken forces checked a flanking maneuver by the Bloodguard and then rolled the flank themselves, joining a maelstrom of fighting in the center of the battlefield. The Tuchux attempted to intervene from the north, but a tide of Midrealm warriors proved too strong for the East. Forces from Darkmoon, Ironlance and North Oaken were seen clearing the field when the cannon sounded, giving the Midrealm the first War Point.
According to East commanders, Duke Konrad devised the East’s strategy for the second fight. That strategy involved extending the flank to the south, while sending the whole Atlantian army at full charge to the northeast. The move created a huge diagonal skirmish line and the field became a huge battle of attrition.
After a long hold, the fight was confined to three small pockets to the north of the field, where the East had superior numbers. The East used its numerical advantage in the final push and eliminated the remnants of Ironlance to claim the second War Point.
The third fight saw forces on both sides hit each other hard early. The lines fluctuated several times before a hold was called. After the hold it was clear the East’s forces in the northwest corner of the field found themselves between two lines of Midrealm warriors. The jaws closed on the East’s forces and a wave of Dragon fighters swept the northern field. House Bloodguard made a heroic last stand, but the Midrealm claimed the third War Point.
HRM Edward of the East and HRM Radagaisus of the Midrealm met at the center of the battlefield after the fight and embraced. Both kings had nothing but compliments for each other’s armies and commanders.
With the East winning the War, HRM Edward said it was a total team effort.
“Everybody dug in. Every last one of our forces contributed,” HRM Edward said, noting HRM Marguerite of the East and HRM Gerhild were instrumental in inspiring more rapier fighters to fight for the Tyger.
HRM Radagaisus told his troops he was happy with their efforts.
“You left every ounce of energy on the field,” HRM Radagaisus said. “We are very proud to be numbered among you.”

Pennsic Poll 4

By Tatiana Kianova
For the Pennsic Independent

Do you have any special plans for the 40th celebration of Pennsic War?
Hermina de Paga, Household Otto’s Cove, Pennsic Pirates: “My plan is to hopefully try to get a Pirate Water Battle for adults for the 40th celebration of the Pennsic War. I’d also like to improve the general atmosphere and to bring more joy to the War!”
Mistress Brighid ni Chiarain, Barony of Settmour Swamp, East: “I don’t have any special plans other than to teach and take classes and attend bardic circles just as I have in the past.”
Aiesha, ACG Æthelmearc: “For the 40th celebration my plans are to definitely be here!”
Scott MacKay, East: “I plan to be here and enjoy the festivities. My friends and I have talked about making a 40th commemorative mead, but it is early yet so that is just in the planning stages!”

Stolen Armor

By Master Liam St. Liam

For the second consecutive Pennsic, Master Andrixos of Calontir has been the victim of theft from the battlefield.
Last year, his helm and gauntlets were stolen from under the Calontir shade fly on the field and were later recovered, though the helm was damaged.
This year, his leg armor was taken, again from the Calontir shade fly on the field.
“After fighting to the very edge of heat exhaustion on Monday, I was forced to strip my armor on the field. Wary of being struck again, I carried my helm and gauntlets and lamellar back to the shop for safe-keeping,” Master Andrixos said.
“What did I omit from that list?” he asked. “In my exhaustion, I forgot that I had left my legs.” When he arrived back at the shade fly Tuesday, the legs were gone and had not been recovered by Thursday afternoon.
Master Andrixos said the legs are dark brown cuisses and demigreaves of cuir boulli. The knees are stainless steel. There is a knee brace built into the armor in the following form: a stainless steel framework of one inch wide by about one quarter inch thick flat stock "outlines" the cuisse and demigreave. It is covered by a thin layer of brass and held together by copper rivets. The articulation of the knee is through the steel armature, so there are four larger rivets through each kneecop. The backflaps are of undyed leather, strapped with both undyed or black leather from the craft packs at Real Leather, attached with large chromed roller buckles.
“ The legs are closely fitted to me and would be useless to anyone not my size. They have done a wonderful job of keeping my knees safe through endless hours on the ground behind a scutum,” he said.
Last year, after he advertised his loss in the Pennsic Independent, his armor was turned in to Lost and Found, with the welded chain camail cut from the helm.
“It had visited a chop shop,” he said. “I was greatly heartened by the offers of help from all corners and the shared disgust at the motives of the miscreants.

“Again it is my hope that publicity trumps thieves, and a trumpeting of this act makes the possession of somewhat unique armor too toxic to bear.”
If you have information regarding the leg armor, please contact Master Andrixos at Calontir Trim (contact information is in the Merchant Book).