Pennsic XL: Time to Watch the Warriors Again

By DonalBane of Blakmers
Battlefield Reporter, Pennsic Independent

Welcome once again, my friends, to the show that never ends!
Greeting and salutations to the warriors of the Known World and the many gentles like me who love to watch a good scrap.
There’ll be plenty of time for scrapping at this XL-sized Pennsic War, as many of the traditional favorites are back on the battlefield schedule, along with a few new twists.
Speaking of the War, this year’s contest between the East and Midrealm will be a contest over 23 War Points. The side that scores 12 War Points will claim victory at Pennsic XL.
The breakdown of this year’s War Points follows some recent trends.
The archery community will contribute four War Points: one point for the Archery Champions shoot (scheduled for Wednesday) and three points for the populace shoots (clout, castle window and soldier shoot).
The ranges will be open to the populace from 9 AM to 5 PM Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday of War Week.
My friends in the rapier community are very happy to see their number of War Points continue to grow. This year, there are five rapier War Points.
The Kingdom Rapier Champions’ tournament will be worth one War Point (Friday, 2 PM). The three mass rapier battles will be the town battle Monday at 2 PM (one War Point); the field battles Tuesday at 2 PM (two battles worth one War Point each); and the rapier woods battle Thursday at 2 PM.
By the way, my fellow warrior watchers, the rapier community’s big brawl at the Pennsic Fort — the 11th annual Storming of La Rochelle — will take place Saturday at 11 AM. If you’ve never seen it, I recommend doing so.
As for armored combat, the schedule follows that of recent years, in that Wednesday of war week will have no War Point battles (save for the Archery champions).
Fear not, my noble warriors, as there are a ton of tournaments scheduled for Wednesday — everything from “Put up your Dukes” to the Mooselodge Open Tournament. Consult your Pennsic Book.
Here’s how the Armored combat War Points break down:
• Sunday — Sunday is “Champions’ Day” this war starting after Opening Ceremonies (set for 1 PM). Immediately after, the Heroic Champions Battle returns to Pennsic. The East and Midrealm will each send five of their best warriors forth to meet in individual combat. The side that wins more bouts will claim the first War Point.
Thirty minutes later, the Belted Champions will have their annual fight, followed immediately by the Unbelted Champions. Each fight is worth one War Point.
• Monday — This year’s “new battle” is the Valley Battle, which will take place Monday at 10 AM and be worth two War Points. This battle will be a 90-minute, unlimited resurrection affair fought over three banners. The banners will be placed north, south and in the center of a mountain range. The center banner will be placed in the middle of a 30-foot “river;” only Chivalry and royalty may walk upright in this river. Combat archery and siege weapons are allowed. Victory will go to the side that possesses the banners most during three time checks. This one looks to be fun.
• Tuesday — The only battle that can trace its lineage back to the original Pennsic is the Woods Battle, which begins at 10 AM in the “new” woods, just behind Mount Eislinn. This year’s battle will be a 90-minute, unlimited resurrection for possession over one banner. The banner will be placed by the army that is trailing. The army that possesses the banner will claim two War Points.
• Thursday — The bridge battles return with three battles each worth one War Point. There will be five bridges and no resurrection. Combat archery and siege weapons will be allowed during the third battle. Possession of three bridges — or sweeping the field — earns victory.
After the bridges are claimed, stick around for the Allied Champions’ battle (one War Point). It’s always a glorious brawl.
• Friday — Fighting at Pennsic closes with the main event: the Field Battles. There will be three battles each worth one War Point fought to the last-man standing. Combat archery and siege weapons will be allowed during the third battle.
Welcome home, and let’s get to the fighting.