PI Thursday August 11 2011

Medallions Prove Their Mettle

By Lady Mary of Montevale
Features Reporter


The Pennsic medallions are relative newcomers to Cooper’s Lake when you consider that they have been a part of the War only since Pennsic XVII.
Many Pennsic veterans remember the years when they received only a carbon copy of their paid fee receipt on a yellow slip of paper. When the War lasted for just Friday through Saturday of a single weekend, one might even manage not to lose it or have it get wet and disintegrate. Magistra Rosamonde of Mercia (Meridies) recalled that it was around Pennsic XV when there began to be a problem with gate crashers and attendees were told “You must keep your receipt.” This was not a well-received request in some quarters.
It may have actually been one of the Coopers who suggested the use of some sort of metal medallion on the grounds that people would be both more likely to wear something that was permanent and attractive and to keep it on them for the entire War (which by then had expanded far beyond a three-day weekend).
Keeping your past Pennsic medallions has now become a tradition. Magistra Rosamonde, who has been to every Pennsic since the 9th one (that’s a total of 32 Pennsics), wears all her old medallions on her broad-brimmed sun hat. The Pennsic XVII medallion is smaller and a bit plainer than some of the subsequent ones, with the simple black XVII being its most eye-catching element.
Some years there have been competitions for the medallion design in which anyone could submit a design for consideration. Other years, the Pennsic Autocrat (Mayor) has simply made a request for a medallion design to an artist of his or her choosing. Master Tristan Alexander said that for Pennsic XXI, the medallion was designed by the Autocrat, Duchess Sedalia MacNair, herself, because (as she admitted to him) she completely forgot all about asking someone to do it in time.
Master Tristan probably knows more than anyone else about the medallions because he is the only person to have designed more than one. The first (for Pennsix XIX) was done at the direct request of Duchess Sedalia and he has researched and created the designs for a total of eight Pennsic medallions. Most of them can be identified by the presence of a tiny set of his initials (TA) and a small feather somewhere on the medallion.
Associated with the medallion at Pennsic XX and for a few years thereafter were the T-shirts printed by Claus the Toymaker which he sold to benefit the Chirurgeon’s Fund. His were the official Pennsic T-shirts. Today there are several merchants selling souvenir Pennsic T-shirts, but none of them are official, nor do any of them make use of the current year’s medallion design. Each year the design is kept secret for security reasons until medallions are given out at starting at Land Grab.
When each year’s medallions are stamped with the design, every one also gets a unique number. The Mayor of Pennsic each year receives medallion #1 unless he or she chooses to honor someone else by giving them that particular medallion. The first hundred numbers are reserved for the event staff. A section of the highest numbers are set aside for the food vendors’ employees (often locals who live in the area of Cooper’s Lake), and the rest of us get what is in between. Once pre-registration closes, a count is made to determine how many medallions will be made that year. This year the number made after pre-registration closed, but before counting estimated walk-ins, is 12,259.
Why do you have the number you do? Does it help to pre-register in January? No, it doesn’t help. The numbers are assigned after pre-reg closes in June, using an alphabetical database of everyone who has pre-registered. If your modern last name begins with A, you will always have a very low number medallion; if your last name begins with Z… (sigh).
If you know someone who pre-registered for this year and did not come after all, you cannot pick up their medallion for them. What you can do is take a stamped envelope addressed to them over to Troll, and their medallions will be mailed after Troll closes at the end of the War.
The fate of unused medallions is uncertain. There are stories that one of the Pennsic merchants buys at least some of them to re-purpose in some way, but this has not been confirmed. The only two sure facts about unused and unclaimed lost medallions are these: there is a supply of a couple dozen unclaimed lost medallions from the last year or two at Lost & Found; and Troll admits to keeping a few old ones to give any under-5’s (who must wear wrist bracelets) who become upset because everyone else in the family has a medallion and he or she has only the plastic bracelet.
Hlafdige (Lady) Arastorm told me an incident in her family which may have led to the required use of the wrist bracelets on the youngest Pennsic attendees. It was Pennsic XVI, and she and her husband were so busy setting up the family’s tent, they did not immediately notice their 3-year-old son had wandered away from camp while wearing nothing more than a diaper. They began searching and feared the worst when his diaper was found near the old swimming hole. However, the clever young man had meanwhile remembered that popsicles were available at the Cooper’s Store and headed in that direction (sans diaper) to get himself one. Fortunately a friend of the family’s recognized the child, determined Mom was nowhere in sight and assisted Security in getting him back to the right parents in the right camp. The bracelet with its information about parents and campsite was begun the next year so that any small child found out and about on his own could quickly be returned to where he or she belonged.

Many thanks to: Magistra Rosamonde of Mercia, Master Tristan Alexander, Claus the Toymaker, Mistress Livia at Troll, Hlafdige Arastorm, and a young gentleman at Lost & Found who all provided information for this article.

Much More Than Child’s Play

By Lady Mary of Montevale
Features Reporter

The annual Children’s Fete, held in the barn on Wednesday afternoon, was its usual great deal of noise, lines for the most popular activities, and volunteer staff having almost as much fun as the children…but only almost.
There were virtually no lines for registration, however. Thanks to the addition of more volunteers on troll and a pre-registration procedure earlier in the day, no one had to wait in a line instead of just getting right in there to begin having fun. By 3 PM about 300 children had been signed in and more were still arriving for the last hour of the fete.
Many of the day’s activities were repeats from previous years such as the boffer fighting against adult fighters, including knights and royalty. His Highness Duke Cuan of Atlantia was on the “list field,” facing a young lad in a green and yellow tunic who wasted no time in landing a veritable storm of blows around His Highness’s head and shoulders. The next opponent was a slender blond fellow who could have been dubbed the “black knight” from his outfit. He quickly scored a blow to Cuan’s chest and grinned widely before taking a very light tap to his own front and turning it into a “death” scene worthy of an Oscar. The score in their bout was Black Knight 3, Prince 1 when I moved on to see some of the other activities that filled the barn from one end to another.
Once again this year, Baronessa Anna Bella di Cherubin (East) donated all the materials for up to 400 youths to paint heraldic designs on muslin tote bags that could be taken home once they were dry. Assisting her was Baroness Ellesbeth Donofrey (also East) who had created many of the designs which are pre-printed on bags for a children to fill in with bright colors of fabric paint. Ellesbeth pointed out to me when I admired three of the designs that they were new this year and Byzantine in origin because the Queen of the East is Byzantine.
At the Henna Station, Anabel de Berchlai (Middle) was applying a traditional floral design to the hand of Marissa, age 14 (East). This young lady had not yet decided whether to move on to the other end of the station where Kenzie, a volunteer from the Midrealm, was “frosting” the freshly applied henna with colored glitter for those who wanted it. She told me that pink and red were the most popular colors. Later at other activities, I also saw a number of young gentlemen who sported serpentine henna designs glittered with blue.
The two origami tables were having to fight a bit with the gusty winds to keep from losing their supplies of paper and some sample projects. I was shown a penguin made from light green paper with a floral design, two pelicans—one solid red and the other a blue and yellow print—and a raspberry colored Big Fat Rabbit. Linette, age 10 (Æthelmearc), made a jumping frog and a paper crane.
Her sister Giselle, age 11, had been to the face painting area in order to be transformed into a princess before moving on to the longest, slowest line of the day (the one for balloon creations) where she intended to acquire a tiara.
One of the many face painting volunteers asked if I would like something drawn on my cheek. As she set to work on copying my device from a sticker on my reporter’s flash drive, I heard the next painter over say to Ethan, age 7 (Middle), “Now you know how it feels for girls when they have makeup put on.” Ethan was being transformed into a pirate, complete with a black eye patch around his left eye.
Countess Adelicia and other members of the Barony of Tir-y-don (Atlantia) were once again handling the bead necklace table, a project that has been theirs for four years or so. They donate the beads and string, get together to make the “fiddly bits,” and then staff the activity at the fete. The Countess told me there were supplies for 100 to 150 children to make necklaces. One of the young jewelers I saw hard at work selecting beads was Madeline, age 5, from my own shire. She finally settled on a selection of blues, greens, gold, and white. Mom helped her string them while Dad, still in his armor, stood patiently by with the “goody” basket which already contained a pinwheel that Madeline has made earlier.
Morwenna, the Chirurgeon for the Children’s Fete who has served in the position since her first Pennsic five years ago, pointed out to me how many sets of parents both make time in their busy War Week schedule to attend this event with their children. She ascribed the success of this annual event, which is such an important part of so many children’s Pennsic experience, to the generosity of so many volunteers who give of their time and effort as well as donating the supplies for it.
One such group is the Barony of Sacred Stone (Atlantia) which donates all the refreshments every year. Countess Brianna, who was in charge of this aspect of the fete this year, has worked in some aspect for every Children’s Fete since the first one in AS XXVI because she was in the same household as Duchess Arielle.
In case you do not already know, the Children’s Fete was the brainchild of Her Grace (who had no children herself), and she had always been its guiding force and inspiration. Sadly, two years ago right before the War, Arielle lost a long and courageous battle against breast cancer. This lovely, brave woman is still very much in the minds of her many friends and the other volunteers, some of whom continued this year to wear pink garb in her memory. All volunteer name tags were printed with the familiar breast cancer pink ribbon again at Pennsic XL as the Children’s Event continues to be held, and to grow, in honor of Her Grace’s memory.

Eastern Archer Champions shoot the Friend-Foe challenge at Wednesday’s Archer Champions
shoot. Complete details will be published in Friday’s paper



Contest Results

Known World Petanque Tournament IX. In final Team Capasin play great but Rieur Sanglier recover and prevail 13-10. Thank all for showing up and great time. See you next year. Le Rieur Sanglier


Depressing Song Competition in the PAT 8/11 6:30-8:30 pm. Sign up at Moongate and Friends next to Pillaged Village. Spectators welcome.

Events Open to All

12 Step meeting E07 4pm AA/NA/OA/SA all welcome. Denys the Decadent’s Camp Great Eastern Highway
Atl Atl Battle Tue and Thu 6PM above the castle

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Rivenstar, Sternfeld, Brendoken, Auntie Arwen, PI, and everyone else who has been so much help in our darkest hours: We cannot thank you enough. We love you! - Heirusalem and Fauna
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Lost & Found

Eating knife: Black iron single-edged blade with ebony and bone inlaid handle approx. 10 inches long overall - Reward offered for return.
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“SERENGETI” is Non-Medieval, Let’s call it “Macsfield” to honor Mac Cooper and name the fort “Castle Wilver.” Spread the word! We can do this! Don’t need official act just do it and it’s done!!

In memory of my loving husband, Herr Wilhelm Baumhecker, called to rest after a long battle XXIV Jan.A.S. XLIV. hic una semper.
RIP Orange Cat. I will miss you and your brain cell. Nicolaa.


The Magderonica has an earth shattering shimmy and a dangerous smile! She is taking over Pennsic!
Hoobah FOSCADH for fighting in ALL 40 Pennsic Wars
Known World Choir performs Thursday @ 6 PM - Performing Arts Tent - Great vocal music of the Renaissance. Celebrate 20 years of the Pennsic choir!
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The Magderonica was distracted by offers of beer and bacon and missed yesterday’s deadline.
NT It is a priviledge to fight for you, my inspiration. I love you. Sir Ow

Wanted to Buy

Need female garb with wig for portrayal in Estrogen & Axes Tourney. Must show cleavage. See Bubba for size information.

Wednesday Battlefield Report

By Lord DonalBane of Blakmers
Battlefield Reporter
With the War on hold Wednesday at Pennsic, armored combatants still flocked to the field for pick-up fighting, and tournaments. One of these was the charity tournament organized in support of Mikkel the Builder, which saw Sir Osgkar of the East and others organized. Proceeds from the tournament will benefit Mikkel, who was recently involved in a motorcycle accident where he was struck by a drunk driver.
Other tournaments on Wednesday included:

Greybeard Tournament
Any fighter copping the excuse “I’m too old to fight!” had no leg to stand on Wednesday morning as the Greybeard Tournament returned. The tournament was open to all fighters over the age of 50, and 23 of the Known World’s wisest fighters joined in the fun.
The tournament was a double elimination affair. In the finals, Sir Corby de la Flamme met Sir Mordain of Ealdomere. Sir Corby took the final and a scroll with the victory.

Put Up of Your Dukes Tournament
The Shire of Silver Rylle hosted the Put Up Your Dukes Tournament, a new tournament open to all past or current royalty.
The tournament attracted seven who have sat on the throne, including HRM Lochlan of Ansteorra and HRH Quilliam of Ealdormere.
The tournament was a round robin affair, which ended with HRM Lochlan finishing with a 6-0 record, one win ahead of Duke Edmund of the Midrealm. HRM Lochlan was given a small banner for his victory.

Warriors of History
The Order of the Cataphract hosted the annual Warriors of History Tournament on the Blue list Wednesday. The tournament requires warriors to present themselves in as close a representation as possible to period armor. A total of 14 gentles took up this challenge and impressive armor kits were on display.
After opening the tournament with its traditional century vs. century open melee, the warriors engaged in a round-robin tournament.
In the end, two men were awarded a $25 gift certificate to Raymond’s Quiet Press. The first went to the tournament winner — THL Havoc of the Wild, who wore an 11th century Anglo-Saxon armor kit.
The second award for best armor kit was given to Baron Vladimir of Eztergom, who wore an 11th century armor kit based on the Varangian Guard, a group of Vikings in service to the Byzantine Empire.

Mooselodge Open Tournament
The Kingdom of Atlantia hosted the Mooselodge Open Tournament Wednesday on the west side of the battlefield. This tournament was open to all gentles, regardless of rank or age. A total of 37 joined the tournament, which, naturally, was conducted a double-elimination Atlantian speed tournament.
The finals came down to Sir Douglas Henry of the East and Sir Aradd Ffestiniog of Atlantia. Sir Douglas won the fight, claiming his second tournament title of the War.
Battle of Hastings
History repeated itself Wednesday on the Blue list as a horde of about 30 “Saxons” and “Normans” assembled for the Battle of Hastings. All of the warriors came in full chain mail armor, as was common in the period.
Sir Steve Grandchamp played the role of Duke William the Conqueror in the melee and sought to press his claim to the English throne. Opposing him was King Harald, played by Lord Owen Claerwyn, who was determined to keep his crown.
The two sides met in a series of melees with goal of killing the opposing king. The side that won the best of five fights would claim the Crown for their leader.
It came down to the final battle as the teams split the first four melees. However, for the second straight year, the Saxons reversed history as they slew Duke William to claim a 3-2 win.
The losing Normans then took turns presenting the Saxons with different tokens in honor of their victory. The sides also celebrated with “Saxon mead” and “Norman cider” after the fight.

Thursday’s Big Battle: The Bridge Battle
It’s back to the War on Thursday as the Bridge Battle returns at 10 AM. This year, the two Grand Armies will fight over five bridges in three 30-minute battles. Each battle is worth one War Point. Victory will be claimed by holding three of the five bridges or by sweeping the field. There will be no resurrections.