St. Sebastian Populace Shoot Results

By Christophe of Grey

The third annual St. Sebastian Shoot for the populace of Pennsic was held Saturday and started with a light rain. However the day cleared and fun was had by 197 archers who ventured forth to shoot the eleven shooting stations themed about the Silk Road. The Queen of Atlantia ventured to the range and gifted each marshal with a token for assisting with the shoot. The overall winner was Mika Longbow of the Outlands. Elk Ridge Archery donated a beautiful longbow that went to the most deserving archer who was Ru of Æthelmearc. The youth winner was Robert MacErwin of Thornmill of Aethelmearc.

Many prizes were to be had as evidenced by the list following:
Bow Divisions -
Period Bow - Joseph the Bold of East Kingdom
Longbow - Jacopo of Æthelmearc
Recurve - Don Wyatt of East Kingdom
Period Crossbow - Gregg the Archer of Atlantia
Open Crossbow - Kraken of East Kingdom

Classifications (based on SCA wide Royal Round classifications)-
Novice - Liam of Lindisfarne of East Kingdom
Archer - Ysabell Graver of Æthelmearc
Marksman - Trisola Ducci of Middle Kingdom
Bowman - Robert Cameron de Gray of Æthelmearc
Bowman Elite - Geoffrey d'Honfleur of Atlantia

Comments from the archers were all positive, indicating fun was had by all.