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Listening to Pennsic

By: Mary of Montevale, Reporter

Whether as an addition to your play list for your annual pilgrimage to Cooper’s Lake, as a little touch of Pennsic to buoy you up in the depths of your 50-week town run, or as an introduction to the War for a newcomer, the Pennsic Independent Podcasts can be a source of both entertainment and education.
The podcasts, the first of which was released prior to the beginning of Pennsic 37 (2008), have grown to a total of 29 episodes each running between 20 and 30 minutes. They were originated and continue to be produced by Lord Leifr (East) who is not only the producer, but the technician, editor, and host of the programs. He often records interviews on site and then spends many hours editing to achieve the final product.
The content of the episodes is Leifr’s primary concern. He looks for interesting facets of all the work that goes into making Pennsic happen, such as answers to questions like “What happens at Herald’s Point?” or “How does Troll work?” Other topics research the culture of Pennsic—traditions, legends, and all the things that can get passed around by word of mouth from “someone who knows someone who knows someone who….” You can listen to well-known Pennsic names ranging from Duke Cariadoc to noted singer Michael Longcor (Duke Moonwulf) to royalty like His Majesty Konrad (East) explaining his stunning announcement at Opening Ceremonies for Pennsic 37.
You can access and download the episodes at pennsicindepedentpodcast.com or at the iTunes store (check their directory). The podcasts have always been, and will always be, free.
If anyone is interested in giving feedback or suggestions for episode topics, and especially if you are interested in participating as an interviewee, you can contact Lord Leifr via the website listed above, in email at pipodcast@gmail.com, or on Twitter at @pipodcast. He has his mobile equipment on site at the War and it may be possible to arrange a interview session before you

The Great Deeds of Opponents


Æthelmearc fighters try to hold the bridge
Photo by Master Phillip the Pilgrim

By: Mary of Montevale, Reporter

If it is true that no battle plan survives initial contact with the enemy, the enemy of the martial War Points this Pennsic is most certainly the rain. One of the changes caused by the cancellation of the Woods Battle was the rescheduling of the armored Bridge Battle for Tuesday (it had originally been set for Thursday).
According to those I spoke to after the Battle all said what a fantastic day it had been: many examples of good, clean combat; no instances of tempers flaring in the adrenalin rush that can accompany armed combat; apparently no medical holds—certainly no EMS or chirurgeons were summoned out to the field at any point; and perhaps best of all, the determination of who had won the battle could not be finally made until the final bridge that remained undecided in the fifth and final battle of the day.
Did I mention that the rain did not start until well after the final cannon shot when the field was nearly clear and the post-battle courts on both sides were ending?
The first battle took nearly 40 minutes, thanks to some holds and the time needed to resolve possession of all five bridges past the initial 15 minutes of combat. As usual, the outermost two bridges were occupied in an initial great rush from both sides of the field, while the forces for the interior three bridges waited out a barrage from the ballistae and moved forward only a couple of minutes before the 15 minute point was sounded. In the end, each of the outer bridges went to a different side after much pushing back and forth that could have gone either way. The three interior bridges were claimed by the East and its allies: 2 in great part due to the actions of Blood Guard; 3 came after the Tuchux entered the bridge as reinforcements; and 4 was taken thanks to the efforts of the Northern Army. East and allies 4 bridges, Middle and allies 1 bridge. 1 War Point for the East and its allies.
The second battle was completed in almost half the time needed for the first one. The first bridge to be taken was the center one after a mixed group of fighting units from the Middle blew right through their Eastern opponents. The two outer bridges’ possession was reversed, with the East taking 5 in a triumph through sheer numbers and the Middle taking 1 thanks to some aggressive action by their ally Northshield. Middle 3 bridges, East 2 bridges. War Point for the Middle, and the two sides are tied 1-1.
The third and fourth battles also went rather quickly, with the East taking the third by a score of 3 bridges to 2 for the Middle and the fourth going to the Middle in an exact reversal of the earlier score. Notable actions in the third battle include the late entry of Darkyard at bridge 1, the strong fighting of the Tuchux on bridge 3, and the ability of Æthemearc to move the opposition off bridge 4. In the fourth battle, the decisive bridge was number 4 where fighters from Iron Lance held on for a very long time on behalf of the East before succumbing to a great second effort at pushing them off by Darkmoon and a group led by the Prince of the Middle.
Thus, the fifth and final battle was reached with each side having 2 War Points. The concluding battles seemed to move back up the sequence of bridges, with the Middle taking bridge 5. The East possessed bridge 4 after some alert action by Blood Guard’s leader, Duke Andreas der Eisfalke, to bring reinforcements to help Silver Keep and the Northern Army, and well as bridge 3 where Black Talon and the Tuchux had very little trouble. For a while, the fate of bridge 2 went back and forth with strong fighting between Dark Sun and the troops led by the Prince of the Middle and their opponents from Æthelmearc, House Arindale, and Tau. But finally the Middle and its allies were able to triumph, and the contest for the vital final War Point remained tied at two bridges for each side.
Fighting on bridge 1 had been swinging back and forth throughout the final battle with Northshield, some troops of the Midrealm Guard, and an assortment of mercenaries on one side and fighters from Æthelmearc, Black Maul, Rome, and Iron Lance for the East. Fighting would continue to the last man, a fighter from Æthelmearc who found himself facing a remaining six fighters for the Middle. They offered him single combat and he accepted, but succumbed to a blow to the chest from the second man he faced.
Fifth War Point to the Middle, who took the day with 3 War Points to the East’s 2.
However, this is not quite the end to the day or the story. I sought out the man who had stood alone at the end for the East on bridge 1, and was directed to him.
Thus, I met Edward of Blackthorn (Æthelmearc) who recounted for me how humbled he had felt by the offer of single combat which came from one of the six men he faced at the end. He took out his first opponent but was forced to his knees in the process. His second opponent chivalrously entered their meeting also on his knees, but managed a killing blow to Edward’s chest as Edward landed a head shot.
After telling me this and describing the day’s fighting as fantastic, Edward picked up his gear and bade me follow him to the Midrealm side of the field where he wanted to seek out the man who had offered him the choice of single combat.
Thus, I met Duke Dag. His Grace related to me that a chance for honor on the field does not come along all that often, so that when it did for the single fighter opposite him and five others on the last bridge, he very much wanted to offer Edward the chance to be a hero. The two men, the Duke and the Lord, then shook hands by the side of the battlefield as the first rumbles of a thunderstorm were heard off to the west.
I owe special thanks for whatever accuracies there are in this account of the day’s battles to Lady Lorin of the Dual Masque (East) the founding captain (now retired) of the Black Dragon Company who stood beside me during the Bridge Battle to explain to me exactly what was happening and help me identify the various fighting units. I also thanks to HRH Edward of the East who instructed me to “please report the great deeds of our opponents as well,” and so inspired the title and the closing paragraphs of my account of the battle as well.


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Just a reminder that the gravel is Cooper’s Lake Campground property and is to be spread only by Cooper’s Lake staff. Unauthorized use of the gravel pile is theft, is a violation of site rules, and could be grounds for expulsion from the site.
BIG HUGS TO LOCHAC CAMP AND THE WATCH. Missing you all. Have a great Pennsic and see you next year! Duchess Megan, West
NOTICE OF FILMING- An escorted camera crew will be on-site during this War. They will NOT be filming in private camps.
I am seeking ride to Toronto Thursday afternoon. Contact Glorimyre, Camp Eoforwic W08 Offer gas+? or text 647-969-6042
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I Algar Irenhande am in possession of a pig named Rosa. I am holding her for ransom if you want her back you must win her by combat on the heavy field Friday after the castle battle by the marshals tent in the list
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Lost & Found
Found! Two drunken pink flamingos roaming E12 we took them + showing them love contact House Von Draken for info! We will deliver them home Thurs.
FOUND: One Iron toe ring. Possibly indicating mawwiage. Angry husband likely. Further domestic bliss improbable unless universal balance is restored. My motives are pure. Inquire in Dance Tent.
Lost walking stick, brown tree branch w/carved old man face & cord w/beads & bell lost near Chalkman. Sentimental value. Reward paid in beer or return to Chalkman. (814)233-8288

In honor of Don Edmond the Lame a memorial will be held Wednesday at 5pm, after his two hander tourney at 4. All who knew him are invited. Wednesday on the Fencing Field.

The memorial ship will sail Thursday evening at dark, Thor willing. Launching from center of spit on north side of lake. Paint shields at, and process from White Wolf & Phoenix, 120 Plunder Lane.

Healer seeks amazon single female 21 - 36. My hands soft yet strong 434-981-4968
Snuzzler to Daddy: I miss you, come home so I can play with you!
Bards Haven is Pagan-friendly (monotheists too!)
For my everything, my best friend, my love. Thank you for all the joy you bring in my life. Love Pepper
Shhh! They know not what they hear, nor what we say. Who knows the truth today? -Agent 00Z
Old Meg Sez: This moment only is the only one you have. Happiness is a choice - some folk choose power, prestige, the adulation of crowds. I choose happiness. I plan for it, I make room for it, I look for it in every corner. It is there. Old Meg knows.
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Teeny tiny tiggle toes: we made lucky thirteen. Some Pennsic romance. Twelve years, three kids and still no grey hairs. Thank you for the best days of my life, even the last 365 or so. It just gets better and better
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Pennsic 38 (2009) After 17yrs for me and 11yrs for the girl, we had to stop attending due to real life. This was the beginning of the end - a horrible year.
Katie and Cassie, I hope you are enjoying your vacation. Katie make sure you get to beggars row and let everyone else hear that beautiful voice. Cassie join you sister this year and show off your tumbling. Dad
Recruiting! Sailors and marines for an expedition to the Chesapeake Bay much plunder to be had. Inquire w. Rear Admiral George Cockburn Royal Navy.
Lady Gaga for Baroness!
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The Magdaronica requires crack fries!

Wanted to Buy
WANTED: 40 foot trailer, for on site storage. Call 845-667-6488 Tom
Need my plastic shield painted. U bring paints: white & medium blue & other supplies. Must work from picture. Pays $25. Come Wed 2pm @Drachenwald(N13). Ask for Marsha.

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