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A Different ‘Combat of the Thirty’

The Honorable Lord Steven’s curle chair
Photo by Nicolaa de Bracton

A Different ‘Combat of the Thirty”
By Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton
The Pennsic Independent

To be chosen to display as part of the A&S War Point is a true honour. Just thirty artisans have that privilege, and their works were on display at the Great Hall on Thursday.
“Fifteen champions were chosen for each side—Middle and Allies, and East and Allies,” said organizer Mistress Gianetta Andreini da Vincenza, who along with Masteritsa Anastasia Kirilovna Ivanova and Mistress Orianna Fridrikskona organized the event. “The artisans were primarily ‘unwreathed’—that is, non-Laurels—although a few Laurels were chosen as well,” Mistress Gianetta explained, noting there was no restriction this year to non-Laurels. Mistress Orianna, keeping the list of entrants, noted that there were representatives from six kingdoms—Æthelmearc, East, Middle, Northshield, Atlantia, and Ealdormere. “Each kingdom determined how their representatives would be chosen,” she said. “Some are their kingdom’s A&S champions; others are not.” Entrants were officially anonymous during the voting, although a few stuck around to answer questions.

Voting was open to anyone holding a kingdom-level A&S award of any kind. Each person was given just three beads, and then came the hard part—choosing which entries to vote for. New this year were specially-crafted cups (made by volunteers in the East and Middle Kingdoms) to hold the beads, which each entrant got to take home. The winner of the War point was the side with the most beads.
Entrants ranged the full gamut of SCA arts and sciences. Clothing, calligraphy and illumination, woodwork, metalwork, fine metalsmithing, beadmaking, stained glass, ceramic tiles, knitting, bookbinding, playing cards, block printing, soapmaking—these were just a few of the arts on display. All were deserving of my beads, but here is who received them:

Dame Kat Ferneley of Atlantia’s entry featured tools for fiber processing, including a large spinning wheel, teasel cross (for raising nap), a niddy-noddy, and wool combs. She also displayed a large number of handmade hooks and eyes, lacing rings, and pins.

Dame Kat and her spinning wheel
Photo by Nicolaa de Bracton

THLord Steven of Silverforge of the East showed another comprehensive body of work, including a lantern with panes made of linseed oil treated parchment based on a find from the Mary Rose, a box, a curule chair, Laurel medallions in enamel and glass, hand-cut leaf-shaped bezants, a measuring chain, 2nd a pavilion mast (metal piece to join a support pole).. He mentioned that he had picked up an enormous piece of horn this year at Pennsic and would be changing the parchment since it was “a little unstable” in the humidity.

Mistress Fredeburg von Katzenellenbogen of Æthelmearc presented a block printing display concentrated on this art ,which is growing in popularity in the SCA. Hand-carved wood blocks with various designs were used with handmade inks from period recipes to print intricate designs on paper and cloth. Even the tablecloth was printed in this manner.

Block printing on paper and cloth
Photo by Nicolaa de Bracton

At the conclusion of the event, His Majesty Byron of Æthelmearc addressed the entrants. “The silver lining from the battlefield being closed was that I got to come back here,” he said. “I could spend hours lost here. There are the equivalent of whole textbooks displayed on a 3’ x 4’ table. I am floored by the quality of the work.” He noted that one of his own kingdom’s champions had brought their entry in a wheelbarrow, another with a microscope.
Mistress Anastasiia then announced the results: 445 points for the Middle and allies and 577 for the East and allies, giving the East the war point. She also noted the outstanding turnout of those who had voted: 110 from the Middle, 73 from Atlantia, 72 from the East, 50 from Æthelmearc, 26 from Ealdormere, and a scattering from other kingdoms.

After a successful second year, in the words of His Majesty Byron, “a tradition has begun.”

Period Shoot Results

By Baron Christophe of Grey
Archery Reporter, The Pennsic Independent

Wednesday afternoon, following the Champions’ Shoot, the fourth Annual Period Shoot was held on the archery range. Ten archers participated. Within the SCA there is a movement to be more period accurate within the archery community, and this shoot is in support of that movement. It was originated by Naran Numuchi of the Great Dark Horde and had specific requirements for equipment and supporting kit for participation (see previous article concerning this shoot).
The shoot consisted of period-accurate targets including a flight shoot in which the archer who was able to shoot an arrow the farthest won. A favorite target of this reporter is shooting out the center of a target of concentric rings. Blunted arrows are required for this shot.
Archers competed in three classes with the winners as follows: Longbow Mykeal Hafdan of Meridies; crossbow Laird Wulfric Grembeald of Æthelmearc; horsebow (static-eared recurve) Naran Numuchi of the Great Dark Horde and Atlantia. Special thanks goes out to Greybarr Archery, Viking Archery Supply, Elkridge Archery, and Horsebows archery for their support. Please make a point of dropping by and thanking these merchants for their support.
Scheduling was a bit of an issue this year. Many archers who would have participated in this shoot were somewhat “fried” after participating in the Champions’ shoot earlier in the day or had court obligations Wednesday evening. Taking this into consideration, the Period Shoot may be moved to Friday of peace week next year. Stay tuned for details as next year approaches.


The Mid Feels the Heat

Populace War Point throwers in the knife portion of their throws
Photo by Marissa von Atzinger

By Lord Dominic Seamor
Thrown Weapons Reporter, The Pennsic Independent

Mother Nature invoked the mercy rule on the first-ever Populace War Point for Thrown Weapons when the heat index on the battlefield Thursday reached the safety limit at around noon and all martial activities were suspended. Some of the Midrealm throwers were just as glad to stop, seeing that the final total score awarded the War Point to the East and allies, who had a score of 2,300 points versus the Middle and Allies who reached just 596.
It has been said that God is on the side of the bigger battalions, and the Eastern throwers proved that, showing up to throw 507 scoring rounds over the four days of the competition. According to some sources, the Midrealm throwers were informed about the Populace War Point very late, giving little time to publicize the event, and the turnout reflects that with a bare 87 scoring rounds to the credit of the Middle and Allies.
However, Lord Altan of the Moritu, Midrealm Deputy Marshal for Thrown Weapons, feels pride in the performance of those who did throw for the Middle. The average score per round for the East was a mere 4.5 points per round, while the Middle’s populace reached an average of 7.0 points per round. If the Middle can muster enough throwers to make the odds more even, the East had better improve in quality or see the War Point go the Middle next year.
Thanks are to be given to those who organized and ran the event, especially THL Magnus de Londres, Eastern Marshal of Thrown Weapons, THL Leon the Navigator, Eastern Deputy Thrown Weapons Marshal for Pennsic, and all the thrown weapons marshals who helped organize and run the activity for the first time. Finally, humble thanks are due to Their Royal Majesties who authorized the War Point. We, the assembled throwers of Pennsic, respectfully submit these results to you, the fruits of our skill and dedication, made possible by Your generosity and faith in us. Gratias sincerissimae.

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