PI Web Edition -- Friday, August 20, 2004

This is the web edition of the Pennsic Independent for August 20, 2004. Please see the table of contents below for today's top stories.

Photo by Johan of Rivenstar: Snake charmer charms the crowd at the Bazaar.


Mother Nature Scatters the Forces

by DonalBane of Blakmers

After 22 War Points: Eastern Tygers 14, Midrealm Dragons 2 — Mother Nature 6!

The combined forces of the Midrealm and East ran headlong into an enemy that neither force could master: a furious midday storm on Thursday.

Despite a driving rain throughout the morning, a good numbers of Midrealm and East forces assembled Thursday for the Mountain Pass battle. The two sides were to contest three banners in two one-hour battles.

However, during a hold about 25 minutes into the first battle, a lightning bolt struck close to the field, forcing the marshals to order the battlefield cleared. While the two forces were prepared to wait out the storm, two more lightning bolts struck too close to the camp and the marshals ordered all fighters to leave the battlefield immediately. The storm forced the battlefield to be closed for several hours Thursday.

Friday’s featured melee: The fort battle – 11 a.m., one point.

The grand finale for rattan fighters happens at the fort. This year, the attacking force will have a single causeway from which to assault the fort. Both sides will be give a chance to attack and defend the fort, with the side that holds out longer taking the war point.

What to look for: Assaulting the fort through the main gate can be defined simply: suicide. Look for both sides to use creative ways to penetrate the forts massive defenses.


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Behind the Scenes at the Pennsic Independent

by Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton

In five years as editor of Pennsic newspapers, I have often been asked what goes on behind the scenes. Trust me. You don’t want to know. We at the Independent guard our secrets better than most Peerage circles. Oh the tales I could tell…


Our day normally begins a little before 9 am. On the days we are publishing, the papers arrive from the printers and the circulation desk allots them out to our urchins — the kids who deliver the papers. The tradition of having urchins goes back many, many years, before there were many organized children’s activities at Pennsic. We couldn’t do it without them and consider them a vital part of our staff. The kids not only earn ten cents per paper they sell, plus any tips they receive, they also receive a variety of bonuses for selling a certain number of papers each day. Lady Aurora, our circulation manager (or urchin wrangler) works with both the kids and their parents to make sure the rules are understood by all. We try to make sure that each urchin has a “route” that they sell in, so that as many areas of Pennsic as possible are served. Many get quite creative with poems and songs to sell their papers. We also have many kids who have grown up at Pennsic selling the paper. We give them a great deal of responsibility, and they respond wonderfully.

Meanwhile, the front desk opens for advertising and submissions. We have a 1 pm deadline for all advertising, since the ads are the most labour-intensive aspect of the newspaper. We create many of the display ads on-site, and have a full graphics shop in our trailer. Classified ads are entered into a database, meaning that we need enter a multi-day ad only once. All work is done on Macintosh computers, using a program called InDesign for layout. Lady Shannon, our advertising manager, and Lady Moire, our production manager, work throughout the early part of the day to prepare thumbnails of the paper so we will know how much space we have for articles, and to make the decisions (along with THL Heirusalem, our publisher, and the editorial staff) as to how long the paper will be. We always try to make sure that advertising and non-commercial content are approximately equal, with the exception of our special Midnight Madness advertising section.

We have three regular staff “beat” reporters — Baroness Tsivia, who specializes in non-martial activities, Master Liam, who is our fencing/archery/thrown weapons/etc. reporter, and Lord Donalbane, who is our battlefield reporter (and a sports reporter in his modern life). They work from leads provided by our customers, as well as from the printed schedules and their own intuition for finding interesting stories. In addition, we have our three featured writers — Og, Duke Sir Guillaume, and “Lord Red the Green” (who is actually one of our regular staffers...shhh... Other members on staff (such as me) also contribute articles from time to time, and we also have a number of freelancers who regularly provide content. Photos are provided by staff members and freelance submissions, and artwork is either done by our staff artist, Lady Muirne, or by freelance contributions. Anyone is welcome to contribute articles, artwork, or photos, although there is no guarantee we’ll have space to use them.

We also have arrangements with members of the Pennsic staff to obtain the A&S class changes and camp news, which are both published as a service to our readers. This is in contrast to the advertising (both display and classified), which is purchased by merchants and other individuals. While we work to make sure no ad is offensive in content, we cannot guarantee the accuracy (or veracity!) of any advertisement.

By early evening, the last stories are in and the editorial staff (Lord Calvert and I) are in the process of selecting and editing the stories, picking out artwork and photos, and slotting stories into our thumbnails. As we finalize content, Lady Moire slots it into the layout. Proof copies are printed out and circulated amongst the editorial staff and our publisher.

Heirusalem’s duties, incidentally, are to manage the paper from a business standpoint (tracking all funds coming in and going out) — including the preparatory work before Pennsic in selling ads and working with the Coopers on setup, and to be the go-to person for any overall issues with the newspaper. She also manages the entire staff. Think of her as the “autocrat” of the Pennsic Independent.

When the paper is finally ready to send to the printers, Heirusalem calls Chauncey at Workman Press. The Pennsic Independent and many of its predecessors have had a long-standing arrangement with these folks, and while we have briefly tried other printers, we always have come back to Workman — they know our needs, will drive out to pick up the master copies, and even those times when the paper has been put to bed in the wee hours of the morning, the paper has always been delivered within an hour or so of 9 am. Chauncey drives to the gate and picks up the paper, which we have left with the guard. Overnight, the newspaper is printed, and at 9 am the next morning, the whole process begins again.

Those of you who are here at Pennsic may not even be aware of our online presence. This year, Master Justin, one of the people behind the SCAtoday.net news site, has put the software used for that site to good use to produce the online Pennsic Independent edition this year. Lord Calvert works to select several of the day’s top stories and photos for inclusion on the website, which is available free of charge and allows those cannot attend to keep up with Pennsic happenings. We have also offered PDF subscriptions for the first time this year, allowing subscribers to get the entire newspaper. Response has been excellent — we have several subscribers overseas in the Middle East, in fact.

Of course, like any newspaper, we make mistakes — sometimes big ones (I wonder whether a certain erstwhile King of the Middle ever found his P?), but we try to keep them to a minimum, and apologize profusely when they happen. We also strive to keep a sense of neutrality and objectivity — which is why you will not see stories about political issues, “my Crown/Kingdom/household is better (or worse) than those other guys” or other personal disputes in the Independent. We will not be used as a weapon to help fight other peoples’ battles, especially given that we come from several different kingdoms and probably do not know the context or history of these types of issues. At the same time, we strive to find content that is interesting and timely, and are always open to suggestions or volunteers. Feel free to let us know how we can improve YOUR newspaper.

Photo by Mistress Kay of Tre Astrium: Pennsic War XXXIII Pennsic Independent staff wraps up another year of production.


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Known World Thrown Weapons Competition

The sixth annual Known World Thrown Weapons competition was held on Wednesday afternoon.

After two and a half hours, the following winners were determined:

Jason Warren of Æthelmearc
Joe the Just of Æthelmearc
Dominic of the East

Dominic was also the overall winner.

The organizers would like to thank all the participants and Neptune, Arwenna, and Baroness Brigid for marshalling.

Estrogen and Axes

This thrown weapons competition was held for the second year and was open to all ladies of Æthelmearc, and was won by Hanna. Baroness Peregrine and Baroness Rowan competed for the second year. Lady Magdalena reports that next year the competition may be opened to ladies from all kingdoms.


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Lightning Strikes Great Middle Highway

by the Pennsic Independent Editorial Staff

K3SCA, the amateur radio association which has provided weather forecasting services at Pennsic for the last eight years through their radio link with the National Weather Service, knew that yesterday’s storm was going to be a big one, and a whopper it was.

At about noon a sizeable static spike, a branch off of a main lightning strike, came down approximately 15 to 20 feet away from Duke Talymar’s Gate near the Spotted Pony and across the street from the Midrealm Royal encampment. A second strike hit the Barn while the Chirurgeons’ Auction was going on. The lightning struck and melted some electrical wiring. The blast then went into a nearby tree causing some scorching as well as blowing leaves all over several pavilions, particularly the one belonging to Charles Oakley, Seneschal of the Midrealm.

Although yesterday’s storm was not related to the dual hurricanes that recently hit Trimaris, it is a significant system running from the Calontir-Midrealm border all the way to the Atlantian coast.

Some gentles, including Pennsic Independent reporter Tatiana, felt mild effects from the lightning strike at the barn. HRM Cainnleach of the Outlands also experienced static sparks from her fingertips. Many of these gentles sought treatment at Chirurgeon’s Point. Jean-Paul Pierrepont and Flaxy, the radio operators from K3SCA, stated that if this had been the main strike instead of a less powerful static spike, the damage could have been extensive. Thanks to the nature of this type of strike there were no serious injuries.

Photo: Thursday's lightning strike showered leaves on a pavilion.


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Rain Soaks Many Activities

by Master Liam St. Liam, Pennsic Independent Battlefield Reporter

Like the French army at Agincourt, residents of Pennsic loathe having to cope with rain, especially the heavy thunderstorms that hit Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

Merchants found “Midnight Madness” slower than in years past, partly because they had to bring their display tables inside their tents. Thursday morning was also slow, because many merchants open a little later the day after “Midnight Madness.” Food merchants, on the other hand, did a solid morning business, especially at times the rain let up. Later in the day, more shoppers ventured out as the end of the War neared.

The Mountain Pass battles got started but was ended by lightning, which closed the field for much of the day. The third Rapier War Point, the Woods Melee, was postponed at first, with the possibility of an Open Field Battle, but that plan fell victim to another set of heavy showers. The Drachenwald Mixed Pairs tournament was also rained out.

Many people reported problems with water in their tents, ranging from a distracting drip to major puddles and soaked bedclothes. A few even packed up early and headed home. There were no major injuries reported in a static lightning strike. Atlantia’s Wednesday evening court, which was held at the Pennsic Fort, finished just before the rain started. Ealdormere Court in the Barn was nearly drowned out at one point by the sound of heavy rain.

The rain kept archers off the hill most of the day, . That leaves today, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., as the last chance to shoot the Mass Archery War Point. There will be children’s archery championships held this morning at the archery field.

Thrown weapons events were rained out after what had been a very successful week. Lord Leonhard Schuwert of the Barony of Dragonship Haven, the East Kingdom Pennsic marshal, said the range has been busy all week prior to Thursday.

He said the beginners’ classes are averaging 35 people a day, and he keeps three ranges going — one for practice, one for teaching and one for competition. He said 15 people from eight kingdoms are part of the Marshal in Training program. Lord Leonhard said between 100 and 200 people use the range daily. He hopes that in the future, the Royals organizing Pennsic will consider a mass thrown weapons point similar to the three mass archery points.

There are three specialty fencing tournaments starting at 10 this morning — the Midrealm Youth Rapier Tournament, the Aethelmearc Novice Tournament and the Seniors (Over 40) Tournament. The Outlands Rapier Tournament is at 1 p.m., and the Ladies Tournament is at 2 p.m. Closing Court is scheduled for 6 tonight at the Barn.


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Events Open to All

The Society Exchequer is camped at House Redhair in E24 Monday thru Friday.

Society Chronicler's office hours: Mon, Weds, Thurs, Fri 10-11:30 am Pennsic Independent Office

Kendrick of the Haunted Bookshop will be doing a booksewing demo and discuss the history of bookbinding at the Haunted Bookshop in Bookseller's Row Daily at 11:00AM and 3:00PM

12 step meetings daily at 4 PM. E07, Denys the Decadent's Camp. All welcome. AA, NA, OASA, etc. Open meeting.

Reform Jewish services at #11 Bow Street, behind Silver Dragon Co. 7PM Friday Evening. Oneg follows.

The friends of the late THL Honoria (Holly) would like to invite you to sign a book of condolences for her husband THL Leo. The book is in the Disabilities Camp X02.

Weather permitting, the Tribute-Longship will sail & burn at full dark, Sat the 21st. Come and paint a shield or place a note of love in the ship.

Cloak & Dagger welcomes noted author Michael Z. Williamson. Now signing copies of Freehold, the Hero and the Scope of Justice in booth #15.

Midrealm is now accepting submissions at Herald's Point.

Bardic Arts Forums! Come and take part in our discussions. A&S tent 7, 6pm every day.

Pennsic Drive-In hours, Dusk:30 Thurs-- children's choice (Shrek, Willow, Ice Age, Quest for Camelor), Fri - Viewers choice - 20 period movies to choose from. Booth 130.

Metalsmiths' Symposium 3 - Shire of Montevale and Shire of Silver Rylle - Nov 12-14, 2004. Forging, casting, glasswork of all sorts, jewelry making classes! Plus pottery making, herb classes, calligraphy and illumination, perfume making, and more for forge widowers! Children's clases as well! For info on the event or to teach a class, contact Carowyn Silveroak and Corwyn Ravenwing at oakenraven@juno.com or check out the event at the SCA website under East Kingdom Events! Come and have fun! Other kingdoms are more than welcome to come play! (Let us know if you are planning to bring a forge!)

Friday Eve Bardic: Clann OiCarrinnin on Bannockburn, in B02. Last wagon up the hill between 7:30 and 8:00pm. Not a competition, all welcome to share.

If you have consulted at Herald's Point and have not yet paid for forms or submissions, you must do so by 1pm Saturday. Unpaid submissions will not be sent to the Kingdom submissions heralds.

Rose Tourney is coming! Fighters, you have until Sept. 18 to fix armor and show up in Brendoken. www.brendoken.org

For Sale

GLASS MULLERS FROM ENGLAND. Also nibs, vellum, parchment and hand-bound leather books - The Guild of Limners, #24

BABY BIBS - SCA-THE NEXT GENERATION - $4. Claus the Toymaker

THE GUILD OF LIMNERS in the little white house on Merchant Row sells ink, quill mens, books, pigments, various colors, madder, woad, all kinds of paint and tools necessary for scribes and artists.

ATTENTION WOAD WARRIORS! Feeling blue? I have the real thing! Genuine woad imported from Scotland. $4. Limited supply, buy early. Guild of Limners, #24

Evil Abra does it again. 30% off amber rings, $19.95 amber necklaces. Amber bracelets and earings too. The Gypsy Caravan. Open 9 till late. 107 Street of Gold.

BAD GARB I and BAD GARB II - NOW AVAILABLE FROM Claus the Toymaker - How do you know you are not in them unless you read them?

VELLUM - Opaline vellum (sheepskin) direct from England. Finest quality. $15-30 per sheet. The Guild of Limners #24, across from the barn.

Majesty of Morocco. SCA tour April 5, 2005 from $1250 + air. t_imperial2004@hotmail.com / Rich @ merchant #72

"Is this your spoon?" Custom wood burning and painting. Cabochons on Bow Street, #19

HAND GROUND PERIOD PIGMENTS -- once you've tried it, you'll never use anything less. It's not as complicated as you may think. Free sample and instruction in its preparation with this ad from Mistress Megan at the Guild of Limners, #24 Merchants Row

Four Seasons Tentmasters - We offer the best tents you will ever own. Come see us and let us help you stay warm and dry. Space 81 Gold Road.

COSTUMES BY LOREN All cloaks $45 and under! New specials every day. Located at Ursula's Alcove. Space 137 on Plunder Ln.

SALE CONTINUES: of fine fabrics - Dragon's Magic #25

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Roses made of wood $3/ea or $25 a dozen. Space #21

Glass jewels with sew-on-settings. Get the authentic fakes. Cabochons on Bow Street, #19

Henna body art - Serengeti fence line - by only 2 trees.

Evil Abra has awesome Middle Eastern and the price is right! Baubles, Belts, and Bangles. Chokers, beaded belts, and more. New order just in and more coming! The Gypsy Caravan - open 9 till late. 108 Street of Gold.

20' x 40' canopy kit $175; Most of a 16' yurt $895; Convertable table/bench kit 2 $750. Immediate pick-up. Michael at the Village No3 and Sedalsias 631-455-4690 cell.

If we've got it, you don't need it, but you probably want it anyway. Jewelry, masks, fortune telling, portraits...Cabochons on Bow Street, #19

Garb Closeour! Combat Boots for ladies, trews, tunics, children's garb. All must go! Loewing prices all week. Cloak & Dagger, Space 15.

Blades cleaned & sharpened. Custom sheaths. Crazy Elnar at Cloak & Dagger. space 15.

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Panther Pavilion for sale, 16x16, 3 yrs old. 7 ft walls. Ropes, stakes, poles included $850, Erevnite Asteron, N22.

For sale - 8x12 Marquee. Good condition, some wear. Take home at the end of war - $500. See Angus at Clan Kerr, E02

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Capture Pennsic memories w/our fair Middle Eastern ladies and gentles. Middle Eastern photo set w/you being in pose, being fed grapes/being fanned by our Middle Eastern Models Ln. Kreations Gallry, booth 130. Corner of Bazaar St. and Plunder Lane.

For Sale - Panther Regent 16x16 tent w/set up pkg. $750. 4 yrs old - pick up Sat. Chris at Dancing fox camp - E01

Medieval Games #23 now has Blank Shield Goose Game.

Oh no! Where did Cabochons go? We're on Bow Street. Come visit our new shop in #19.

Warlords - Need coin to pay your troops? See Chandra at the West Camp (W03) or contact Seelie at 226 in Bazzar 3. We also have a limited supply of blank sheet for moneyers.

For Sale: Two pavilions - One 12' x18' and one 16' x 21', ropes, poles and stakes included. Blue Unicorn Merchants pavilions for sale. One 12'x18' for $800 and one 16' x21' for $900, complete set-up included. Pick-up Sat. after 8pm or Sun by 10am. Space 181.

Infrastructure for sale: Two carports; 12x16 and 12x14 Panthers; 12' hardwood yurt, 10x10 shower with new 40 gal heater and heater. Take on Saturday or will store with nonrefundable deposit for land grab 2005. Michael at the Village - N03 at Sedalias Way. 631-455-4690. Reasonable offers considered.

Pennsic scrap book - tooled leather cover w/artwork. 12x12 in book. Will personalize $58.00. Place order today, delivery before Christmas Ô04. Booth 130.

Come visit Evil Abra's. Acres of silver, 2000 + sterling rings, every cross imaginiable. Tons of knotwork pendants, pins, bracelets and barettes. The Gypsy Caravan - open 9 till late. 107 Street of Gold.

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Green Man masks to wear and display. Herbal salves and teas. Cabochons on Bow Street, #19

Toys aren't just for kids you know. Come check out the gorgeous and magical dragons. griffons and faeries at Claus the Toymaker - the red and green house across from the barn. Price range from $30 to Oh My Goodness!

Rapier Armor Drop Tester for sale, $30. Contact Aelfwine Pyttel, Mustard's Field on block N03.

Armored Combat - an illustrated training manual of SCA heavy fighting by Duke Paul of Bellatrix. Available free online at www.bellatrix.org. New video demos coming soon. Group trainings by arrangement.

Pirate shirts $20, Pirate pants $15. Handmade jewelry in 65 in different stones and silver. We do custom work. Space #21. Heeter's Haven 814-720-5314.

Portraits painted in great and small. Oil, charcoal and watercolor. Cabochons on Bow Street, #19

PERIOD PAVILION - 13' and slant round, all incl. Tentsmiths $1000 - see Kender, Clan Kindred E31

Wooden canopy bed for sale. Includes brocade dagged curtains. Beautiful! N33, Barony of Stonemarche, $450.

New book about the SCA! to preview or order: www.knightsnextdoor.com available in October 2004.

Sidesaddle-western style. Suitable for pagents. Medium tree, 18 inch seat $300 OBO. pell98@aol.com


The Marche of Alderford presents: Known World Costuming Symposium IV, September 24-26, 2004. Four Points Sheraton North Canton, OH 330-494-6494 Fax 330-494-7129. Featured speaker will be Mistress Drea di Pelligrini. http://sca.4th.com/alderford/events/kwcs2004

Volunteer Point totals so far: Artemesia 66; Lochac 4; Caid 40; Calontir 93; Drachenwald 8; Ealdomere 312; East 488; Meridies 7; Middle 468; Northshield 3; Trimaris 2. Remember to record your hours!

Help Wanted

Wanted: Large, burly man with good organizational skills to help pack up the Pennsic Independent on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. Newspapers and compensation. See Heirusalem at the Pennsic Independent.

Claus the Toymaker still needs wandering merchants to sell t-shirts for the Chiurgeon's Fund. Come to site 24.

Strongman with hammer needed by Guild of Limners to pound woad. See Baroness Megan at site 24.

Twelve year old on the serengetti will babysit for a couple of hours and will also do ice runs. Leave messages at Rivenstar for Smerelda the Helpful.

Lost & Found

A reward is offered for the return of the spur reportedly found, but as yet missing. Contact Thrain of House Gray Fox in N-18 to negotiate for its return.


Sign of the Black Rose takes great pride in Congratulating our beloved Artist-in-Residence Lady Savant, on her triumphant graduation as a BS w/Honors Cum Laude in Psychology & Philosophy. We invite you to join us in wishing Her the best of luck in Graduate SchoolÑPooBah!

AnnaRousse...Loving you till the end of time...Rneld

Ask Auntie Arwen (#184) if she is drinking enough WATER!

DAOC friends, come visit camp of Gwyntarien - Howard's Fenway - Aldric & Morwena Greystone. Share stories.

Taern McGregor and L. Catherine Seton belatedly wish to announce their engagement - date to be set later.

NOTICE TO THE FRIENDS OF SOLOMON BEN JACOB (SHERWIN KADER): He is ill this war and was not able to come. He is ill and not able to make it this War. All are welcome to stop at merchant booth #56, Darkcraft's Wandering Mercantile. I am collecting a book of get well wishes to send him after the War. Keep him in your hearts and we will see him next year. Isak Darkcraft.

Barbara J. Smart : please return to the Merlion's Tail.

Armand - Can I take you home from Pennsic w/me? - M

Markland Army Rocks! Huzza to all! - Strawberry

"Lady" Atriel - your "court" misses you. 'Till next War.

Oskar to Ballista Babes: Cast your Lightning! Leave no Red Dragon standing, and sweep the Castle clean. May the Ravens drink deep.

Congratulations on the Tyger, Caewlin! The Evil Norman Overlord might even let you sleep inside near the hearth when you get back. Oskar

Red-headed sheep with pretty face seeks clueless wire-weenie, living in parents' basement, for long walks and cuddling.

Baba Ganoosh where R U? Report to Steding ASAP

A heartfelt thank you to the gentle who turned my very special knife into the Lost and Found at the end of the war last year. It was a bone handle knife with an inset. This knife is very special to me. It was gifted from a very dear friend and I have had it over 16 years. I was devastated at its loss and I am very grateful to the powers that be for its return. I also want to thank the Lost and Found for being there and taking care of my knife over the past year. Please stop by Norseland (E-23) and ask for Katrina. I would like to thank you personally.

To St. Swithens Bog, et al. for love and care that made our Pennsic great. -- Snorri and Augusta

Greetings and warm salutations from Squirty the Squid. Due to the cold weather I have decided to vacation in the south this year. I know this will come as a blow to the ladies who longed to be devoured in my tentacled grasp. I will return for a bite to eat and some inky groping, next year. Till then, stay warm under the covers, Squirty.

KUMIHIMO - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/kumi2

Glad you enjoyed our mead and thanks for the weapons you left behind. If you want them, come get Ôem before we turn Ôem in. I - Tir Thalor, B02

Thing one and thing two say neener neener boo boo.

Winner! of the Robin Wood Midnight Madness raffle: #652351 - Lynn McMillen

M'Lady Jeannette de la Croix - Through all these years, and many more, you are my love - in life and at war - Reinhart

The War Cry Heralds want to thank the Pennsic Ind. urchins for their assistance in crying.

Heirusalism of the day - "I try really hard not to be obnoxious."

Yellow would like to thank Stripe for not only a wonderful war, but for being her love, her partner, and her very best friend. I love you, Stripe.

In Ealdomerian Camp. Being fed hoser beer. They seem to think I am in some Duke's household. Not complainging-hic-Squirty.

Unto Caitlin of Enniskillen, CONGRATULATIONS and a very big hug from Mistress Christina O'Riain - I wish I could have been there for your big day. Well deserved, Mistress. I expect to see pictures and hear tales of the festivities once you return from the plains of Pennsic. Safe travels.

To all our friends: missing you and looking forward to being there next year. Elizabet Marshall and John Marshall atte Forde

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